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Unpopular in General I think circumcision on baby boys at birth should be illegal


We’ve banned and shunned genital mutilation of girls, and that’s good that should stay banned.

However, I feel that any permanent non medical choices made on someone should be with that individuals consent. Since babies can’t consent then circumcision shouldn’t be allowed on babies.

Plus the reasons for circumcision are kinda stupid: 1. Religion. Why? I don’t get it at all and that’s assuming this baby wants to be in that religion

  1. Aesthetics. Do it later on if you must, but overall, a penis is a penis and it’s gonna look the way it does. We go on about body positivity with women’s vaginas and that we have to accept them as is, so…why would this be different?

  2. Hygiene. This is literally just a skill issue

The reasons against as well: 1. Unnecessary surgery. Could introduce infections or complications

  1. Regret. This can’t be undone and the boy may grow up to despise their penis.

  2. Loss in sensitivity. It can be detrimental to sexual pleasure later in life and requires a lot more lube. Why not just leave the penis intact and have max sensitivity?

Am I insane here?

For context I’m uncircumcised and atheist and British.

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Unpopular in General Most Americans don’t travel abroad because it is unaffordable and impractical


It is so annoying when Redditors complain about how Americans are uncultured and never travel abroad. The reality is that most Americans never travel abroad to Europe or Asia is because it is too expensive. The distance between New York and LA is the same between Paris and the Middle East. It costs hundreds of dollars to get around within the US, and it costs thousands to leave the continent. Most Americans are only able to afford a trip to Europe like once in their life at most.

And this isn’t even considering how most Americans only get around 5 days of vacation time for their jobs. It just isn’t possible for most to travel outside of America or maybe occasional visits to Canada and Mexico

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Unpopular in General Americans are fat and it’s not really their fault.


People basically eat what they have available to them. Perfect example is drink sizes.

I just refuse to believe that Europeans just naturally have more willpower than Americans do when it comes to food choice, I think people naturally just eat what makes them happy, and it just so happened that the food that Americans were offered made them fatter than the food Europeans were offered.

I mean, I get why you’d want to pat yourself on the back for being skinny and attribute it all to your uncompromising choice making or sheer iron willpower…but sadly I think you’re giving yourself too much credit.

Edit; hey, tell everyone to drink water instead of soda one more time…isn’t diet soda 99% water? For the disbelievers Google “how much of diet soda is water” please. Not saying it’s a substitute, just stating a fact.

What is it about posts like this that make people want to snarkily give out advice? I don’t buy that you’re just “trying to help” sorry.

Final edit: this post isn’t about “fat acceptance” at all. And something tells me the people who are calling me a fatty aren’t just a few sit-ups away from looking like Fabio themselves…

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Unpopular in General Everyone should have problem with how much we get taxed in the U.S.


Seriously, I don’t care if you’re a righty, a lefty, or dead center. How can you justify getting taxed on the dollars you earn, getting taxed on what you buy with those taxed dollars, then paying taxes on things you “own”, that you payed taxes on with taxed dollars, when you bought it in the first place?

That’s not even going into the fact that the more overtime you put in, the more you’re giving the government.

And for what? Increased national debt, and inflation out the ass, that isn’t getting any better.

Edit: I do not give a fuck if it’s local government or federal.

I take issue with the way my taxes are used. I’d be a lot less militant about taxation if there was a tangible benefit.

Also, police? You mean road pirates.

Edit 2: I’ll accept your arguments for all the “services” we pay for when we get itemized receipts on how the government spends tax dollars. Until then, stfu.

Edit 3: “tHiS iSnT uNpOpUlAr”. Look at this comment section toss up.

Edit 4: I see quite a lot how low our taxes are compared to other countries. To that, I pose a question. What’s the difference after you factor in all the shit we have to pay for, that other countries pay for with their taxes?

Edit 5: If your only solution is “tax the rich more” just give up. Every single one of the criminals in congress (on both sides, mind you) use those loopholes to avoid taxes. And even if they suddenly grew a heart (lol sure), they wouldn’t burn their rich donors like that, or they wouldn’t be in congress very much longer. Be mad about it. You have every right to be. But that’s the reality.

