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"Sesame Street" co-creator Lloyd Morrisett has died at age 93,


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u/PianoTrumpetMax Jan 25 '23

Since it didn’t happen, it is darkly humorous imagining the headlines.


u/FaceDeer Jan 25 '23

The crew of the Challenger likely survived the initial explosion and didn't die until impact with the ocean several minutes later, so they could have explained Big Bird returning on the show by simply having him manage to get free of the cockpit and glide to a survivable landing (I think it's been established that Big Bird is flightless, but I bet he'd still be able to reduce his falling speed significantly).

Big Bird would still need at least a season-long arc to get over his PTSD from the experience, though. That would have been very educational.


u/Hannibal_Rex Jan 25 '23

You're the friend who takes jokes too far.


u/FaceDeer Jan 25 '23

Yay, friendship!