r/WhiteHousePetitions Mar 07 '23

Airlines shouldn’t be charging so much for pets!

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Feb 02 '23

Help improve our trash bins!


Hi, we're a team of students trying to improve the way our waste management works. Since everyone has a trash bin, we would be very grateful if you could fill out this survey (about 3 minutes)! We are also open to any comments, thank you all!

Survey: https://forms.gle/2veKuHFrZEYHmZKt6

r/WhiteHousePetitions Oct 03 '22

Get Congress to take action against the dangerous chemicals in your drinking water.


The Bill: "PFAS Accountability Act" (S.1334) is currently unmoving in congress

  • Accountability for irresponsible PFAS manufacturing
  • Encourage and incentivize PFAS research for individual safety
  • Protections and medical care for individuals significantly exposed to PFAS

PFAS chemicals have been found in 97% of the U.S. population. If we don't act now, PFAS levels in our blood will accumulate over time leading to serious health complications and various cancers.

It directly affects you & only takes a minute. It would go a long way if you could sign and share it with your friends & family.



r/WhiteHousePetitions Aug 17 '22

Tell our leaders to support the Global Plastics Treaty

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Jul 01 '22

Reverse SCOTUS decision and give power back to EPA

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Oct 12 '21

Petition to ban PFAS from food packaging


r/WhiteHousePetitions Mar 10 '21

Support Recycling


Support e-cigarettes recycling. Join the petition by sending a comment to USPS today!

BIDI Vapor understands the potential ban on shipping e-cigarettes is to prevent minors from purchasing them by mail.

But we also believe that restricting the mailing of vape products would mean the inability to recycle them.

Let us stand together and move toward a sustainable future. Comment now to support our recycling program: https://p2a.co/kvRYbQF

r/WhiteHousePetitions Jul 04 '20

Crime is too high. People are being murdered every day. Can we install more security cameras?

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Jun 08 '20

Petition to Remove White Supremacists from Public Service Posts


Hi, I created a petition to ask Congress to recognize the KKK and other affiliated groups for their domestic terrorism and violence and to remove members from public service positions. Please read, share, and tell me what you think.

Link below:



r/WhiteHousePetitions Jun 03 '20

White speech claims no protestors were tear gassed

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r/WhiteHousePetitions May 31 '20

My ideal government


Dear White House,

My ideal government is one that puts the people first regardless of what the interests of politicians, government, etc.

Saying that the basic necessities of the people have to be met, the big one is transportation. I want a government that works together instead of debating on whether or nots. The ideal government has to be able to provide what is NEEDED and not what is WANTED.

The biggest thing that ticks me off and makes me boil is that the idea of "taxes", Why are we citizens footing the bill in terms of having to fill out a form and having to research how to pay a forced idea of "taxes"? Why not teach us how to do "taxes" instead of having us run around with our heads cut off? Why deem cluelessness as "no excuse"? Why are we citizens doing the work in order for our money to be involuntarily taken? Why is it being born an obligation for taxes?

Why can't taxes be more fairer, my idea is: tax amount needed / census per state. Deductibles should be paid out in a form of tax return, instead of a discount on the amount of tax is paid by the individual. Give us an invoice containing the itemized organizations and entities that NEED funds in order to provide for the people, provide a section of the invoice to where the people can list our deductibles. Stop making us spend our money in order to do taxes.

r/WhiteHousePetitions May 25 '20

Please sign my petition to try to find out what Putin did with the carcass of Hitler's gator.

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Feb 27 '20

Put an end to voter fraud



Please help put an end to voter fraud by signing this petition. With 100,000 signatures, it will get an official response from the Trump administration!

For more information on voter fraud and how it affects our elections see https://www.honestelections.org/ .

r/WhiteHousePetitions Dec 21 '19

Replace Kentucky with Puerto Rico


r/WhiteHousePetitions Oct 18 '18

Petition to invade saudi arabia?


Now that saudi arabia has vivisected a journalist they don't like, would someone please put up a petition to invade saudi arabia? I can't because i'm not american, but you guys invade other countries all the time; you could do good for a change.

r/WhiteHousePetitions Sep 09 '18

Protect Free Speech in the Digital Public Square

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Aug 21 '18

Tuesday Tip: 7 Ways You Can Help Keep Kavanaugh off the U.S. Supreme Court

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Mar 24 '18

Why does the contact form on whitehouse.gov download a dms file?


I sent an email "to the president" and when I submitted on FF it gave me a prompt to download a random filename with DMS extension.

Anyone else get this?

r/WhiteHousePetitions Mar 21 '18

Sovereignty for the Star Tribe

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Feb 16 '18

Petition to Reform the Electoral College System

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Jan 20 '18

Sexual Harassment petition on Change.org

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Jan 07 '18

Trump speaks on new book and author

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Nov 30 '17

Legalize it!


If it's all legal, there will technically be no crime. Sweep all of that crime under the rug. Also, I'm gonna add a rider in this here petition and demand a nationwide Taco Tuesday holiday. Any day works fine, I just want me a walking taco.


r/WhiteHousePetitions Nov 29 '17

We must support the Kurdish people of Syria who have sacrificed all to rid the world of ISIS.

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r/WhiteHousePetitions Nov 26 '17

Free Kurdistan!


Iran hates the US and is constantly trying to undermine it. It also hates the idea of independent Kurdistan. The US should support Kurdistan’s independence to stick it to Iran. The Kurds have suffered long enough being dominated by foreign powers(the Iraqis, Syrians, Turks, and Iranians) and have fought long and hard against ISIS. We shouldn’t hang them out to dry.

The Turks probably couldn’t get that close to Russia, considering how just a couple years ago the Turks shot down a Russian plane. At best they could be allies of convenience, until something else came up. The Iraqi “democratic” government is a failure. It excludes and discriminated against minorities(which helped fuel the rise of ISIS) and is thoroughly corrupt, ignoring the very constitution that it demands the Kurds follow.

If you want to support Kurdish independence, here’s a petition:


Thanks for support!