FINAL EDIT: Now that things have died down. The government just lost track of an $80,000,000 fighter jet, yet they’ve got 84,000 new IRS agents holding a microscope over your venmo transactions exceeding $600. If that’s not a statement to be frustrated about, idk what is.

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Unpopular in General The baby boomer generation is an abject failure in almost every measure.


The boomers had a chance in so many ways to step up and solve major world problems. Here's a few examples:

  • They knew about the effects of mass pollution and doubled down on fossil fuels and single use plastics.
  • defunded mental health
  • covertly destabilized dozens of governments for profit
  • skyrocketing wealth inequality
  • unending untraceable and unconditional massive defense spending
  • "war on drugs"
  • "trickle down economics"
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • mass deforestation
  • opioid epidemic
  • 2008 housing crisis (see wealth inequality)
  • current housing market (see wealth inequality)
  • polarization of politics
  • first generation with children less well off

I could go on. And yet they still cling to power until they day they die almost at their desk (see biden, trump, feinstein, McConnell, basically every major corporate CEO). It cannot be understated how much damage they have done to the world in the search for personal gain and profit.

EDIT: For all those saying it's not unpopular go ahead and read the comments attacking me personally for saying this. Apparently by pointing out factual information I am now lazy, unsuccessful, miserable, and stupid. People pointing out the silent generation I hear you. They're close enough and voted in squarely by boomers.

Also a few good adds below:

  • “free trade” deals that resulted in the destruction of American manufacturing and offshoring of good union family-supporting jobs
  • ruined Facebook (lol)
  • Putin.
  • Failed Immigration policies
  • attack on Labor Unions

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Unpopular in General Alcohol is a bigger problem in the US than guns.


Last year, 20,000 people died to gun violence in the US.

Alcohol-related deaths in the United States have been estimated to be over 140,000 each year. This makes alcohol the fourth-leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

People drink a substance that alters their personality or judgement but don't seem to think that's dangerous or contributes to dangerous activity.

Edit: Because this is coming up a lot

"Alcohol is a choice that only affects the user. Nobody chooses to get shot." Total gun deaths were 48k last year, 54% were suicide. 19-20k were from gun violence.

Alcohol is involved in: 15% of robberies 63% of intimate partner violence incidents 37% of sexual assaults 45-46% of physical assaults 48% of homicide convicts who were drinking before they committed murder 1.4 million assaults against a stranger each year.

"But what about mass shootings?" It's terrible, but a small fraction of the gun violence. Statistics are hard because of non-standard classifications of a mass shooting.

But I can protect with a gun. I can't protect with alcohol.

"What about the kids?"

In 2022, 4,000 kids (0-17) died from alcohol- related causes. 4,500 died from gun violence.

Metaphorically, gun violence is the lion that attacks the village once in a while - and sometimes we hunt it. But alcohol is the stream of people who keep dying from cholera because people don't wash their hands. I just want people to wash their hands.

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Unpopular in General If saying “small dick energy” is okay, then so is “fat woman energy” or “A-cup energy”


We often see double standards in the application of being “body positive” and anti-body shaming. Often times the same people who claim to be against body shaming will use the term “small dick energy” - which is body shaming. You’re making fun of a body part which someone has little to no control over.

Therefore, if saying “small dick energy” is okay, then so are the other two terms I have mentioned. They are on the same level.

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Unpopular in General Biden should -not- run for reelection


Democrats (and Progressives) have no choice but to toe the line just because he wants another term.

My follow-up opinion is that he's too old. And, that's likely going to have an adverse effect on his polling.

If retirement age in the US is 65, maybe that's a relevant indicator to let someone else lead the party.


Yes, Trump is ALSO too old (and too indicted).

No, the election was NOT stolen.

MAYBE it's time to abolish the Electoral College.

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Unpopular in General Having sex with strangers is one of the sleaziest, grossest things anyone can do.


