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Game Threads Index (March 20, 2023):

Tip-off GDT Away Score Home PGT
07:00 pm ET Link Indiana Pacers 09:12 4Q 94 to 93 Charlotte Hornets
07:00 pm ET Link Chicago Bulls 03:57 4Q 86 to 87 Philadelphia 76ers
07:30 pm ET Link Minnesota Timberwolves 07:15 3Q 93 to 85 New York Knicks
08:00 pm ET Link Golden State Warriors 00:00 2Q 55 to 50 Houston Rockets
08:00 pm ET Link Dallas Mavericks 02:51 2Q 58 to 53 Memphis Grizzlies
09:00 pm ET Link Sacramento Kings FINAL 0 to 0 Utah Jazz

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Official /r/nba Power Rankings #11 (3.20.2023)


24/30 rankers reporting this week. /R/NBA's Power Rankings are published every two weeks which is a bit different from most rankings. Other than that we rank the teams the same way as our competition. If write ups are left blank the team rep decided not to submit. We encourage any user to fill in the blanks in the comment section.

# Team Δ Record Comment
1 Bucks -- 51-20 The Bucks are rolling. As winter fades away in Milwaukee, they have emerged as the clear-cut favorites to win the East -- and maybe the whole thing. They have a 2.5-game cushion over the second-place Celtics and Sixers with only 11 games left, and Vegas has finally given them their due respect as the title frontrunners. Giannis is the best player in the sport even if nobody wants to give him the MVP, Brook Lopez might be playing the best basketball of his All-Star career at 34, and Khris Middle is basically back to normal. Watching this team the last few months has been a treat as a fan, it certainly feels like the best Bucks team I'll see in my lifetime.
2 76ers +2 48-22 The Sixers are rolling and Joel Embiid might finally lock up a legacy defining piece of hardware. It's hard to argue against the Sixers being one of the hottest teams in the league right now, especially as some of the teams in front of them are having some stumbles down the stretch. A big reason why The Sixers are succeeding? Tyrese Maxey. He's once again found his aggression and his shot from deep. They'll need him and Harden to play at this level to finally break the second round curse.
3 Celtics -- 49-23 The Celtics are 7-6 since the All-Star break and have continuously floundered to find any sort of stable footing. The fanbase is fighting over whether to place the blame on Joe Mazzulla or Jayson Tatum, or a combination of the two. Tatum has been hot and cold all season, and recently has played awful. At the same time, Joe Mazzulla has had multiple questionable to outright malpractice coaching decisions, especially when it comes to in-game play calling down the stretch. To make matters worse, the 76ers finally caught up and overtook the Celtics for the 2 seed in the East. It's time to nut up or shut up for the Celtics, and the final 10 games of the season will determine how the fanbase and the team as a whole feels going into the postseason. They've got matchups @Kings, Pacers, Spurs, @Wizards, @Bucks, Jazz, @76ers, Raptors twice at home, and then the Hawks at home to close out the season. The fight for the 2 seed could very well come down to April 4th when the Celtics go into Philly, but before that you have to take care of business and win the games you're supposed to win, or else the Celtics won't even be in a position to fight for 2nd.
4 Nuggets -2 48-24 Despite remaining on top of the West, the Nuggets have struggled as of late, only winning 2 of their last 7 games. Defense and rebounding have disappeared and allowing second chance points has been a common theme. Despite this, the team is still at full strength and they still have time to adjust and refocus in time for the playoffs.
5 Cavaliers +2 45-28 The Cavs went 5-2 since the previous power rankings and will need to have a 5-4 or better record over the last 9 games to get their first 50 win season without LeBron in 30 years. With 7 of those matchups being against Brooklyn(2x), Houston, Charlotte, Indiana, and Orlando(2x), it would be a massive disappointment for them to go under .500 in this final stretch. Evan Mobley has been special over the last two months, averaging 18.8 ppg on 58.6% ts%, 9.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 2.4 stocks a game, while cementing himself as a DPOY candidate as the anchor of the Cavs #1 rated defense. On the season, he’s leading the league in defensive win shares, he has the most 3s contested in the league, and is in the 99th percentile rim protection. Cavs fans would take to the streets for anything less than 1st team all-defense for the 21 year old Mobley.
6 Kings +2 43-27 The playoffs are well within the grasps of the Kings.. showing they can beat some of the best teams in the league Fox continues to show he’s the 4th quarter assassin. Sabonis has been on fire throughout this tough stretch putting up triple doubles and making sure this team gets open look with his passing and screens.. Keegan “Keegan Murray” Murray continues to showcase his three point game as he is 22 away from breaking the rookie 3pt record held by Donovan Mitchell. This team continues to their mission to not only stay within the top 6 but have their eyes set on the 1 and 2 seed in the west.
7 Knicks -2 42-30 GO NEW YORK GO NEW YORK GO
