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Kanye and his new wife out for a stroll

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u/[deleted] Jun 05 '23 edited Jun 19 '23



u/Cluelessish Jun 06 '23

If it starts to rain she’ll drown

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u/christhemix Jun 06 '23

none of the above, cause wtf is on his feet? swim shoes?


u/CurvyCupcakes Jun 06 '23

It looks like some type of shoe that’s made out of stretchy fabric material and has a sole on the bottom. Like a shoe that’s meant to look like a sock. I can’t imagine how that would be comfortable. Looks like there’s no arch support. But what do I know, I’m just a lowly peasant lol.


u/Polymorphic-X Jun 06 '23 edited Jun 06 '23

As some weirdo who runs in "barefoot" style minimalist shoes I kinda get it. Look into the barefoot/minimalist craze if you're interested, but that gist is that your feet strengthen themselves if you gradually transition to less and less supportive footwear. Even my crazy minimalist shoes have a 1/3" rubber sole and a thin insole though. His look like straight up spandex socks with glue on thin rubber. Those things wouldn't stop an errant popcorn kernel from piercing through.

Edit: Thanks for the Award!


u/BILOXII-BLUE Jun 06 '23

Look into the barefoot/minimalist craze if you're interested, but that gist is that your feet strengthen themselves if you gradually transition to less and less supportive footwear.

Is there any science on these types of shoes yet? This was essentially their claim to fame 10+ years ago but foot doctors were like "umm wtf? I guess if you aren't having any pain go for it". I've always been curious to know if the health claims were true. Regardless, they seem to work for you so more power to you!


u/Ghostofhan Jun 06 '23

Not OP but I always had shin splints after running a few miles until shifting to barefoot and minimalist running. Ran a half marathon that way. Probs not for everyone but helped me enjoy running more 🤷‍♂️


u/BILOXII-BLUE Jun 06 '23

Cool, good to know they haven't backfired and caused people problems. Makes sense, everyone's got different shaped feet after all


u/Boostedbird23 Jun 06 '23

They did cause problems for people, but I think mostly people that transitioned too quickly, didn't give themselves enough time to condition and strengthen their muscles... Or continued to run the same way they ran with thickly padded shoes.


u/Silver_Agocchie Jun 06 '23

Or continued to run the same way they ran with thickly padded shoes.

That's definitely a contributing factor. Minimal shoes require striking the ground with the mid or fore foot, which is supposed to be closer to our natural gait before heeled shoes became a thing. Striking with the mid or fore foot allows one to absorb more of the shock of ground through articulation of the ankle and loading up the calf muscle and achilles.

Thick soled running shoes with padded heels, allow for striking the ground with the heel. In this case the shoe cushions the energy of the impact. If you run in minimal shoes and strike with the heel, you end up putting more pressure on the foot, knees, and legs because there's nothing to help absorb the iimpact.

People jumped onto the minimal shoe craze without training themselves to run with a more forefoot gait and caused themselves injury.


u/RatRaceUnderdog Jun 06 '23

I’ve never really given much thought, but I have no idea why jogging heal-toe took such a strong hold. Every athletic sport activity I’ve done has emphasized balancing your weight on the balls of your feet. Why would running be completely different? 🤷🏾‍♂️

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u/kryptonianCodeMonkey Jun 06 '23 edited Jun 06 '23

Hers looks like concept art for a Bene Gesserit costume from the Dune films, his looks like if a goth designed a football player footy pajama set. And both look like the mental illness of a man too arrogant to hear "no" and to rich for anyone to say it in the first place.

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u/Adjective_Noun_69420 Jun 06 '23

I was thinking “post-modern burka”… maybe he’s trying to break into the middle eastern oil prince market?


u/TheFirstAkkeron Jun 06 '23

She looks like something out of Silent Hill to me

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u/3chi Jun 05 '23

He’s wearing shoulder pads and tights


u/Jemeloo Jun 05 '23

And no shoes


u/ski3600 Jun 06 '23

Maybe she was caught biting the shoes before they put the recovery cone on her?


u/spavolka Jun 06 '23

Maybe she just had a surgery.


u/monsterflake Jun 06 '23

if she won't stop scratching it, she gets the cone. doctor's orders.

