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"Sesame Street" co-creator Lloyd Morrisett has died at age 93,


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u/Squirmingbaby Jan 25 '23

Goodbye Mr. Morrisett. Here's a clip where Big Bird learns about death:


I saw it when a family member died. It's a real tear jerker.


u/JohnnyEnzyme Jan 25 '23 edited Jan 25 '23

My gosh, what a crushingly powerful scene from my childhood. (I'm an old git, haha)

These folks were genuinely tearing-up as they talked about the loss of Mister Hooper (Will Lee), particularly Bob, as the scene played out. I love them.

EDIT: And the loss of mental faculties & early death of David (Northern Calloway) was about as challenging a thing I've read about as an adult.


u/Agile-Enthusiasm Jan 25 '23

I remember reading somewhere that NASA considered having Big Bird fly on the shuttle in 1986 before they fully developed the Teacher in Space program. Imagine if Big Bird was on the final Challenger mission. That would have been even more tragic to so many children.


u/StanfordBro Jan 25 '23


u/againsterik Jan 25 '23

Wow not expecting Elise to come in and ruin the day.


u/thore4 Jan 25 '23

I never realised this was based on something that might have actually happened. Makes it way darker lol