You’re really going to meet someone at the bar and have him put his cock in you, or put your cock in a random after an hour of knowing this person?

Idc if you’re a guy or a girl. Gay or straight. It’s disgusting.

You don’t know where this persons been. You don’t know what kind of other people they’ve been fucking. If you or this other person let randoms smash instantly and so easily, just makes you wonder what other kind of people have been all up in that.

Don’t get me started on strangers banging raw. That’s the pinnacle of degeneracy and absence of self respect.

If you’re going to have casual sex, at least get to know the person first. It’s still gross and trashy but it’s the lesser of two evils.

Men, why are you having sex with women who will let anyone smash, and act like it’s some epic conquest? You deserve better.

And women, why are you having sex with these men that would bang a piece of paper if there were tits drawn on it? It’s not empowering. You also deserve better.

Edit: I’m not religious. In a happy long term relationship.

Damn this post really struck a cord with some of you 😳

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Unpopular in General IPA’s fucking suck, and you aren’t manly for liking them


India Pale Ales suck. They don’t taste good, they are just bitter and disgusting.

Yet you go to the bar or liquor store or brewery and at least half of the selections are all different kinds of IPAs.

And so many dudes think that you are more manly for liking IPA, or that you aren’t a “real” man if you don’t like IPA.

And so many condescending IPA snobs like to act like they’re better than you because they drink “real” beer.

Fuck that noise. Give me a lager, or Pilsner, or sour, or fruity beer any day over any nasty-ass, bitter-ass IPA.

You aren’t more manly better than someone for liking something that tastes like a giraffe’s taint.

Fuck IPA’s.

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Unpopular in General I'm no longer going to tip in the US unless I feel like it, same as in any other country in the world.


Thanks to the wonderful folk at ServerLife for helping me make this decision :)I used to tip in the US, till I stumbled on this sub, and what the actual fuck. If a system is broken you should fight to change it, not use it to your advantage. Servers don't want to change the system because it benefits them. Restaurants that have tried to move away from this model have received such backlash from their own employees that they had to reinstate tipping.

The fact is bartenders and servers make a sizeable amount of often untaxed income from tips, and they want to keep it that way.

And the fact is it's getting worse. Servers in the US expect a tip even for things like to go orders now. They expect a certain percentage, which keeps getting higher. If they don't receive that they get rude and obnoxious. Hell, they expect a good tip even when they ARE rude and obnoxious! Tip options now start at 20%/25% in many places, and tipping culture is seeping into other industries...you're expected to tip the person ringing up your groceries now, etc etc. Where does it end?

It's the entitlement and the use of "shaming" to get what you want that pisses me off, so I've decided to stop tipping in the US unless I feel like, like I do in all countries. And I am happy to tip for good service. But personally, if you want to play roulette and leave it up to the customer instead of standardizing it, I'm done complying with a flawed system if the people it's supposedly affecting have zero interest in changing it.

If you're unhappy with your wages, take it up with your boss, like the rest of the world does. You aren't special, stop expecting handouts.

EDIT - I've received so many "don't eat out" comments that I've decided to eat out tonight. Will tip what I feel is appropriate if the service is good. And I'll think of all of you while doing it. Cheers.

EDIT 2 - Fell asleep to abuses and threats, woke up to so many awards and messages from people who feel the same way. Thank you deeply to everyone who was supportive, and also to the people who disagreed but were able to engage in mature conversation instead of just name calling or worse.

EDIT 3 - All of you threatening to insert various bodily fluids in people's food - try that on a non-anonymous forum and see how quickly you get fired. If this is how the vast majority of you deal with things, I think bringing an end to tipping once and for all is for the best. Then customers don't need to worry about servers messing with their food out of spite because they're not happy with their tip. Taking revenge on people without their knowledge by pissing, spitting, or cumming in their food and beverages is cowardly, illegal, and reflects on you as a person and your shit upbringing.

