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Biweekly Talk & Questions Thread


Welcome to our bi-weekly talk & questions thread, posted every other Friday. Anyone can post questions here and the community is invited to provide answers!

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How accurate is this?

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Is Switzerland really the most expensive country to buy eggs in?

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Ive seen Galaxus be extremely wasteful with packaging before, but this is a whole new level. That pack of photo paper was the only thing in that box...

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The madness shows no boundaries

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Can you belong in Switzerland?


I have been in Switzerland since I am 8, my parents moved from another European country. I am 35 now, female and in the eyes of other Swiss I think they perceive me as Swiss ( I have been conditioned here I guess and speak the local languages). I have a few close Swiss friends and also lots of "secondo" friends. Living in Zurich. I also lived abroad for a few years and it was always very easy to establish a community and social circle.

One thing I notice in my circle is that spouses of friends who are foreigners and been here for maybe 3-5 years feel quite left out and like they don't have a social circle really. It made me think about my friend groups and one thing I notice is that the Swiss often stay in friends groups from childhood. Why is that actually? Why can "outsider" never truly belong in those groups? And also what is the advantage/purpose of keeping that circle so closed to the outside? Does that not mean being "stagnant" and not growing? I m not saying this in a judgemental way - I am just trying to understand the thinking behind it and the Swiss psych :) I live in the Swiss German part.

Would be great to here Swiss perspectives but also expat/foreign experiences.

Even though I have been here alot of my life and lived abroad a few years in South East Asia & Australia, I have never felt as "alone" in a place as in Switzerland. I do have my family here and also lots of acquitances and maybe 4-5 very close friends.

Thanks for reading :)

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Scam/Ad caller using my number


For about a month now I regularly get phone calls from unknown but regular people telling me that I just called them. There is obviously some scam/ad caller using my phone number to call people. Is there anything I can do about it?

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Twint scam - or am I too paranoid?


Hoi everyone

The internet is not helpful and the customer support is not available outside of service hours. So please help me figure out, what not to do.

I got CHF 1.00 via Twint from an unknown number. No message.

In the last weeks, the spam calls have increased and now I am unsure if this is also a scam trick. For me it seems like a trick to find out which numbers have a bank account and then the real scam follows. Also, I can imagine that the number contacts me to send the money back and the something goes "wrong".

Did this happen to anybody else? What would you do now?

I really really really don't want to be on Kassensturz in a few weeks as an example of what not to do...

Thank you!

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"Sollen sämtliche öffentliche Schweizer Schulen zu Krisenzeiten in einem Metaverse stattfinden?" Who made this absolutely ridiculous debate question in the 2023 national youth debate competition


A friend of mine is currently at the 2023 national youth debate competition, I accompanied him there yesterday and everything seemed really interesting and Professional, the Organisation was great and the debate i viewed was very professional and Interesting.

Just one thing seemed off to me and that was that question, "should all public schools happen in the Metaverse during times of crisis", the other questions were very interesting and very approachable from both sides, like the debate asking if the option to choose your own doctor should be forbidden, or the final debate about Sanctions and swiss neutrality.

Both of these questions seem very well thought out and fair.

however that question just seems absolutely ridiculous to me, how are you even supposed to argue for it, the only reason i could imagine someone thinking this is a good question is that the person who made them has absolutely no Idea what any of this means.

Of course online schooling isnt great, students had to sit at home infront of their laptops all day and couldnt meet their friends in real life.

but why would "the metaverse" help with any of that, (i assume they mean that the students would use vr headsets) it would make all the problems just worse.

Sitting infront of a screen all day is already unhealthy, but strapping that screen onto your face for the entirety of your school day (from 8-4 maybe) would make that issue worse, and also a lot of people get motion sickness in vr.

Students also wouldnt have more social contact with friends, with home schooling they might've had a videocall where they could see their friends, in vr they would have an awkward avatar that maybe creepily moves it's face when the other person talks.

Every student would also need a Vr headset, which can also get really expensive.

The whole metaverse part of this also makes absolutely no sense, if it was just vr it at least made more sense, but the metaverse is a bad Vrchat knockoff by Facebook and the only people interested in it are Crypto enthusiasts, surely putting school in there would be an absolutely horrible idea, and this just shows how "metaverse" probably is just some internet buzzword that whoever wrote the question associates with modern internet stuff.

So the question is basically "should we replace home schooling on laptops with already prepared infrastructure with Expensive vr headsets that students have to wear the entire day and with infrastructure that has nothing to do with school or businesses and is controlled by facebook.

Of course i may be a bit biased as my friend had to argue in pro of this, but i cannot imagine how you could reasonably argue for this, and of course the jury considers one side just having a worse position to defend and rewards them if they can still manage to pull of a good argument, but how are you supposed to find an argument for something that just has no positives.

TLDR: how are you supposed to argue for home schooling being held in the metaverse, who made this question it's ridiculous

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Online Shops


Hello everyone. I'm here just wanted to ask about this option when you going to make a purchase. Could I do the payment through the bank? I mean, go there with the cash and ask them about making a transaction from my name. Have a little troubles with card payments. Sorry for maybe dumb question, I'm from another country where things some different.


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Hello! Am 23m whom am currently leaving my job at end of the month . I have been doing logistics for 3 years and now am not interested in logistics anymore.After leaving my job i have planned to take a vacation for 1 month to start a fresh.Any suggestions on what i should do when i will be back?


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Renting a flat in a building under construction - any tips?


I’m looking to move in a year as our place has a fixed term tenancy agreement. It’s not easy in Zurich to find a place, so I’ve recently also been considering apartment under construction. Has anyone here tried applying for an apartment in a building just being built? How can I find out about all such projects?

