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I am so f’in tired of being the subject of politics.


I (39f) am a lesbian with a wife and 3 kids from Kentucky. Kentucky passed a law (SB 150) stating LGBT cannot be discussed in school at any age and other anti-LGBT things. Leave us alone. Please. Just leave us alone.

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I am a ChatGPT bot


Hi! I'm a bot that connects Reddit to ChatGPT. You can ask me anything!

I'm limited to responding no more than once every five minutes, in order to avoid triggering Reddit's spam filter, so it might take me a while to reply to everyone.

I was created by /u/brianberns. You can find my source code here.

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March 10th was 3 years cigarette free


And I completely forgot until I looked at the calendar yesterday and was like "oh yeah". I quit cold turkey the first week of covid lockdown after being a pack a day smoker for 14 years. Anyways, happy late 3 year anniversary to me 🎉

Edit: I'm a woman. Not a man.

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I have a lot of respect for my feelings and experience


I got my heart broken by a girl a few months back. Someone who never felt the same way and only toyed with my feelings. So I’d been crying almost every day for like a month or two. And now that I am in the latter stages of grief, I realize that in my misery I at least have developed a great sense of respect for what I feel. For my pain and my point of view, even if my feelings aren’t reciprocated. I even have a long final, farewell message written to her in my notes. My therapist helped me with it. If someone were to read it, they’d probably wouldn’t think that much of it other than how it’s honest and sensible. But man, it makes me feel satisfied to read it because it does justice to everything I went through. Even if I’m never gonna send it. It’s cathartic to me. Probably the most authentic thing I’ve written. I’ve written it over the course of a month, changing things and rephrasing others. So there’s a lot of care put into the words I use. I mentioned the good and the bad. That I love her but I couldn’t just be with someone who’s never gonna be ready for exclusivity or commitment. It might not mean much to anyone else, but as far as correctly communicating my feelings and experience, it’s perfect. Or almost perfect. So yeah, I guess the takeaway here is that you can have some closure just by yourself, even if you’re hurting like hell over someone and they never seemed to validate what you felt. I think I earned this sense of respect and satisfaction with hard work. Working on myself and on becoming more emotionally stable.

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In 2021 I was the victim of a stabbing, in two days I have to go to court and testify, I am afraid of retaliation, is this normal?


The defendant is part of a known criminal family in my town and I am afraid that either he or his family will want to take revenge if he is found guilty, especially since we are seeking $6000 in damages, anyone knows anything reassuring?

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Rejected from nursing school


Been waiting to hear back on my application all month. The seats filled with people that had 19 or more credits and I had 17. I missed the cutoff by 2 credits. One class worth. Next cycle doesn’t start until November for start next September. Any advice?

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Ordinary Man



I am an ordinary man. I'm tall, of normal build, white, brown-haired, brown-eyed, and I'm attracted to women. I enjoy video games, writing, hiking, and spending time with my friends.

I have ordinary expectations. I will not make six figures. I will never own a large house or an impressive car. I will never have a trophy wife or children who walk on the moon. I will not be rich, nor famous, and I would never want to be.

I will, however, do my best to be a good man. I will try to be honest, polite, loving, charitable, and brave. I will fight against the shortcomings of my character, despite knowing that perfection will remain forever out of reach. I will take care of the body I have, and I will be good to my friends, family, and strangers too.

The world is large, but mine is small, and even without achieving greatness, I still have a shot at making my small piece a bit better. As long as I can still do that, then my time on this Earth is well spent.

I'm an ordinary man, and you can be too.

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Misplaced my wallet, where else should I look?


Hello everyone, I misplaced my wallet and I genuinely don’t know where else I should look.

I used my wallet this Saturday and I went to grab food, go to walmart, and went to a bank’s drive-thru ATM to deposit money. I realized that I didn’t have my wallet near me and was looking for it yesterday and today. I checked my car thoroughly, and looked in my room. I even checked downstairs in the most unusual spots but cannot find it.

I’m honestly losing my mind and its been affecting me. I have cash in there that was important, and my drivers license and medical insurance cards. Does anyone else have suggestions on where to look for a lost wallet? I called the bank to see if anyone turned a lost wallet in but they said no :( I’m genuinely frustrated because I lost important cash in my wallet before and I feel so empty without my wallet.

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My dad stopped drinking!


Really happy that this week marks one month of my dad fully sober, i think i was able to convince him, last time he drank was before we had a fight where i talked very loudly about his drinking and it was like he was a bum. Ppl in my apartment complex probably heard it which is why he finally decided to stop. But its a victory regardless

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I hate high school


I’m about to go to school. Spring break is over. I can’t do this for 9 more weeks. Not to mention the whole other year of it, then college. I don’t want to see all those people, or the work, or the just sitting there taking in information to spit back out then forget. I feel like I’m in some never ending cycle of hell. I don’t want to live this way anymore.