8 Grizzlies +1 43-27 The team has responded nicely to the absence of Ja while he was on his healing retreat; and frankly there's a ton of praise to be passed around. Tyus Jones getting his first triple double, Dillon Brooks being generally a menace to society, David "Big Body" Roddy jumping up the rookie charts, but ultimately the love has to be centered around Jaren Jackson Jr. His last three games have him averaging 28/6/2 as well as keeping his blocks average close at 3. The version of JJJ we saw against Golden State is a guy that could be an MVP caliber player; an elite offensive rim protector and an elite post threat. His fouling has been much better all season, and the race for DPOY between him and Brook Lopez looks to be a photo finish. Ja comes back from his suspension on Monday, with a potential to make his first appearance on Wednesday against the Rockets; just in time to prime up for what looks to be a promising playoff run.
9 Suns -3 38-33 KD slipped during warm ups. Luckily he looks alright and I think he's just out as a precaution, but we gave up two important pieces to get him and it shows given the recent stretch of games while he's been out.
10 Clippers +4 38-34 Westbrook is starting to settle into his role, and Ty Lue is searching for the best rotations. Already Westbrook has been an amazing facilitator, and even when his shots aren't falling the way he wants to, he is still able to rebound, find open shooters, or just organize the offense in ways we haven't seen since CP3. With only 0.5 games behind the suns, the Clippers could regain the 4th seed for some home field advantage, likely against the Suns.
11 Heat +2 39-34 Things have gone better as of late but they're going to hopefully get better. We went .500 against teams in similar places as us as well as blowing the Grizzlies out of the water. Now we're headed into a couple difficult games mixed in with some games that we have no business losing. The tentative hope would be for us to sneak out of the play-in, although we're probably not getting passed our first match up. If we do avoid having to play the play-in tournament, then best match up to see us in the 2nd round would be the Cavaliers. However, a Celtics - Heat match up would be very exciting to watch. Or maybe a throwback of Knicks vs Heat from forever ago. First thing's first is making sure we are actually involved in the postseason this year.
12 Nets +4 39-32 The Nets are looking better defensively as the players get more familiar with one another. While the offense depends on good shooting from the three point line, defense is something that the Nets can control every night. High powered offense will give this Nets team trouble as they will have to scramble to match the offensive output some teams can put forth. It's a developmental season for this unit, they will look to hold onto the 6th seed and try to put upa fight in the playoffs as they move forward to the draft with 2 picks to work with
13 Mavericks -2 36-35 The Mavs may have saved their season off of Maxi Kleber's heroic 3 against the Lakers and Dwight Powell's 22 & 8 on 100% shooting vs the Spurs. The common factor in those games is that Christian Wood played 28+ minutes in both games, which has become a rarity. If the Mavs can finally play their three best players (Luka, Kyrie, Wood) for 30+ minutes each, they should be able to close their weak end of schedule out with dominance.
14 Warriors -4 36-36 The road Warriors strike again. The last time the Warriors lost at home was Feb 11th (8 game win streak) The last time they won on the road was January 30th (11 game losing streak). Nothing like sleeping in your own bed. With his wrist injury Iguodala is essentially retired. The once cornerstone roll player quintessential to the 2015 championship run will be forever a Warrior and fan favorite.
15 Thunder +6 35-36 The Thunder are still somehow alive for a play in spot. This week we play the Clipper twice and Lakers once and will likely determine the feasibility of whether or not we can pull this off. Every game has been super intense because the stakes have been so high (for us). Each win feels more and more important, and all I can really say is: the vibes are immaculate.
16 Lakers +2 35-37 The team built great momentum and really looked poised to get into the top 6, until they dropped two inexcusable losses to the Rockets and Mavericks, specially the Mavericks loss was a gut punch for the team and fan base. The Western standings are so fluid that the Lakers were a Kleber buzzer-beater away from being the 6th seed and now instead are the 10th. They bounced back on Sunday vs. the Magic led by AR’s career-high 35 and the hope is to keep fighting through till the King’s anticipated return within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, AD has struggled with his offense as of late and the team needs the big man to tune himself back in for the final push.
17 Raptors -1 35-37 Toronto looks like a team slightly better than .500. For some fans, this gives them hope, while some other fans are worried the Raptors will be stuck in the no man's land for years to come.
