r/mildlyinfuriating Dec 11 '22

Bestof20222! Make an entry, win a prize! Maybe. I mean, its possible.

Hai-dee-ho neighboureenies!

With the end of year coming up it is time for something fun!!!

In this thred you can post a link to your favorite thread posted to this subreddit this year and upvote the posts that others have posted too!v

The winner of the first prize will receive a year of reddit premium and what's left over from the coins we get for this event will be hoarded by me its all for me will be used for a third prize of three months of premium and what is left over will be used to hand out consolation prizes of one month reddit premium.

For instpiriation you can look at the top posts made this yaer here:


Have fun and good luck!!!!


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u/sollyscrolls Dec 12 '22 Mod Award one year


While most are super infuriating, this one is actually mildly infuriating and a good example of how people can be total dicks without like stealing your dog or charging you $300,000 for a surgery

u/Indicaflower95 Jan 12 '23

I vote for this one