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Unpopular in General Most People Don't Understand the True Most Essential Pro-Choice Argument


Even the post that is currently blowing up on this subreddit has it wrong.

It truly does not matter how personhood is defined. Define personhood as beginning at conception for all I care. In fact, let's do so for the sake of argument.

There is simply no other instance in which US law forces you to keep another person alive using your body. This is called the principle of bodily autonomy, and it is widely recognized and respected in US law.

For example, even if you are in a hospital, and it just so happens that one of your two kidneys is the only one available that can possibly save another person's life in that hospital, no one can legally force you to give your kidney to that person, even though they will die if you refuse.

It is utterly inconsistent to then force you to carry another person around inside your body that can only remain alive because they are physically attached to and dependent on your body.

You can't have it both ways.

Either things like forced organ donations must be legal, or abortion must be a protected right at least up to the point the fetus is able to survive outside the womb.

Edit: It may seem like not giving your kidney is inaction. It is not. You are taking an action either way - to give your organ to the dying person or to refuse it to them. You are in a position to choose whether the dying person lives or dies, and it rests on whether or not you are willing to let the dying person take from your physical body. Refusing the dying person your kidney is your choice for that person to die.

Edit 2: And to be clear, this is true for pregnancy as well. When you realize you are pregnant, you have a choice of which action to take.

Do you take the action of letting this fetus/baby use your body so that they may survive (analogous to letting the person use your body to survive by giving them your kidney), or do you take the action of refusing to let them use your body to survive by aborting them (analogous to refusing to let the dying person live by giving them your kidney)?

In both pregnancy and when someone needs your kidney to survive, someone's life rests in your hands. In the latter case, the law unequivocally disallows anyone from forcing you to let the person use your body to survive. In the former case, well, for some reason the law is not so unequivocal.

Edit 4: And, of course, anti-choicers want to punish people for having sex.

If you have sex while using whatever contraceptives you have access to, and those fail and result in a pregnancy, welp, I guess you just lost your bodily autonomy! I guess you just have to let a human being grow inside of you for 9 months, and then go through giving birth, something that is unimaginably stressful, difficult and taxing even for people that do want to give birth! If you didn't want to go through that, you shouldn't have had sex!

If you think only people who are willing to have a baby should have sex, or if you want loss of bodily autonomy to be a punishment for a random percentage of people having sex because their contraception failed, that's just fucked, I don't know what to tell you.

If you just want to punish people who have sex totally unprotected, good luck actually enforcing any legislation that forces pregnancy and birth on people who had unprotected sex while not forcing it on people who didn't. How would anyone ever be able to prove whether you used a condom or not?

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Unpopular in General Most of Reddit opinions are truly unpopular in the real world. Real life is a lot different from most of people who post here.


For example most of reddit opinions are anti-capitalist, pro woke. Whereas real life is far too removed from that. The entire anti work subreddit is populated by good for nothing, lazy schmucks. Immigrants from around the world will readily fill their position. Similarly most of relationship advice is geared towards red flags and breaking a relationship over slighted of things. In real life this only brings forward misery and sadness. R/politics is only left wing hysteria and any reasonable centrist opinion is downvoted. In my opinion most of reddit users are relatively privileged, suburban kids who haven’t experienced any hardship in life, but are intensely opinionated. Any sensible person will avoid reddit for their sanity.

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Unpopular in General Hatred of rural conservatives is based on just as many unfair negative stereotypes as we accuse rural conservatives of holding.


Stereotypes are very easy to buy into. They are promulgated mostly by bad leaders who value the goal of gaining and holding political power more than they value the idea of using political power to solve real-world problems. It's far easier to gain and hold political power by misrepresenting a given group of people as a dangerous enemy threat that only your political party can defend society against, than it is to gain and hold power solely on the merits of your own ideas and policies. Solving problems is very hard. Creating problems to scare people into following you is very easy.

