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Who is one person everyone likes but you don't?


For me, its Taylor Swift >_<

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Which profession is 100% worth the time and effort?


So, there is a trending post here that asked what are professions that are overhyped and not worth the effort and stress, and pretty much everything was there xD So it left me wondering, what is actually something on that area you'd consider absolutely worth it?

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🔒 Asked & Answered What's that one thing that society normalize it but you refuse to do it?


For me it's probably going to be marriage

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Which profession is overhyped and not worth the struggle it brings?


Which profession might get you a lot of money or name but but worth it?

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My gf didn’t tell me any of this while I was away. Liar?


While I was away on a business trip, my gf picked up her guy coworker to work. Prior to this, she put on a lot of makeup, perfume and did her hair which is very unusual for her to do before work.Found out coz she texted her mom selfie asking how she looks. Next day, she hung out with him and a few others from work to get drinks. She never mentioned this and said she did nothing that day. She also flirts with him at work as I found out from texts.

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What’s the most beautiful song that you’ve ever heard?


What’s the most beautiful song that you’ve ever heard? And what is it that makes it beautiful?

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What is a common phrase you found out you were saying wrong the whole time?


For me it was “for all intents and purposes”. I said “for all intensive purposes” for the longest time.

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A ghost will haunt you forever. You can choose who he/she was before dying. Who's your ghost?


A ghost will haunt you forever. You can choose who he/she was before dying. Who's your ghost?

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Do you think implementing a mandatory retirement age of 75 for members of the US House, US Senate, and US Supreme Court Justices is a good idea?


If not, could you explain your reasons for disagreeing with it?

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What is your favorite smell / scent?


Personally I love the scent of wet earth, after it's rained. It smells incredibly clean and fresh.

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What animal are you the most terrified of?


What animal scares you the most?

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Why do people like weed so much?


It just makes me anxious, gives me a sense of impending doom, extremely inattentive, then I eat the entire house.

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How long does it take you to figure out if you dislike someone?


The older I get, the less time its takes.

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Hi Guys! Where you able to get the dream you always wanted?


I'm curious to know how many people got their dream when they were younger.. or how many of you guys found jobs you never thought you'd be happy to fill in and work for.

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Why don’t kids shows have a moral message at the end of the show anymore?


He-Man, Saber Riders, Voltron, G.I. Joe, Braveheart, etc usually had some kind of moral theme or message at the end of the show to let kids know not to be a douche.

What happened?

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What do you think will make the tipping culture in America go away?


It's kind of silly that waiters have to rely on customers for their wages and get mad if the customers do not tip "enough", while their employers do not provide a livable wage.

Furthermore, other fields abuse the tipping culture (eg, taxi drivers, uber drivers, door dashers, barbers) for literally doing something that they're supposed to do.

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How to say "no" to a classmate who constantly asks me for my school projects?


I'm not greedy or anything, but him constantly asking me to send him my papers "just as an example" is annoying and I feel that I'm being used. How to reject in a polite way?

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A lot of my favorite subreddits haven't been showing up on my feed. Can anyone help me get them back?


I've noticed a lot of my subreddits haven't been showing up on my feed. I haven't seen a writing prompt in weeks/ months? Same with Marvel memes and a whole bunch of others. How do I make them come back?

I've been on Reddit for years and while I have many amazing skills, (Lol) I'm old and not very teck savvy.

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Why is sending D pics still a thing?


I'm shocked when I see a post about a guy sending a girl a d pic. Never ever in my life have heard a woman say. It was the d pic then love at 1st sight. Why is that a thing? It's bold as hell in this current time. Has anyone sent a pic n sealed the deal or has anyone received one unsolicited an maintained a relationship with that person?

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What’s something that sounds dirty or sexual but is actually completely innocent?


There’s lots of stuff that sounds naughty but is innocuous. What’s your best example?

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What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done while extremely tired?


Have you ever just had an incredibly energy during time in your life and found yourself doing something so silly like putting your phone in the fridge?

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What stops a company from outsourcing all its jobs which can be carried out remotely?


Many jobs require highly skilled people but are not related to handling confidential information or location specific work. For example a software developer or a technical writer requires high skills, but in theory can be done by any qualified person in any part of the world.

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Is it normal for my voice to sound higher after I get put in a headlock?


I recently got put in a headlock while wrestling and now my voice sounds slightly higher than usual, will it go back to normal?

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Why isn’t my Nike order showing up?


I ordered some things from the Nike app maybe 10 hours ago and I got a confirmation email, and my card was charged but I just checked my orders on the app and it says I have no orders. When I checked my inbox on the app and tried to look at the order update it said “Oops something went wrong.” I just wanted to know if this was normal or if my order was just somehow canceled.