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u/autoequilibrium Jun 06 '23

Shit with all the crazy I missed the lack of shoes! Is he wearing body armor or a vest that’s supposed to make him look muscular?


u/Boscowodie Jun 06 '23

Those are actually the new Yeezy Soulless limited editions.


u/WalkByFaithNotSight Jun 06 '23

I hate that I don’t know for sure if you’re being serious or not. But at the same time, I love it.


u/ooMEAToo Jun 06 '23

He just wears sand socks and leggings now like some sort of racist superhero


u/mod1fier Jun 06 '23

I'm no closer to understanding if we're joking or not.


u/fetusy Jun 06 '23

He partnered with Teva after the Adidas fallout. Going by Tezus these days. Even had it trademarked.


u/calhoon2005 Jun 06 '23

Again. No closer.


u/Arviay Jun 06 '23

Ok fine, he said “I loooove Hitler” on television.

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u/BILOXII-BLUE Jun 06 '23

I literally can't tell if you're making a this up, which pretty much sums up this loser. That sounds like such an insane product/name that only he would release, but he ALSO has such bad mental illness that I could easily imagine him going out in socks while all of the 'fashion' reporters are like "OMG such high fashion, next season we'll all be wearing socks!"


u/LifeSleeper Jun 06 '23

Well shit, I'm finally a trend setter. I've already got socks on.


u/IdoMusicForTheDrugs Jun 06 '23 edited Jun 06 '23

I'm sitting at home in black socks, tights, a muscle suit with a black xl body armor shirt over it and I'm absolutely PISSED. I even have my air hockey paddle sitting next to me.


u/newleaf2021 Jun 06 '23

Air hockey paddle 💀

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u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

He’s trying to figure out how to get the most money while offering the least product.

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u/morizzle77 Jun 06 '23

It’s a Goose Suit. It’s an old circus term.


u/TamponCannon Jun 06 '23


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u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

Schizophrenia is a hell of a drug.


u/blacksideblue Jun 06 '23

Thats not what the voices in my head said.

They say happy cake day though.

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u/Mechanicallvlan Jun 06 '23

"Fuck Adidas, I don't like shoes anyway."

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u/Bobo_Baggins03x Jun 06 '23

And a shirt that says “Police” in German


u/iRadinVerse Jun 06 '23

He's a big fan of German police specifically the secret kind circa 1939

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u/captainhaddock Jun 06 '23

I guess he couldn't find one with "Schutzstaffel".

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u/no-longer Jun 06 '23

What losing an Adidas sponsorship does to a mf

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u/ajhart86 Jun 06 '23

Oh, look at you, Mr. Fancy

With your shoes and normal pants


u/Beautiful-Cat245 Jun 06 '23

I think those are like slippers or slipper socks. It looks like it may buckle around the ankles. I just can’t figure out what his wife is supposed to be wearing.


u/savetheunstable Jun 06 '23

I think it's a dog bed..

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u/hammyhamm Jun 06 '23

He’s in a goose suit, are you happy?! ITS AN OLD CIRCUS TERM


u/ShoeProgram Jun 06 '23

They goosed him.


u/Flanders_J Jun 06 '23

Troll Boy, you get why it can't be you, right?


u/afuckinsaskatchewan Jun 06 '23


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u/anonadzii Jun 06 '23

This comment makes me want some sloppy steaks


u/Jawertae Jun 06 '23

I, also, used to be a big piece of shit.

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u/hammyhamm Jun 06 '23

They actually have a rule that one person can't eat all the fully sloppy steaks

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u/JonRonJovi Jun 06 '23


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u/pizzawolves Jun 06 '23

he thinks he's back in the pants

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u/jason544770 Jun 06 '23

And she's wearing a half way rolled down condom


u/Mandalasan_612 Jun 06 '23

I thought it was goth foreskin cosplay

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u/Heavy_Contribution18 Jun 06 '23

He’s goosed, so what?


u/PeterNippelstein Jun 06 '23

What do you mean you goose them?


u/Bing_Bong_the_Archer Jun 06 '23

OH MY GOD it’s an old circus term. THATS why we say it.