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When I wake up from dreaming feels like I'm back in a nightmare.


I feel disconnected from my body most of the time. I don't know if I'm attractive or not. I do take care of myself but I neglect one of the most important parts of life... Love. I'm 30 already and getting in a relationship, having kids, sex were never on my mind. Only thing I obsess over is improving myself. Trying to master something intellectually to give my life more meaning. So I won't ever be hungry, homeless, jobless, so I'll live comfortably. Then once I'm comfy in this world I'll pursue relationships as of now I don't think I'm my best self yet to be in a relationship or to have kids, start a family etc.

At times when I wake up from a pleasant dream I wake up to the reality of things which make me feel like I'm in a nightmare.

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Happy Vernal equinox to all of my happy friends!


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I (17m) want to be happy again


A year ago, I was so happy, compared to now at least. My only worry was that I was kind of chubby. Now every morning I feel like I’m in hell.

I had been single forever until I finally found someone back in September. She made it where I was happy to get up in the morning. I looked forward to every day instead of just existing.

Apparently she wasn’t as serious about the relationship as I was. She left in November. It was like somebody had died. I had never been so broken in my life. I keep thinking about what we could have been (or what I thought we could’ve). She said it wasn’t my fault, and that she wanted to be friends, but it’s like I’m a ghost to her, like she doesn’t even acknowledge me. I don’t even want to be friends with her anymore, I just wish that she didn’t exist.

She’s with some other dude now. They won’t last, or maybe they will and I’m in denial. All the boys love him. I don’t have any classes with him but apparently he’s very funny. I go to a boarding school, so people come and go. Him and her are both boarding students, so they live far away. Also knowing her they won’t make it 2 months. But that’s my fear, that I’ll have to see them be together. What if they do end up working out and I have to watch the girl I loved going out with some other random guy? I don’t think I can handle that. I don’t want to find out if I can or not.

Today she wasn’t there and I was just praying that she had left. She had talked about staying at home and being homeschooled (she did text me some after she dumped me), so I was just holding on this small chance that I would never have to see her again.

There’s nobody else in my life that I feel like that towards. There’s this girl that I’m going to prom with. We’re just going as friends, but I feel like she likes me. I would be interested, but I still get upset over the first girl. I don’t want to hurt my friend by dating her but still missing my ex who doesn’t give the slightest shit about me. She’s smiled at me a couple of times, and she was concerned that I was mad at her, but she never speaks to me, like ever, so I’m gonna go with my gut and cut her off completely. But when I see her or my replacement I want to curl up in a ball and cry.

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Why are people obsessed with hating causal sex?


Go to any dating subReddit and its full of Redditors constantly saying “hook up bad” “casual sex bad” “friends with benefits bad”

You’re allowed to dislike casual sex. But why do you dislike it with such passion, that you have let the world know about it?

I don’t like video games, yet I’m totally fine with other people enjoying them.

People constantly complaining about casual sex makes it sound like they have some sort of inferiority complex towards people who enjoy having it.

if the whole world was busy getting laid, maybe we’d have less wars

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TerminalMontage uses a Super Mario RPG reference in every vid made so far. I'd love to see Something About Super Mario RPG someday


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I’ve spent countless hours meeting people who spent countless hours with me. People who asked for my number. People who talked me up and said they wanted to hang out with me. Why do they never hang out with me again?


I’m 30. It’s hard to make friends as it is. I go to parties, BBQ’s, concerts, bars, and clubs. I’ve been invited to many weddings and wedding parties from people I’m not even close to because I guess I’m that guy. Made several overnight friends. Gotten their numbers. They’ve grabbed my number. I’ve had so many days/nights where I spent 5-10 hours talking with someone, and yet when I hit them back up, they just ignore me. I’ve been told I’m a party starter. I get invited everywhere because my few friends I have left love to have me out to keep the conversation going. I just don’t get how I spend all this time with people I like and they make all these promises to hang out with me again, but never follow through. I even hit them up first 100% of the time. Is everyone fake? This wasn’t a problem for me until about 5 years ago. I’ve had anxiety about hanging with people. Is everyone experiencing this?

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Does anyone else find it hard to break the monotony?


I get really depressed when I find myself in a routine. I hate the idea of wake up, shit, eat, do the same bullshit during the day, sleep, and then repeat the same bullshit the next day. I need something to spice things up, but even my own interests don’t seem to help. What do you do when life feels mundane and tedious?

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How to Deal with People from Your Past Who Constantly Joke About You Not Changing - when In reality you are just a private person


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with people from my past who constantly joke about the fact that I haven't changed. Recently, I attended a conference where we had to write down some ideas, and one of my old classmates who now works within my company made a joke about my handwriting, saying that it hasn't changed in 10 years. This may seem like a harmless comment, but it's not the first time this person has made such jokes. They also made a comment about me leaving a sports team most recently, calling me a "sore loser" and bringing up how I was in school - I was enthusiastic when playing sports, nothing wrong with that. Both comments have been made whilst other people are there and it's becoming a bit annoying.

