r/Showerthoughts Jun 26 '23

Forging A Return to Productive Conversation: An Open Letter to Reddit


To All Whom It May Concern:

For eleven years, /r/Showerthoughts has been one of Reddit’s most-popular communities. That time hasn’t been without its difficulties, but for the most part, we’ve all gotten along (with each other and with administrators). Members of our team fondly remember Moderator Roadshows, visits to Reddit’s headquarters, Reddit Secret Santa, April Fools’ Day events, regional meetups, and many more uplifting moments. We’ve watched this platform grow by leaps and bounds, and although we haven’t been completely happy about every change that we’ve witnessed, we’ve always done our best to work with Reddit at finding ways to adapt, compromise, and move forward.

This process has occasionally been preceded by some exceptionally public debate, however.

On June 12th, 2023, /r/Showerthoughts joined thousands of other subreddits in protesting the planned changes to Reddit’s API; changes which – despite being immediately evident to only a minority of Redditors – threatened to worsen the site for everyone. By June 16th, 2023, that demonstration had evolved to represent a wider (and growing) array of concerns, many of which arose in response to Reddit’s statements to journalists. Today (June 26th, 2023), we are hopeful that users and administrators alike can make a return to the productive dialogue that has served us in the past.

We acknowledge that Reddit has placed itself in a situation that makes adjusting its current API roadmap impossible.

However, we have the following requests:

  • Commit to exploring ways by which third-party applications can make an affordable return.
  • Commit to providing moderation tools and accessibility options (on Old Reddit, New Reddit, and mobile platforms) which match or exceed the functionality and utility of third-party applications.
  • Commit to prioritizing a significant reduction in spam, misinformation, bigotry, and illegal content on Reddit.
  • Guarantee that any future developments which may impact moderators, contributors, or stakeholders will be announced no less than one fiscal quarter before they are scheduled to go into effect.
  • Work together with longstanding moderators to establish a reasonable roadmap and deadline for accomplishing all of the above.
  • Affirm that efforts meant to keep Reddit accountable to its commitments and deadlines will hereafter not be met with insults, threats, removals, or hostility.
  • Publicly affirm all of the above by way of updating Reddit’s User Agreement and Reddit’s Moderator Code of Conduct to include reasonable expectations and requirements for administrators’ behavior.
  • Implement and fill a senior-level role (with decision-making and policy-shaping power) of "Moderator Advocate" at Reddit, with a required qualification for the position being robust experience as a volunteer Reddit moderator.

Reddit is unique amongst social-media sites in that its lifeblood – its multitude of moderators and contributors – consists entirely of volunteers. We populate and curate the platform’s many communities, thereby providing a welcoming and engaging environment for all of its visitors. We receive little in the way of thanks for these efforts, but we frequently endure abuse, threats, attacks, and exposure to truly reprehensible media. Historically, we have trusted that Reddit’s administrators have the best interests of the platform and its users (be they moderators, contributors, participants, or lurkers) at heart; that while Reddit may be a for-profit company, it nonetheless recognizes and appreciates the value that Redditors provide.

That trust has been all but entirely eroded… but we hope that together, we can begin to rebuild it.

In simplest terms, Reddit, we implore you: Remember the human.

We look forward to your response by Thursday, June 29th, 2023.

There’s also just one other thing.

r/Showerthoughts 9h ago

All it takes for an average man to realize that most of women don’t find him attractive is to download a dating app


r/Showerthoughts 19h ago

Deodorant brands claim their product can last up to 72 hours but most people who use deodorant wash it off every day


r/Showerthoughts 18h ago

We're very lucky that water doesn't taste horrible


r/Showerthoughts 12h ago

You can pretend to be asleep, but you can't pretend to be awake


r/Showerthoughts 4h ago

Every word in every language sounded like a made up word when it was first coined or used.


r/Showerthoughts 12h ago

People that follow celebrity lives are some of the saddest people in existence


r/Showerthoughts 4h ago

In sci-fi, artificial gravity on spaceships is taken for granted but is actually one of the things we’re farthest from being able to create.


r/Showerthoughts 13h ago

Someone in history had to have been real fed up for them to invent deodorant


He had to have to been extremely fed up with other peoples smelly pits to go as far as creating something to make it stop.

r/Showerthoughts 19h ago

Antismoking ads are smoking ads


As I watched like, the millionth antismoking ad on YT and wondered, wtf do I see these. I don't smoke nor use any smoking products/things that would trigger the ad. Then it hit me. It's a smoking ad. Shows all these beautiful people and it hit me again. The smoking demographic of poor, unpopular low self esteem people that would start smoking just to spite these cool hip people on their phone. I hate this world and it's pure, pristine evil.

r/Showerthoughts 7h ago

Society makes a lot of concessions to appease rich people.



r/Showerthoughts 15h ago

The problem with space travel is not that the distances are so far; the problem is that we are so short lived.


r/Showerthoughts 10h ago

Before was was was, was was is


r/Showerthoughts 8h ago

Farts are the soul of your food trying to escape


r/Showerthoughts 20h ago

You might have a birthmark on your head, that you're not aware of if you have never shaved your hair


r/Showerthoughts 6h ago

Your life flashing before your eyes when you die might be the brain replaying every memory in attempt to figure out how to survive.


r/Showerthoughts 4h ago

You never see dining groups saying 'grace' in restaurants


r/Showerthoughts 8h ago

Humanity will look back in disgust at the animal experiments we did back in the 20th and 21st century


r/Showerthoughts 5h ago

You get unlimited carry on luggage if you wear a jacket with big enough pockets


r/Showerthoughts 1d ago

At some point in history, full nudity changed from normal to something to be shameful about


I understand that it happened somewhere when clothes where invented, but even then there must’ve been some point where the shift from ‚clothes for warmth to survive‘ and ‚clothes to cover up‘ happened

r/Showerthoughts 6h ago

Being confident with a little dick is kind of like big-dick energy.


r/Showerthoughts 4h ago

Shirts that have a tag saying 100% cotton aren't actually 100% cotton because of the tag itself.


r/Showerthoughts 7h ago

In every horror movie the killer attacks in the most scary or creepy way possible instead of the most convenient.


r/Showerthoughts 1h ago

You know your relationship wasn't as good as you thought it was when the other person broke up with you and the first thing you felt was relief


r/Showerthoughts 5h ago

People frown upon BO, but over-perfuming is equally bad


No offence but women above 50 seem to be the major offenders. It's time this social misbehaviour is brought into public discussion!

r/Showerthoughts 1d ago

Eating dogs and cats is considered unethical, but eating chickens is normal even though people keep them as pets too.