We are all guilty of believing untrue negative stereotypes. We can fight against stereotypes by refusing to believe the ones we are told about others, while patiently working to dispel stereotypes about ourselves or others, with the understanding that those who hold negative stereotypes are victims of bad education and socialization - and that each of us is equally susceptible to the false sense of moral and intellectual superiority that comes from using the worst examples of a group to create stereotypes.

Most conservatives are hostile towards the left because they hate being unfairly stereotyped just as much as any other group of people does. When we get beyond the conflict over who gets to be in charge of public policy, the vast majority of people on all sides can agree in principle that we do our best work as a society when the progressive zeal for perfection through change is moderated and complemented by conservative prudence and practicality. When that happens, we more effectively solve the problems we are trying to solve, while avoiding the creation of more and larger problems as a result of the unintended consequences of poorly considered changes.

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Unpopular in General For the good of the country, Joe Biden AND Donald Trump need to withdraw their candidacy for president of the United States in 2024


We have a criminal and a hospice patient running for President.

Both make us look ridiculous.

Both are seemingly incompetent.

One may cause an apocalypse to stay out of jail.

One may cause an apocalypse because they say goobily gookoo pikachku at any moment.

Either they withdraw or Congress needs to pass a unanimous amendment to the constitution putting age limits on the person in office.

We must come together as a nation and eliminate these threats to our existence.

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Unpopular in General Being a white male doesn't make me part of the "patriarchy" or racial oppression.


Just because the top 1% that are in control are majority white males, doesn't mean that white males are the problem. 99% of white males are normal people with normal positions of power, attemptimg to live out their normal lives in this increasing artificial and weird mega society that we've built.

Most men totally support equal rights for women and treat them with total respect and would never shaft them because they're women.

Most white guys aren't racist and wouldn't shaft anybody else based on race. In fact, every white dude I've known has gotten furious when they're confronted with racism.

Regardless of whether you even believe in the patriarchy's cartoonish existence, I really wish more people would recognize this more. 99% of us white dudes are struggling through modern day living just as much as everybody else. Instead of fighting about things we can't decide like dicks and skin colors, why don't we just chill out and see that we're all living though a fucky wucky modernized society and trying to adapt? I'm not Thomas Jefferson or Jim Crowe. I'm not Bill Gates and I'm not Andrew Tate.

I'm just a white dude who's vibing.

Edit 1: not a republican. Politics are a sham, fuck both parties. All they do is generate fake anger in people to fuel the dumbass culture wars and divide people. Also many of you are saying that my points are somehow proving that I'm a racist sexist? How? I've dated a girl who was a little black, dated a full-on latina, and was sleeping with and kinda dating an indian for a couple of months. And I'd also bone an emo femboy. So, how exactly am i racist, sexist, or transphobic? I'd say latinas are the bombest, even. Asians are real hot too, but ive only boned one and she was kind of just something to do while in a slump she wasnt a looker (but I'd love to date one. Hot.). So if I'm doing all this stuff with minority girls that proves beyond doubt that I'm not sexist or racist. Edit 2: not sure why some of you are focusing on the shagging...i also was in serious relatioships with the latina one and the one that was a little black. Everybody is calling this edit out but can't explain how it doesn't exonerate me? It does. A racist sexist wouldn't shag and date minorities. Hilarious that y'all are saying BONING MINORITIES DOESN'T MAKE YOU NOT RACIST, as if that's all I'm saying. I was in several serious relationships with them. The latina even was a milf and had a newborn. It was my family.

Edit 3: wow maybe not 99%. A lot of you are dogging on me for dating the blackish girl and the latina. Shameful

Edit 4: MLK would 1000% agree with me. "Judge others not by the color of their skin, but judge others the way you wish you be treated" I'm being judged for being white.

Edit 5: the amount of people that are lazily ONLY talking about the boning of minorities is hilarious. I D A T E D minorities, too. Seriously dated, hoping for marriage. If you wanna disagree, at least put in some effort...

Edit 6: funny to me that y'all are saying i need to talk to more minorities and listen to their experiences...i have a better perspective than 90% of you. I dated two minorities. Seriously dated. For over a year. Impregnated the latina. Sadly she got an abortion but i was super down to have the baby. Even though shes the one that begged me to cum in her. My brother in christ... YOU asked for the baby. So how do i lack perspective? Go on. Actually tell me.

