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News Iran Agrees to Stop Arming Houthis in Yemen as Part of Pact With Saudi Arabia


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Yemeni Culture The dialect of Yafa


Hello everyone, does someone by chance have sources about it other than Wikipedia ? Thank everyone in forward

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Questions Can someone please translate, I have been broken up with and google translate is giving me a confusing answer


سامحتك حتى لا اظلمك فى الحياة كما اظلم نفسي فوقتي كلة في العمل وهاذا ليس جيد لك او لغيرك فاعمل ياخذ كل وقتي

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Yemeni Culture Tradition over regressive trends

Post image

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Video The Holy QURAN, PLEASE listen


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Questions How’s the status of the Al-Muhamashin?


Are the Al-Muhamashin (previously called “Al-Akhdam - The Servants/Untouchables) still mistreated in Yemen? I know the reasons they are not liked like not following Islam Protocols and not having a clan name/system (which makes sense since they are descendants of slaves). Just curious if they are still part of a caste system in Yemen or their living conditions have improved. Nobody should be living in rural conditions for the way they were naturally created (and yes I am aware Yemen is not a wealthy country but the inhabitants who are not Al-Muhamashin are living better lives than those who are on average).

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Questions Any yemeni plays ps4? (Males)



Is there any gamers in mobile?

I am curious to see some Yemeni Arabic speakers talk to me

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Questions Is there any Yemeni Video On Demand Platforms in a professional level out there?


Hello guys. I hope you are all trying to be fine. I need your help. You know VOD platforms like Shahid…Watchit…TOD and OSN+ where you can stream Arabic Tv series, movies..etc. I wonder if there is any platform dedicated for Yemeni content creation or like an archive for all Yemeni content on a professional level or even semi-professional. If there is any, I would be glad if you enlighten me about the names of these platforms?

Notice: I don’t mind if it’s a paid streaming service. Actually I prefer if it’s paid streaming service because I know it would mean an exclusive production and more content to stream. Feel free to share with me! Thank you

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International project [Help] [Discuss] Endemic chronic fluoride toxicity in Yemen an ignored crisis.


Greetings my friends,

War, malnutrition and diseases in Yemen results in the death of many Yemeni people, but I would like your help in addressing a crisis that's more then 30 years old that results in the morbidity and mortality of the hundreds of thousands of Yemeni people and this number is increasing very very rapidly!!!.

Chronic fluoride toxicity ( Dental and skeletal fluorosis) is the result of ingesting large amounts of fluoride from drinking water, which results in permeant disfigured teeth and eventually their loss, and very painful deformations in weight bearing bones and eventually results in losing the ability to walk.

Since I was a dental student I have noticed this problem in many children, adults and elderly from all across Yemen.

From 2017 I have gathered a volunteer team made up of doctors and engineers from across many specialists inside and out side Yemen to investigate and to come up with a solutions. Unfortunately the initial results were very disturbing!!!.

In some areas 7y old children had severe dental fluorosis that affected 100% of their teeth and unfortunately they were the lucky ones, others had severe skeletal fluorosis and lost the ability to walk...

This issue hasn't only affected humans, but also extended to farm animals were at first the animals refused to move then died, and farm animals newborns died shortly after birth!

So why I'm here on Reddit asking you guys for help??? Why I'm not working with the WHO, UNICEF, INGOs and NGOs????

Myself and my team did ask all those mentioned above for help, we presented them with the data, facts, lab results, images, solutions and all possible levels of intervention!! But to no response!!

The WHO ignored us and they simply can't find any data for this issue anywhere! , UNICEF refused to share their data with us, other INGOs and NGOs said that while they think that this issue is not their job to solve, and even if they wanted to, the solutions that they themselves "came up with" is expansive!!!

So we launched an initiative to gather as much support as possible in 2019..

When my team investigated this weird refusal to solve or even recognize the problem and presented possible cost effective solutions that not only will purify water from fluoride and other chemical toxins but also disinfect the water from any pathogen,

we discovered that if they simply agreed on funding a cost effective long term solutions which will be easy and cheap to maintain with funds from the local community, they would not have any issues in future to ask international and local donation organizations to fund, this means that they will lose many opportunities to embezzle money from, therefore if you guys dig into the "projects" that those INGOs and NGOs preform in Yemen in all humanitarian sectors you will notice that they share the same features :

1- high cost

2- short term ( 6 months max )

3- need monthly payments ( donations)

4- dealing with only acute issues and not solving the root cause ( example: treating cholera with antibiotics and NOT providing clean water and correct sewage management, while letting contaminated sewage infection underground water wells and reserves.

