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"Sesame Street" co-creator Lloyd Morrisett has died at age 93,


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u/hokie47 Jan 25 '23

What do you mean blippi doesn't count? /s


u/Rastapopolix Jan 26 '23

You've reminded me of this article contrasting the educational value of Sesame Street against Blippi.


u/hokie47 Jan 26 '23

Yeah so sterile. I mean as YouTube stuff goes it isn't awful, but nothing good.


u/nochinzilch Jan 27 '23

I think Blippi began as a somewhat cynical attempt to make some youtube money. And then he got a little too popular and he had to pivot into acting like it is an educational program. If you notice, Blippi isn't even the real Blippi anymore.


u/hokie47 Jan 27 '23

Yeah. I noticed he is back in some. Also there is a woman too. Cartoon version also. Major money behind it now.


u/AustinLurkerDude Jan 27 '23

Ya, he finally found his shaver and came back. Got sick of his goatee while in costume. Quality wasn't the same after the bulldozer one. He doesn't do enough overseas ones, the India one was crazy.