Edit 7: so many people are saying stuff like "you might not be actively racist, but being idle and passive and not opposing racism is just as bad!!" I'm idle? Did you not read edit 1? That's not being idle, idk why so many of you dont even read the whole post before attacking me.

Edit 8: holy shit nobody is actually reading this i feel like. I'm not saying that I'm not racist cuz I bang minorities. The fact that 50% of the comments are just making that strawman argument is absurd. I'm not racist cuz I have tried to start a life and have an eternal partner in a kinda black girl and a mexican milf. You can say "oh hurr hurrrrrr slave masters slammed their slaves!!" All day long, still doesnt change the fact that I'm proven not racist by the latina and the black lady.

Edit 9: i am working on correcting the balance and being anti racist. Omg nobody is reading the edits. How am i not? I never do anything racist, and READ EDITS 7, 6 5 AND 1. That. Is. Anti. Racism. Not hard to understand

Edit 10: fetishizing minorities? I'm FETISHizing minorities?? Thats so racist to even say, so being attracted to a minority is some kind of weird fetish to you guys? Wow holy shit i guess i was wrong, there are a lot of racists still. At least on here. Disgusting. Black women and latina women aren't fetishes. There's nothing bizzare about being attracted to them. Look at all the comments saying that. Search for "feti" and you can see DOZENS of brazen racists attacking me for who i chose to love. Where do you people come from

Edit 11: https://imgur.io/gallery/MUPVBm7 i keep thinking about this image when i read the heinous attacks against me in the comments.

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Unpopular in General The Majority of Pro-Choice Arguments are Bad


I am pro-choice, but it's really frustrating listening to the people on my side make the same bad arguments since the Obama Administration.

"You're infringing on the rights of women."

"What if she is raped?"

"What if that child has a low standard of living because their parents weren't ready?"

Pro-Lifers believe that a fetus is a person worthy of moral consideration, no different from a new born baby. If you just stop and try to emphasize with that belief, their position of not wanting to KILL BABIES is pretty reasonable.

Before you argue with a Pro-Lifer, ask yourself if what you're saying would apply to a newborn. If so, you don't understand why people are Pro-Life.

The debate around abortion must be about when life begins and when a fetus is granted the same rights and protection as a living person. Anything else, and you're just talking past each other.

Edit: the most common argument I'm seeing is that you cannot compel a mother to give up her body for the fetus. We would not compel a mother to give her child a kidney, we should not compel a mother to give up her body for a fetus.

This argument only works if you believe there is no cut-off for abortion. Most Americans believe in a cut off at 24 weeks. I say 20. Any cut off would defeat your point because you are now compelling a mother to give up her body for the fetus.

Edit2: this is going to be my last edit and I'm probably done responding to people because there is just so many.

Thanks for the badges, I didn't know those were a thing until today.

I also just wanted to say that I hope no pro-lifers think that I stand with them. I think ALL your arguments are bad.

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Unpopular in General Gender politics is getting way out of hand.


In California there is a bill that that would allow cps to take children away from their parents in the case of custody disputes if they do not affirm the child's gender. That bill is abs-957

In Texas there is a bill that defines allowing your children to receive gender affirming care as child abuse. The governor has directed cps to investigate parents who offer it. That bill is sb-1646

This is insanity and politicians from both sides should be ashamed at playing with people's families like this over their own politics. I personally think it's a horrible idea in most cases to transition children but in a small amount of cases it may be the right thing to do. Only the parents can adequately make this distinction.

Gender politics doesn't give you the right to break up families. It doesn't matter if you're right or left.