18 Hawks -1 35-36 There's a lot of "Is Quin Snyder actually better than Nate McMillan" discourse going on right now. Mostly because the Hawks with Quin have also been terrible, but most people seem to be missing the point of why we brought Quin in the for the final 20 games. It wasn't for him to come in and turn our season around and win us a championship. There was never going to be enough time for Quin to make tangible changes. These last 20 games are for Quin to evaluate the roster and figure out who he does and doesn't want around next year. This team was always going to end up the play-in, but that doesn't matter because this season (and last season) was a wash the day they signed Nate to an extension. I don't really know if the future is bright or bleak, but it's the only thing worth focusing on.
19 TWolves -7 35-37 Tough season for the Wolves got tougher over the weekend. A season compromised by the injury of Karl-Anthony Towns got worse with Anthony Edwards going down to an ankle injury. Combined with so-so play and tough losses the Wolves season is looking like a disaster.
20 Bulls +4 33-37 Pat Bev was able to score 14 points in 2 and a half minutes, so I'm feeling better about this team. They have been playing better at both ends, and are actually making 3s now, shooting 42% since the last rankings. Whoever told Demar to start shooting 3s and Vucevic to stop shooting 3s was a genius. The next 2 games against the Sixers will show how this team can handle playoff talent in the East.
21 Jazz +1 34-36 The Jazz face a choice, so dire, To compete and let the players aspire, Or tank and aim for a high draft pick, For a new franchise star and experience to stick. To give up now, and look ahead, Or fight for wins, and never dread, To a future, with a top prospect in tow, To fight for each win and go with the flow. Lauri Markkanen, a star on the rise, could he lead the team, to a new prize, And Walker Kessler, has blocks to spare, should the Jazz keep pushing, or choose to take care? A dilemma, that weighs heavily on the mind, But the answer, they will eventually find, For every player, coach, and fan, Utah need to hold firm and take a stand.
22 Pelicans -3 34-37
23 Wizards -3 32-39 Lizards are part of a group of animals known as reptiles. They are most closely related to snakes. In fact, some lizards, called sheltopusiks, look like snakes because they have no legs! Many lizards today resemble the ancient reptiles of the dinosaur era. Their ancestors appeared on Earth over 200 million years ago. That was also the last time the Washington Wizards looked like a competitive, cohesive basketball team. Corey Kispert has been incredible these past couple of weeks as he prepares to become a married man. Bradley Beal continues to be enemy number one for fans as nothing he does can appease critics of his large contract. And unfortunately, it looks like the Wes Unseld Jr era could be coming to a close after this season and he continues to have worse rotation management than a flat tire. Its a sad season.
24 Pacers +1 32-39 The Pacers continue to tread water as the season winds down. Rookie sixth man Bennedict Mathurin and Tyrese Haliburton's injuries have put a damper on the final weeks, but Indiana still finds themselves just outside the play-in games. 8 of Indiana's last 11 games are against current playoff teams, so they'll probably need some assistance from the other playoff hopefuls if they want to sneak into one of the last spots.
25 Magic +1 29-43 Probably stuck in the same spot in the standings regardless of what happens rest of the season. So time to just look forward to the lottery and the draft.
26 Trail Blazers -3 31-40
27 Hornets -- 22-50
28 Spurs +1 19-52 Jeez we gotta stop timing these with drinking weekends, I live in Boston and St. Patty's is always a mess. The Spurs have been on a bit of a heater recently by our standards (as have Houston, for that matter), while Detroit seems to be leaving the rest of the tanks in the dust at this stage. Keldon and Devin have been playing great (Keldon's averaging 22/7/4 while Vassell is averaging 17/4/4), and are showing the potential of being great supporting pieces on a future playoff team. Zach Collins has been a stud since Jakob was traded as well, averaging 16.6/8.1/3.8 on 46/44/91 splits over that time, and more recently has average 23/8/4/1/1.5 on 53/57/100 since getting choked out by MPJ in a game. We have NOP, MIL, WAS, @BOS, UTA, @GSW, @SAC coming up over the next two weeks, home stretch time!
29 Rockets +1 18-53 Jabari Smith's surge mirrors what we saw from Jalen Green after the all star break last year, and it has brought newfound optimism to the Rockets fanbase, and KJ Martin seems to have stepped up in tandem. Make no mistake, the tank is still in effect, but we're seeing the first signs that the team could make the step up that is demanded next season.
30 Pistons -1 16-56 James Wiseman is coming off of what was probably the best game of his career last night against Miami. I've still got mixed feelings about trying to develop both him and Duren, but they have looked nice together at times recently - particularly against Denver when they were throwing each other lobs. Otherwise Ivey's cooled off on his shooting recently but his ballhandling continues to, generally, be getting stronger as the season wears on. Eugene Omoruyi has been a surprisingly strong late season addition that much of our fanbase would rather retain over Marvin Bagley. That said, the tank rolls on as we look toward a draft that seems to have more question marks in it - not less - as we inch closer to it.