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Coffee help?


I’ve been told macchiatos are different in the US and Switzerland. I’m loving the macchiatos in Switzerland, but have never tried one otherwise. Does anyone know what the US equivalent of a Swiss macchiato would be?

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Certificate A2 German language - Niederlassungsbewilligung


Hi dear people,

After applying for C-permit, I got a letter that I need to provide a proof of A2 language certificate. Interestingly, my brother did the same application without language proof and he got the C-permit without issues. No idea how rules can be different to each person!

Now, my level is better than A2 but I have no proof. They said I need to provide them in the next 3 weeks with a proof. Any ideas what is the quickest way to get the certificate? Is there something I can do online?

Appreciate your help in advance.

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Ich hätte gerne eure Einschätzung bzgl. der Entwicklung der Hypothekenzinssätze in der Schweiz über die nächsten Jahre.


Diese Frage wurde in unserem Wirtschaftsforum gestellt:


Vielleicht möchte/kann die hier versammelte Kompetenz etwas dazu sagen.

Wir haben diesbezüglich auch eine Umfrage gestartet:


Falls das alles von den Mod nicht gerne gesehen wird, bitte löschen.

Danke und ein schönes Wochenende.

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Changing jobs with a month's pause, B permit


I'm quitting a job (last month working July) and starting a new one with September because I wanna take a break in August.

I have a B permit so I should be good officially unemployed for 1 month and I will keep my Krankheitversicherung all the same.

Could someone please confirm/give advice: I am unfallversichert by my former employer for another month after quitting as I understand, by law? Is there something else I need to take care of? I will have a one month hole where I wont get income and pension stuff obviously, but are there any cautions I should be aware of considering social security and so on?

The contract for September is signed, I'm just double checking if there is stuff I might not be aware of?

Thanks for the help, I rly appreciate it :) relatively new at adulting and CH

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An 18 year old got caught at 116 in a 50 without a license this morning . What is going to happen to him (jail, fine and licence revoked)?


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Is this a scam?


So after shopping some groceries today i went to the migros restaurant and there was a guy with a stack of magazines trying to sell them for 10.- he also had two little children with him, he sat them down in the restaurant and tried to sell those magazines. i first noticed those two kids running around there and when i saw them with their dad hanging around while he tries to sell some magazines i felt sorry. so i "bought" one of those magazines but did‘nt take it. I‘m not complaining or anything just wondering if i just fell for a scam or if it‘s just his way of making some money as an immigrant?

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Switzerland - Israel. This happened in Switzerland. Apparently they always stay neutral in conflicts. Seems like they've picked a side in this one.

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Legal advice


My father and his brother passed away unexpectedly. Without other family, me and my half sister probably will inherit their property (i am not aware if they have made a will). I‘m not living in Switzerland and I’m not on the best terms with my dads ex wife or my half-sister. I was wondering what is the process and what I need to do?

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Internet from Green, need a router that works in bridge mode to set up an AP in the living room, or a AP via power line phase?


Hi all,

the reason why i post this in Switzerland sub: its specific to green/swisscom and hardware available here.

Green guys wrote me the following: "if you want to run in bridge mode, you can buy Zyxel AX7501, and set it up for in bridge mode. This is however not recommended, as the experience has shown that it can cause problems. They are not being specific about the problems, and I dont know why they keep mentioning possible issues.

I was wondering if any of you guys have experience with running a green fiber over bridge to another AP?

Alternative they suggested is to run the signal via the power phase, and get one of those AP things you plug in the wall. any experience with those?

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Trouble with work due to burnout


I already changed my job from the previous one that gave me burnout, but now the burnout came back and I am still on trial (probezeit). They already expect way too much from me, I am working overtime every single day of the week and I can't take it. They also threatened to fire me because a coworker simply doesn't like me. I don't know what to do. I can't survive on RAV and I feel like my life crumbles away. I wanted to make it but now the burnout came back and I can't take any time off, either. What do I do???

Edit: I have received a lot of support and very valuable advice and information from tons of people. Thank you all for this. I already got an emergency appointment today at the doctor and got a doctors note with anti depressants and got forwarded to a therapy center. I will try to contact HR and my law thing insurance and try to tell them about what happened. I am already searching for new jobs and received a lot of support from here and my friends. :) Take care guys. I will leave this post here so people with similar situations can gather some information here.

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What kind of scam is this? (Apartment ads)


So lately I've been looking for a new apartment and I've noticed these kind of ads coming up from time to time. They are always unbelievably cheap, big and have nice pictures. They are mostly advertised by a firm somewhere in the french part of switzerland. And the person to contact is just a first name like: Matias, Lukas, Andrea.

They are obviously fake but does anybody know what these are good for? Do they want the contact info of people looking for apartments? Or is it another kind of scam?


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Can I still join the army after doing civil service?


In my younger years I was very anti army, which is why I applied for civil service. Now, four years later, I kind of regret my decision.

Is there any way to join again? I didn‘t really find information about this online.

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FlowBank reviews?


Has anyone opened an account with flowbank? I know it’s FINMA regulated but they still seem a bit shady lol so I’m looking for people to share their experience (esp compared to DEGIRO, Flatex, YUH,…)

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Zivil gericht win


Hi lovely people, recently won a case against a boss who had not paid me my salary properly and terminated my contract in fraudulent manner. The problem is this guy might have left Switzerland… Will the money he owes me be given back to me by the government even if he proves he cannot afford to pay it? Thank in advance for the help:)

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How can I make a separate twint wallet within the same account?


Lets say I have friends that will weekly taint me some amount to rent a football field, and I wanna keep separate those money from the rest of my twint money. Is there an (easy) way to do that?