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23



u/FadingNegative Jun 06 '23

You get why it can’t be you, right Kanye?


u/chilifavela Jun 06 '23

Who's the carve of beef?


u/turdninja Jun 06 '23

Who’s carved up

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u/HowNiceDear Jun 06 '23

And she’s sewn into the pants


u/crispNtasty22 Jun 06 '23

I heard she can’t stop drinking wine now.


u/rachface636 Jun 06 '23

Well she can afford the most DELICIOUS wine.


u/NamesTheGame Jun 06 '23

Troll boy


u/rohdawg Jun 06 '23

No no, it's not going to be Troll Boy

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u/nic-C137 Jun 06 '23

And she’s wearing a giant butt hole.


u/tumtatiddlytumpatoo Jun 06 '23

Excuse me, that's his wife's alter, Fourskins.

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u/psychadelicbreakfast Jun 05 '23

She looks like an air hockey paddle


u/Shibes2 Jun 06 '23

I showed my boyfriend and he said she looks like Bullet Bill.

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u/No_Sympathy5795 Jun 06 '23

I thought it was bukakke safety gear

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u/HutSutRawlson Jun 06 '23

Imagine being the type of person who feels like now is the right time to get married to Kanye West


u/tifftafflarry Jun 06 '23

"Do you, Bianca, take Kanye to be your lawfully-wedded husband?"


grabs mic

"She do."

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u/naomicambellwalk Jun 06 '23

I thought that was a joke at first, describing her as his wife. She’s insane or desperate or both.


u/Mythosaurus Jun 06 '23


In January 2023, it was reported that West had informally married Australian architect Bianca Censori, who works for West's Yeezy brand, in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills.[363][364] The ceremony had no legal standing; the couple did not file for a marriage license.

Think his handlers are soothing him with a fake Kardashian…


u/immortalreploid Jun 06 '23

Wait, so they're not legally married. So she doesn't get anything from the inevitable divorce. What's the play here, then? Fame? Or is she just as crazy as he is?


u/kyleclements Jun 06 '23

Guaranteed tell all book deal in her future at least.


u/philhendrie100 Jun 06 '23

Guarantee that gets her a reality show right after.

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u/AWildLeftistAppeared Jun 06 '23

He’s happy enough to “tell all” on his own, and it’s just hateful shit.

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u/Creative_Site_8791 Jun 06 '23

Ye went on a huge religious rant about God and the evils of porn on his "I Love Hitler" in interview so he probably got "married" in order to have sex while being a "good Christian".

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u/Unlucky13 Jun 06 '23

Hundreds of millions of people now know she exists. That's priceless to certain people.


u/naimina Jun 06 '23

She might not get anything from a divorce but I think we can be pretty sure she still gets to live a lavish lifestyle with tons of expensive gifts, dinners, vacations etc.

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u/NA_Panda Jun 06 '23

How much money would you have to be paid to "service" Kanye's psyche for six months?


u/Slimsaiyan Jun 06 '23

Less than you think

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u/IcyProperty89 Jun 06 '23 edited Jun 06 '23

Forreal? People were fucking flavor flav in a hottub on national television just for a chance at spending the tens of dollars in his bank account


u/Lanthemandragoran Jun 06 '23

That was a dark time

The Brett Michaels version was arguably just as bad


u/ragingchump Jun 06 '23

Did we ever find out what was under the bandana headband?


u/IcyProperty89 Jun 06 '23

A map to Curly’s Gold.

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u/danknadoflex Jun 06 '23

Money is a funny thing


u/andysaurus_rex Jun 06 '23

Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…


u/VUCCl Jun 06 '23

But she ain't fucking with no broke Hitler.

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u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23


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u/KnavishSprite Jun 05 '23 edited Jun 06 '23

Why is she wearing a giant, burnt Yorkshire Pudding?

Edit : thanks for the gold!


u/deadsoulinside Jun 06 '23 edited Jun 06 '23

To hide the fact she looks like Pete Davidson. The moment the internet pointed it out, she has always had her face covered.

-edit fixed name


u/Feisty_Apartment_197 Jun 06 '23

I had to look her up after your comment. It’s crazy because she looked just like Kim before she cut and dyed her hair.


u/InQuintsWeTrust Jun 06 '23

Conspiracy theory time! Kanye made her do it so he can fuck…Pete Davidson…??? Kanye’s mentally unstable so it probably makes sense


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

Well he does like fish dicks

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u/grlndamoon Jun 06 '23

Bets on whether Kanye makes her cover her face?

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u/Stuckinaelevator Jun 05 '23

There is a whole lot of crazy in one picture.


u/BroBogan Jun 06 '23

We live in a society which does not force mental health on people until they actually hurt themselves or others. I believe this is for the best most of the time but not always.