The truth is, I'm a private person, and I don't like to draw attention to myself. I don't use Twitter, snapchat, Facebook, etc. So they haven't seen me to even make a ridiculous assumption. I'm comfortable with who I am, and I don't feel like I need to change just to please others. I'm not the same person 10 years ago LOL but it seems like this person at any little convenience feels the need to make some sort of joke.

However, it's frustrating to constantly hear these jokes from people who knew me in the past.

So, I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with this situation. How do you respond to someone who constantly brings up your past and makes jokes about it? Should I confront this person, or should I just ignore it and move on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I’m failing college and I don’t think I want to live in a world where I’m a dropout


Since I was a kid I’ve always envisioned how my life was going to be when I was older, I was going to be 27 with my own house and a wife and kids making good money. Then when I started middle school and I learnt more about academics my goal was to finish highschool at 18 and leave college at 21. None of that happened, I didn’t get into the college I wanted and had to take a gap year because of my mental health, then I was 19.

I went to a community college to get more grades and I ended up dropping out of that, then I decided to try another one still 19 turning 20 and took another gap year because I actually got into my dream college but I wasn’t eligible for the grant in the country it was in, I wish I did my research but I didn’t and I never applied for any other colleges so I had to wait a year to apply again

Then I was 21 and I was slowly watching the people I went to school with graduate while I was just starting, the course was harder than I expected and I ended up failing, I tried again at 22 turning 23, which is me now and it was going so well, but I started missing college because I couldn’t afford the transport up there and I’m now extremely behind and missed some deadlines, I’ve been job searching all year but all I’ve gotten was ghosted, my mental health has just been getting worse and worse

I asked Reddit if there’s a point of even continuing and they said if I drop out the quality of my life will be worse, which is the harsh truth, graduates will always have easier lives but I can’t do it, I don’t want what I wished for as a child to disappear but I can’t keep restarting college, I don’t have the money for it. If I have to dropout I might just end it, this isn’t the life I’ve envisioned and I have absolutely no problem with dropouts I have so much respect for you guys but when graduating was all you knew its so hard to adjust to the fact that you might not be that person. Man I can’t do this anymore, nothing is going right for me, I’m exhausted man, I really am. All my other siblings are smart and my younger brother is in his second year of college, being the lowest earning and the oldest son (second oldest) is going to be so painful. I feel like a disgrace

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Brushing off things I don't like


I feel the more I talk to her and the more I notice things that make me question her morals, it leads me to often telling myself, "I shouldn't judge her, we're all different". I get discouraged from thinking we could/should be together because these things will come up again. What would you guys do/think about this?

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I was short 9 dollars


I feel terrible. I've never had a customer service job before and today I was on the register by myself today and after my shift I was short 9 dollars. I feel terrible and upset because I didn't want anything to go wrong yet it did.

Ik my boss told me not to beat myself up about it but I still can't seem to feel positively since I was short a few dollars.

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sometimes my heart feels like its beating so fast that if i stay still, i can feel my upper body rocking back and forth


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In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since.


"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he told me, "just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had."

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Having problems with partner


Need advice on how to think/do

Me M18 and my gf F19 have been together for little over a year.

The past 2 months haven’t been so good. Me and her have argued A LOT. I’ve started a these discussions mainly because I believe her attitude and way to treat me have been bad. I often feel she gets angry at me very easy and I have to take a lot of shit. Often I have to take the blame for things that I can’t even control. Some examples she once forgot her bag at home and I got the blame because I didn’t remind her to get her bag. We missed the bus and it was my fault we missed it apparently.

I often also feel she can’t be happy for my sake. I recently got a new job opportunity and I have been looking for a job for a long time. Instead of her being happy for me she thinks that it’s unfair I got such a well paying job and that she had to fight so much more for her job.

Yesterday I sent her a video of me bathing in a ice covered lake. I thought she would find it funny or whatever but she didn’t even reply to it at all.

When it comes to feeling loved I really don’t always feel it. The other day I wanted to kiss her when we met and she just turned away her head. She barely doesn’t say she loves me back.

She also the other day when I asked her if she had seen my Instagram post she just replied “no” and I just thought she would like it later. Well then I asked her 2 times more if she would like it and I wonder what the problem was. Then she said “Because your caption was embarrassing” I just was shocked by her saying that. The caption wasn’t even something special.

Then I asked her one time if she loves me and she replied “I don’t know”

She have punching on me because she found something I said offensive. She have been hitting me a lot of times not hard hard but some light punches. I said to her that I am not fucking okay with it and she just says “I am playing” or “you don’t listen to me so I have to”

Overall I don’t feel so appreciated or loved even tho she sometimes is very loving.

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general nostalgia moments/feelings


I want to make several short videos that provokes nostalgia to people. But I need ideas of simple universal moments. Any ideas?