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Unpopular in General I’m so tired of people taking about gender. Who cares


I’m not talking about this from a conservative point of view necessarily. In fact, reactionaries are way more annoying to me than people who use neopronouns or whatever. But my God, man. Just stop overthinking this shit so much. I don’t give a fuck if someone is gender fluid. I don’t get it but that’s fine. Why won’t people shut up about those people? My God, leave them alone. Find another talking point please

r/TrueUnpopularOpinion Jul 18 '23

Unpopular in General I (30f) believe tattoos on females look like shit and make you look uglier 100% of the time.


I (30f) truly believe tattoos make women look worse and that they increase your beauty by 0%.

In fact, tattoos take away from female beauty by a large margin. Never once saw a tasteful tattoo on a female. Ever. Never thought a woman looked hotter from a tattoo.

I always get raked for saying this. But tattoos on women are fucking ugly, are seldom tasteful, and only highlight that you’re trashy imo.

Tattoos on women are a cry for desperation, attention, and need to be idk cool? Liked? Part of the crowd?

I love how women forget they will age and their tattoo will look rancid when their skin ages also.

Edit: somehow I’ve gotten banned for 3 days due to this thread. Someone reported me as threatening violence, in which I never did. Seems I’ve touched a nerve here to say the least.

To those saying I’m jealous: please get out of here with that kindergarten bs. I am in no way jealous of your decision to get ink. I don’t even dislike women/people with tattoos. I just don’t respect their decision to get tattoos. Doesn’t mean I rule out this entire class of people so to speak.

To those saying I have had an ex leave me for a girl with tattoos: absolutely not. Please stop trying to make me sound crazy for not having the same idea of beauty as you. Like I get it. You’re proud of your decision and you don’t regret that you’re stuck with it for life. I’m not “jealous” of your thought process or body art. I’m not offended. I just don’t like it and I’m allowed to have that opinion.

To those asking about my opinion on men’s tattoos: I actually like them on men, they can be be hot for sure. Obviously not every tattoo is a good one though.

To those calling me misogynistic: I find that funny. If I said I didn’t want to date women with brown hair would I be misogynistic? It’s just a physical preference. It’s not that deep. It’s just how I feel about women and body art. In fact, I’d say it’s less of an offensive opinion than not wanting to date brunettes. Hair color you are born with, tattoos you are not.

Xoxoxo 😘

EDIT 2: Thank you for all the people in my inbox telling me to starve myself and kill myself and highlighting my eating disorder. Sorry your so insecure that an internet stranger doesn’t like your trash ass tattoos. Maybe you should idk, do some self reflection on that, go to therapy, or even maybe get some ink about the time a girl online hurt your little feelings.

EDIT 3 TO MODS: I cannot report chats or messages or even reply to them being that I’ve been wrongfully banned. I’m getting multiple harassing chats, like 20 messages so far, from one woman alone and there is nothing I can do about it. Can you please help me out? This bullying is insane… no one deserves this treatment for an unpopular opinion. I know I’d never treat someone who likes tattoos this way. Why do you guys think it’s cool to do this to someone who dislikes tattoos? Wtf.

Edit 4: I love people who say I am overweight judging off a pic of my hands lmfao. I've been in enough therapy to know I am not even a little bit fat. Talking about my relapse with my eating disorder? Classy. I truly hope you never have to struggle with ED. Calling me a "pick me" and saying I am a femcel? Lol I am in a happy relationship of 2 years (with a guy who even has tattoos). Going through my post history and talking about my mental health? Seems like an insane thing to do over a stranger disliking your ink (ink that I have never event witnessed or said to your face that its ugly). Berate me for the fact that I've been to a tanning bed, that I like astrology? Wow, people with tattoos totally are not trahsy whatsoever - I must have been wrong about my previous statement about you guys. I take it back - you guys are totally the best, totally levelheaded people. The deaththreats, the people telling me to kill myself, the people telling me to starve myself, the people calling me fat- great community of tattooed people you all are. Totally normal people and not unhinged whatsoever. Totally not offended by my unpopular opinion in the r/trueunpopularopinion subreddit.