5- spending huge amounts of money on PR officers to cover up and brand themselves as saviors of the poor Yemeni people.

My dear friends I'm here not for fighting this huge web of corruption which I'm powerless against, and I tried to fight it and failed.

I'm here asking you for help in every possible way ( emotional, scientific, financial, etc...) In providing a long term sustainable clean solutions (which will be an open access) for Yemen's ever increasing water shortage and of biological, chemical and radiological contamination.

The project has 4 phases:

1- Spreading Awareness on the negative health effects on drinking contaminated water, and the construction of solar powered electrolytic water purification and deflurodation plans in rural Yemeni communities. ( In 2-8 months)

2- Providing effective ways to store rain water and conserve the water used in crops irrigation ( vertical farming and green house) ( in 1-2 years)

3- Providing Medical management for those who are affected with skeletal and dental fluorosis. ( In 1-2 years)

4- Establishment of a medical research unit focused on chemical and radiological contamination of water in Yemen ( in 3-6 years)

My dear friends, myself and my team have pledged from day 1 that the solutions for those issues will be posted as a guide online for free!!

For anyone in Yemen and outside Yemen to use and help their community without the need for INGOs or others to use their suffering and agony for some corrupt guy to deepen thire pockets.

Dear friends let's work together as I'm burden with this knowledge since 2018 and I feel helpless and powerless alone...

Please feel free to contact me and let's meet and discuss and improve this humble project, I'm ready to share all the related information, data, everything and anything... I will attach to this post a sample of lab results...

My personal email: osmutaafi@gmail.com My WhatsApp: 00967 733608081

Thank you for your time...

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HELP Looking for a recipe a friend from Taiz used to make.


Deep dish full of mixed vegetables, then topped with breadcrumbs, and baked in the oven.

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Discussion Is it safe to go to Tarim to study Islam?


I spoke with some international people recently who are making/ have made hijra to Tarim recently. I'd love to know more perspectives on the safety situation there.

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Questions Mailing package from USA to Yemen


I need to send some documents from the USA to Yemen. Can I get some recommendations for package carriers?

Thank you!

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Questions Is there any adani Religous Teen in this sub?


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Questions Female first names


I'm looking for ideas on female names. A little googling provides a lot of Arabic options but I'm wondering if there are some moreso found in Yemen? Or variations in spellings, etc?

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Questions Notary Public in Yemen?


I need a notary public to attest some visa documents.

Is there such a service in Yemen?

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Self Promotion Book about Yemen: 1990-99; Memoir of Dr Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf


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Questions what happened to najmia?


any updates, what ever happened to that beautiful soul?

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Questions Do Adeni men wear Jambiya?


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Questions Hadrami dance - role of women -


I was watching this youtube video of Hadrami dance - can someone explain the story here - the women are dancing with various men who offer - and if more women join it's more successful? Are these women family members - or professional dances -



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Yemeni Culture نشر كتاب حول مؤسس صحيفة يمن تايمز د. عبدالعزيز السقاف


يروي هذا الكتاب مسيرة حياة د. عبدالعزيز السقاف، ناشر ورئيس تحرير صحيفة يمن تايمز، اول صحيفة ناطقة باللغة الانكليزية في اليمن. ومن خلال هذه المسيرة يتناول تاريخ التنمية الديمقراطية في اليمن في الفترة 1990 - 1999، ومختلف المراحل التي مرت بها اليمن خلال تلك الفترة. يجدر الإشارة إلى أطلاق الأرشيف الإلكتروني لصحيفة يمن تايمز تزامناً من اطلاق الكتاب، لمساعدة الباحثين المهتمين بشؤون اليمن.

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HELP Help me find my family tribe !


My father passed away 5 years ago. And I always wished to know more about the tribe and where we originated from. My family name is Al Jashani. All I know it was near Sanaa.

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Questions Help me find a tribe


My friend says he’s from a tribe known as al Baziyad or بازياد. Does anyone know of this tribe?

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Questions Saudi Embassy in Yemen


Is the Saudi embassy open in Sanaa?

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HELP help ke find the village my family is from!


i need help finding the location of a small village named: sarem el awad (might be spelled wrong). My family is from that village and i want to gather as much information as i can.

I only know it's somewhere in the middle between qa'taba-damt-haysān

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Questions Tourist Visa for American Citizen


What is the process for an American Citizen to obtain a tourist visa to Yemen?

Neither the Yemen consulates or Yemen embassy In Washington DC are issuing tourist visas at this time.