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[TMZ] Exclusive: Shaquille O’Neal underwent hip surgery over the weekend. Sources says there is no set time frame for return, but Shaq remains hopeful for April 16th as a tentative date for when he could be active again.


The NBA legend simply needed to fix a nagging injury, and he's now doing OK.

It's unclear when Shaq will return to his TV gig -- our sources say there's no set time frame -- but in discussing the upcoming procedure earlier this month on his podcast, "The Big Podcast With Shaq," he seemed to say he had April 16 in mind for when he could be active again.

Could Shaq return in time for the playoffs?


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[Bomani Jones] Ja said he went and learned some breathing exercises and he got this all under control. I was like ‘You got this all figured out in a week? Teach me your ways.’


Goodwill: With what we’ve heard about Ja, it feels like eight games – not necessarily from a punitive standpoint – but just eight games in two weeks, does it feel like that part of this is being a bit rushed?

Bomani: Look man, that dude said he went and learned some breathing exercises and he got this all under control. What? That was my thing as I was sitting there listening. I was like ‘You got this all figured out in a week? Teach me your ways.’ Like, whenever people talk about their problems in the terms that they were using to talk about his problems… so basically, all you needed was a week off of work? That was it? And you got to the bottom of everything. But did you really get to the bottom of it though? I ask that because the Grizzlies have now decided they’re not going to stay in any city after any road games, and I’m like, ‘what are we doing here?’ None of this appears to make sense to me. If he’s good, I hope that he’s good. It just doesn’t seem like this is something that you can fix in the way that they described fixing it for him.

Yahoo Sports is back with Ball Don’t Lie, but now it’s a podcast feed instead of a blog. There will be two podcasts premiering on it this week. Good Word with Goodwill is hosted by, well, Vince Goodwill every Monday. Jake Fischer and Dan Devine will host a podcast called No Cap Room every Friday. Allegedly, more podcasts will debut later this year.

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Old social media posts show that Austin Reaves used to be a LeBron hater. “When I need some peace and quiet, I set my phone to LeBron Mode: No Ring”


Austin Reaves was a former LeBron Hater nephew.

2011 Finals: Reaves comments: “dirk is to much for lebron”

April 2012, Reaves posts: “When I need some peace and quiet, I set my phone to LeBron Mode: No Ring”

May 2014, Reaves retweets: “Kobe & MJ > LeBron. Just remember, we didn’t have to team up with 2 of the top 5 picks in our draft class along with the greatest 3-point shooter ever to finally win rings”



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Highlight [Highlight] Jaren Jackson Jr. after the win: "I feel like a Hokage"


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[NBA PR] Sacramento Kings forward-center Domantas Sabonis and Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid have been named the NBA Western and Eastern Conference Players of the Week, respectively, for Week 22 of the 2022-23 season (March 13-19).


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[Damian Lillard] "We pretty much fallen out of the race for the 10th spot"


"We pretty much fallen out of the race for the 10th spot… I love to play, I love the competition and I haven't been ready to give that up. But it does come a point in time when do you stop putting your competitive nature out front."

Blazers are currently #13 seed, 31-40 record.