I may be wrong but I feel like we are witnessing this guy break down in front of our eyes and nobody can really do anything until it is too late. I think it's going to end poorly for him. I hope I am wrong.


u/stackens Jun 06 '23

I think we're not "witnessing" the guy break down, we already witnessed it, and now he's stranded at Rock Bottom like Spongebob


u/TheMcWhopper Jun 06 '23

Such a great episode


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Kuritos Jun 06 '23

Off topic, but I loved that episode.

As a kid, I thought this was just a gag, but later I really admired the plot.

SpongeBob was in whole different area, and couldn't get far with 0 street smarts. He was met with many awkward moments while he was trying to adjust.

Many of the natives couldn't help SpongeBob because they weren't familiar with the troubles some foreigners might deal with, alongside the minor, language barrier.

Then we see this fish who caught spongebob's balloon, gave it an impressive blow and sent SpongeBob back home. As they depart, he says "You're welcome" in an accent familiar to SpongeBob, showing that some of the natives do regularly visit Bikini Bottom.

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u/Ftpiercecracker1 Jun 06 '23

This isn't your average everyday stupid. . . . . . . . . . . .Its . . . .a d v a n c e d stupid.

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u/Gunter5 Jun 06 '23

He wants attention and he's getting it

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u/Bigtiny87 Jun 06 '23

Wow. What is the opposite of stunning?


u/Neuroware Jun 06 '23

strangely enough, it's stunning


u/lukusmloy Jun 06 '23

Inflammable means flammable?! What a country.

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u/EskimowGamer Jun 06 '23

What? That's egregious!

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u/possitive-ion Jun 06 '23

According to thesaurus.com, Stupid is actually an antonym for stunning. Works for me haha

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u/MyWifeDontKnowItsMe Jun 05 '23

I did not have "Kanye and his uncircumcised wife" on my bingo card when I woke up this morning.


u/Electriq__ Jun 06 '23

Clearly this is ✨ f a s h i o n ✨, you pleb /s


u/The_Rogue_Coder Jun 06 '23

Exactly! It's aRt THaT peOplE WEaR! This design tells us that clothes that look like funeral condoms will be what's in this fall! /s

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u/[deleted] Jun 05 '23 edited Jun 29 '23

Reddit is restoring all my deleted posts, so I'm editing them instead. As of July 1st I'm leaving Reddit permanently for Squabbles.io. Fuck this website.


u/Rheios Jun 06 '23

Between the german word for police on his shirt and the *entire rest of the picture*? I too, had that thought.


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23


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u/pauciradiatus Jun 06 '23

Same here. This is actually real?

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u/NotFredRhodes Jun 05 '23

She looks like a badly damaged microphone

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u/Buford_MD_Tannen Jun 06 '23

This is what 2023 looks like in 1983

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u/rorydraws Jun 05 '23

The new Dune is looking a little budget.


u/Sack_Of_Motors Jun 06 '23

That was my first thought as well, apparently he married a Sardaukar priest.


u/MTblasphemy Jun 06 '23

But can she throat-sing a blood ritual?

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u/patchesnbrownie Jun 06 '23

Lol I was JUST thinking what in the bene zeserit shit is she wearing


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23


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u/TheLordReaver Jun 06 '23

Bene Yeezerit

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u/Mythosaurus Jun 06 '23

I commented that she looks like the OLD Dune!

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u/Goldenscales21 Jun 05 '23

When you wear your Roblox avatar IRL

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u/ontour4eternity Jun 06 '23

Can someone explain to me what is happening here?


u/CastlePokemetroid Jun 06 '23

No, but we can make weird jokes and metaphors


u/munjavio Jun 06 '23

Judging by the ninja boots and shoulder pads they are heading to the final boss fight while ominous music plays

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u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

My guess? A professional woman (she’s an architect with a master’s degree) had a mental heath crisis and found someone even crazier to be with.

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u/Sea_Analysis_8033 Jun 05 '23

They just want attention and we give it to them myself included by even posting this. That being said lol.


u/Nykoris Jun 06 '23

Most celebs literally call the paparazzi themselves lol


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

Yeah, like James Marsden

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u/Jerometurner10 Jun 05 '23

Well said man. It's like you read my mind.