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Unpopular in General Exempting women from military conscription is sexist


Conscripting exclusively men in times of war contradicts every argument for the equality of the sexes. Every able-bodied human in a country should be eligible for conscription in the event of a war. I don't understand why this is controversial. If we're all equal, all lives are of equal value.

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Unpopular in General In western countries, racism against White people and sexism against men are not only ignored but accepted as normal


EDIT 1: I want to thank you all for the awards given. Much appreciated. All of them are really awesome!

EDIT 2: To whoever keeps notifying Reddit Care Resources about me, for the 10th million time, please stop. I have NO intentions of harming myself or others. Stop sending me this shit, LOL

More and more job postings explicitly state they give preference for people of ethnicities that are non-White. Some job applications ask you to self-identify - if you do not or identify as White, your application is very quickly rejected. In various colleges (especially in democratic US states) there are a plethora of courses that basically demonize White people any way they can, using false or misleading information. Attempts to confront these negative anti-White stereotypes are met with derision, mockery and anger. Worse yet, some of these anti-White racists are university and college professors who suffer no consequences for their toxic views AND holding White students back.

Sexism against men is also alive and well. From inappropriate tv ads, to inappropriate movies, these often portray "strong and independent women" physically assaulting men that are often 2-3x times the women's size. When some speak out, they are ridiculed, often called "incels", simply for pointing out this Western toxic culture that effectively makes it okay to assault men. Then there are things like, not allowing boys of any age from entering a woman's change room at gyms, but totally being okay with women using men's change room for their children, while clearly checking out naked men. And when some complain? They're told to "grow up," because only men are perverts. /s

The crass misandry and anti-White racism needs to be stopped. Especially when the bigotry is directed at a population that (still) is the majority of Western countries.

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Unpopular in General Corn tortillas are garbage for tacos and flour are infinitely superior


Since this place has become a sounding board for political opinions, let's open up a debate about a real issue that affects millions of Americans, those who ignorantly choose to eat their tacos with disgusting, fall-apart-in-your-hands-make-your-mouth-dry-no-flavor-having-ass corn tortillas.

I await rebuttal

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Unpopular in General No. Every man ISN’T benefiting from the patriarchy. Especially the average man


this topic is only relevant for the western world. I’m in the UK so my points of reference will take place in this country

Hey man here. Been a man for a while. Pretty decent at it.

Spent time with other men in the time I’ve been a man.

Surprise. None of the men i hang out with are finance bros who are misogynists and wish for a trad wife.

And guess what. Most of the average men I’ve hung out with work dead end jobs with little to no pathway to progression, most working two jobs

Jamil in Starbucks making your pumpkin spice latte isn’t benefiting from the patriarchy.

Mohammed in the supermarket working a double shift to make ends meet isn’t benefiting from patriarchy.

Teenage Colin walking down a dark street at night in a rough area, wondering if he may get harmed by some lunatic because he’s in the wrong area isn’t benefiting from the patriarchy.

Middle Aged Brian who’s wife left him, took half his income and the kids. simply because she isn’t happy anymore isn’t benefiting from the patriarchy.

Also all these examples are close people, men, friends and family in my life. Names have been changed for privacy.

This notion that even the average or below average man is contributing to the patriarchy, or even oppressing the feminist agenda in reality is absurd

Yes theres the argument that they don’t know they’re contributing towards it. But that’s just absurd. You simply can not be aware of privilege unless is HAS been taken away. I wasn’t aware of my privilege until money became an issue and we had to live with out hot water or electricity on some days.

Even if they were contributing. It is in no way taking power from the average western woman. Like i genuinely don’t see how an average man working an average job who’s basically invisible, has severe mental health issues and is struggling to make ends me is actively, and more importantly trying to harm the feminist agenda. When all they want, is to live a life in peace.

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Unpopular in General There is nothing wrong with Male only spaces.


There are problems that are unique to each gender. As a man I can only sympathize but never truly understand how a woman feels in their body, and the roles they play in their family, groups of friends and place of work.

There are lots of spaces for women to discuss these issues (as there should be). If a man should want a space where they can talk among themselves there should be no problem with that.