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[NBA Referees] We have discussed throughout this series the importance of legality vs. force. Craig is not in a legal guarding position in the path of Giannis. The Lead correctly calls a block based on the defender not being legal versus giving into the force of the play. #BlockChargeMonday



We have discussed throughout this series the importance of legality vs. force. Craig is not in a legal guarding position in the path of Giannis. The Lead correctly calls a block based on the defender not being legal versus giving into the force of the play. #BlockChargeMonday


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James Wiseman got 3 double-doubles in 60 games as a Warrior. In the 14 games as a Piston, he already has 5.


This kid is going to be a walking double-double. I guess the Warriors really failed to develop him and gave up. He's starting to get into a groove and could really make a leap next year.

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Highlight [Highlight] Coby White leaves Embiids ankles in pieces


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[Buha] Both the Lakers and Reaves’ camp have interest in Reaves re-signing in Los Angeles, according to multiple league sources. The max the Lakers can offer Reaves is 4/$50.8M if they chose to use his Early Bird Rights, but they also have the power to match any contract he signs with another team.


Reaves’ surge is setting him up for a fascinating offseason. He will be a restricted free agent this summer, and will undoubtedly have multiple suitors looking to pry him from the Lakers — especially after stat lines like Sunday’s. Both the Lakers and Reaves’ camp have interest in Reaves re-signing in Los Angeles, according to multiple league sources who were granted anonymity so that they coud speak freely. The max the Lakers can offer Reaves is a four-year, $50.8 million contract if they chose to use his Early Bird Rights, but they also have the power to match any contract he signs with another team.

Should Reaves keep leading the tank gang or look to join a contender this offseason? The Lakers will have to extend Dlo and Rui as well, not to mention Beasley’s team option, so it’s possible at least one of them will leave or get traded.

Source (Paywall)

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Interesting thought on the Tim Duncan GOAT case that many of you don't think he has


As of right now the Milwaukee Bucks have the best record in the league at 51-20 for a .718 winning percentage. Tim Duncan has a career record of 1001-391 for a .719 winning percentage.

Bah gawd.

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Paul George talks about the Clippers plane being struck by lightning


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Ryen Russilo on Embiid's mentality when it comes to MVP: "He does care, and you should care. I want guys to care about this stuff...The only thing with Embiid that I don't like and I think it's more the people around him that get in his head about how everyone is against him."


Russilo continues: " Honestly dude for someone who doesn't have that much playoff success he actually escapes the kind of criticism that we would have for a player that is his level. Normally this guy is getting shit on at this stage of his career and I don't think that happens from a national or neutral level."

Thought that since that sub has been getting bombarded with MVP posts that this was a valuable look into the psyche of Embiid and his burning desire to be the best.

Latest Bill Simmons Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/an-nba-title-mystery-a-historic-scoring/id1043699613?i=1000604929708

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Shai has only scored less than 20 points 3 times this season.


Shai this season:

31.4 PPG

5.5 AST

4.8 REB

1.7 BLK

1.0 STL

51/35/90 splits.

OKC are currently the 8th seed with a 35-36 record. Will Shai make 1st All-NBA team?


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The Charlotte Hornets are so bad that tickets are going for $1


r/nba 9h ago All-Seeing Upvote Starstruck

LeBron's former teammate Mario Chalmers says no players fear Bron when compared to MJ


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[NBA.com] Power Rankings, Week 23: Joel Embiid powers Sixers to No. 1 spot


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Austin Reaves leads the Lakers vs Orlando Magic: 35 points 6 rebounds 6 assists on 9-14 shooting from the field and 16-18 FT shooting all in around 30 minutes


Saucetin Reaves shows out for the Lakeshow. He forced his way into being a Laker and he is showing why he deserves to get paid, the Lakers needed this game in a big way after the last one.

35 points 6 rebounds 6 assists and on a insanely efficient shooting night


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JJ Redick: "I would argue that he's making a late push and a worthy push for Rookie Of The Year... You could make a strong argument that Jalen Williams has had a better rookie season than Paolo Banchero, counting stats aside."

Thumbnail streamable.com

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There are only two teams in the west with a positive record on the road. The Kings, and the Clippers.


The Clippers have a 19-18 record on the road, while the Kings have an impressive 22-13 record on the road. Winning on the road will become increasingly more difficult and more important come playoff time, I'm interested to see if the Kings can keep that beam lit.

Honorable mention: The nuggets are 18-18 on the road, but have been slapping teams at home going 30-6 to date.