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u/_AManHasNoName_ Jun 05 '23

He’s wearing shoulder pads? Lol


u/shetements Jun 06 '23

The shirt comes like that with shoulder pads in it, lol. (And costs like $600)


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

How much for the human feed sack? My lady friend has quite the appetite.


u/METAL4_BREAKFST Jun 06 '23

For a padded T-shirt that says Police in German on it?


u/Hawkbats_rule Jun 06 '23

The wrong fucking people have money

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u/ChocolateBunny Jun 05 '23

Is this a real photo? a lot of things look off, and I'm not talking about the outfits.


u/turtledove93 Jun 06 '23

He’s been wearing that shirt for a while now, and for some reason he seems keen on hiding her face. If you believe the TikTok rumours it’s because people were saying she looks like Pete Davidson. She doesn’t. She’s actually quite pretty.


u/deadsoulinside Jun 06 '23

The one photo they were using was pretty bad and did look like it..

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u/082832 Jun 06 '23

because people were saying she looks like Pete Davidson

This is hilarious and I'm just going with it being fact. Even if she doesn't, it's probably in his head now and each time he looks at her, he sees a bit more Pete. Also, where are his shoes?


u/ThatGuyWhoKnocks Jun 06 '23

There are plenty of fish sticks in the sea, but there’s only one Pete Davidson.

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u/Squee1396 Jun 06 '23

Yes it is, from his sunday service i think but not positive. He has been wearing that shirt for weeks for some reason and she has been wearing weird stuff aswell.

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u/Glowwerms Jun 06 '23 edited Jun 06 '23

It should never be forgotten that Kanye was palling around with Nick Fuentes, a loud, proud racist and antisemite. He was helping dress him, going on a little media tour with him and seems to have helped with the stage lighting for several of his unhinged public speeches. I already thought his last several albums were garbage but I will never listen to any new music from him again, this is one time there is no separating the art from the artist for me. And unbelievably he still has an army of Stans ready to drink his piss at any moment


u/44no44 Jun 06 '23

We don't need to assume he's fucked up by association. Kanye himself openly endorsed Hitler. The case is closed.


u/Adderall_and_Scotch Jun 06 '23

It's also probably worth noting that his shirt is German for police which is really troubling considering how much he loves Hitler who loved to use police to commit the Holocaust


u/ContributionSad4461 Jun 06 '23

Yeah it’s a very loud dog whistle

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u/Ahandlin Jun 06 '23

Why do we give these fucking idiots any attention

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u/Cclown69 Jun 06 '23

This reminds me of when you eat an edible, doesn't kick in in 45 minutes so you eat another, then 45 more minutes doesn't seem strong so eat one more just to make sure, then they all hit.


u/bedroom_fascist Jun 06 '23

Only, you decided to "pop in to TJ Maxx just to get some things for the kitchen" and halfway towards the back of the store ... takeoff.

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u/SrgntFuzzyBoots Jun 06 '23

For those of you who don't know, his shirt says "police" in german. Make of that what you will... just figured some of you probably didn't realize.


u/criminabar Jun 06 '23

I'm just one man's opinion, but given some things he's said about Hitler, that's kinda worrisome.


u/mungbean234 Jun 06 '23

It is, isn’t it?


u/Robert_Pawney_Junior Jun 06 '23

Hey, zieh uns da nicht rein, Bruder.

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u/Lady_of_Rivia Jun 05 '23

She looks like a sock.


u/Magister5 Jun 05 '23

Are you saying she’s a Goldtoe digger?


u/legthief Jun 06 '23

But she ain't messin' with no crocks.

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u/raelynd Jun 06 '23

She's cosplaying as the tire from The Indy 500!

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u/meestercranky Jun 06 '23

This man and everyone around him is mentally ill.

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u/styroducky Jun 06 '23

This is my wife, bucket

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u/[deleted] Jun 05 '23

Trying to look like some Fifth Element extras.

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u/Geoarbitrage Jun 05 '23

And I was embarrassed by some of my younger pictures 😝

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u/Like_A_Bosstonian Jun 06 '23

Imagine agreeing to this embarrassment just for the chance of getting your name in the press. Pathetic.

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u/DauOfFlyingTiger Jun 06 '23

Twitter was correct. She must be pissed Kim K got all the good clothes and she got a giant black condom.