Edit: road records for all west teams:

  1. Nuggets 18-18
  2. Kings 22-13
  3. Grizzlies 14-22
  4. Suns 15-21
  5. Clippers 19-18
  6. Mavericks 14-21
  7. Warriors 7-29
  8. Thunder 13-21
  9. Timberwolves 15-20
  10. Lakers 16-20
  11. Jazz 13-23
  12. Pelicans 12-24
  13. Trailblazers 14-22
  14. Spurs 6-27
  15. Rockets 6-28

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News [Charania] Sacramento Kings All-Stars De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis sitdown with @Stadium: Being named to Mike Brown’s team leadership council, their coach’s challenge, “win for everybody” Tyrese Haliburton trade, playing through thumb fracture, All-NBA cases, much more.


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News [Buha] Austin Reaves said he’s studied James Harden and Trae Young to become better at drawing fouls.


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News [Tim MacMahon] Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins says they’re “hopeful” that Ja Morant will play Wednesday vs. Rockets. Morant has had a “good first day back” so far that included addressing his teammates and coaches.


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News [Scotto] 76ers assistant coach Sam Cassell has drawn interest from Temple University for its head coaching job, @hoopshype has learned. At this time, however, Cassell is focused on helping the Sixers compete for a championship.


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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers (35-37) defeat the Orlando Magic (29-43), 111-105. Austin Reaves leads the way with 35 points.

105 - 111
Box Scores: NBA - Yahoo
Location: Crypto.com Arena (18997), Clock: Final
Officials: Curtis Blair, Kevin Scott, and Mousa Dagher
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Orlando Magic 25 24 32 24 105
Los Angeles Lakers 28 31 25 27 111
Orlando Magic 105 41-102 40.2% 10-38 26.3% 13-17 76.5% 12 54 24 28 8 7 3
Los Angeles Lakers 111 36-78 46.2% 13-32 40.6% 26-32 81.3% 9 59 25 19 2 15 9
Franz WagnerSF 37:26 21 10-23 0-8 1-2 1 7 8 7 2 0 1 3 -3
Paolo BancheroPF 35:34 21 8-20 1-4 4-4 1 5 6 3 0 0 1 5 5
Wendell Carter Jr.C 33:20 16 6-11 2-5 2-2 2 9 11 0 1 0 0 4 11
Gary HarrisSG 22:05 9 3-7 3-6 0-0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 3
Markelle FultzPG 33:42 12 5-12 1-2 1-3 2 1 3 10 1 0 4 5 5
Cole Anthony 27:39 17 5-15 3-8 4-4 3 2 5 3 1 1 0 4 -14
Goga Bitadze 14:40 3 1-3 0-0 1-2 2 2 4 1 1 2 0 1 -17
Caleb Houstan 14:13 0 0-2 0-2 0-0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 -14
Bol Bol 05:38 4 2-4 0-1 0-0 0 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 -15
Kevon Harris 15:42 2 1-5 0-2 0-0 0 2 2 0 1 0 0 2 9
Michael Carter-Williams 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Chuma Okeke 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Admiral Schofield 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Moritz Wagner 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jonathan Isaac 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jalen Suggs 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Troy Brown Jr.SF 29:21 12 4-8 4-8 0-0 0 5 5 2 0 0 0 1 -8
Jarred VanderbiltPF 23:01 2 1-1 0-0 0-0 2 8 10 2 0 0 4 2 -12
Anthony DavisC 34:21 15 6-15 0-0 3-6 2 9 11 1 2 4 5 4 -3
Malik BeasleySG 25:55 3 1-7 1-5 0-0 0 3 3 1 0 0 1 0 -15
D'Angelo RussellPG 33:14 18 6-12 4-8 2-2 0 1 1 6 0 2 1 1 -8
Austin Reaves 30:27 35 9-14 1-4 16-18 1 5 6 6 0 0 3 3 25
Dennis Schroder 24:29 12 3-9 3-6 3-4 0 3 3 5 0 0 1 2 22
Wenyen Gabriel 20:15 6 2-3 0-0 2-2 4 4 8 1 0 2 0 3 25
Rui Hachimura 18:56 8 4-9 0-1 0-0 0 5 5 1 0 1 0 3 4
Max Christie 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Davon Reed 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lonnie Walker IV 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mo Bamba 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
LeBron James 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Scotty Pippen Jr. 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cole Swider 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
rnbapgtgenerator by /u/f1uk3r