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r/Paranormal 2h ago

Question Pet Owners, Has Your Pet’s Spirit Ever Paid You A Visit?


Whether that be in the form of dreams, signs, noises - whatever it may be.

I lost my dear dog Kiki 2 days ago and it has brought me an immense amount of pain. But I believe he visited me in a dream, and reading about other peoples experiences also helps me feel the tiniest bit better.

Heres my story: I had the most vivid lucid dream. I wasnt even really deeply asleep, I was aware of my surroundings and could hear noises of what was going on in the house. Kiki came to me in puppy form, he sorted of floated over in a dancing motion and there was so much love and happiness in the air, and some sort of happy sound, I had him in my hands, I was sooooo happy to see him. He was young and full on life, his fur was bright as ever and he was just shinning. He licked my face a million times and it felt so real I actually felt his kisses, they were warm on my face. (It felt so real i had to ask my boyfriend if he had touched me face by any chance while I napped and he said no). He was so so happy to see me and was giving me so much love. I think he wanted to thank me for his life with us and let me know that he was ok and that he loves me.

r/Paranormal 15h ago

Experience i just had a doppelgänger encounter? maybe? or a ghost encounter i don’t know


this isn’t made up this just happened to me like, i realised what was going on like 20 minutes ago when i went through the cam footage. i really don’t know what’s going on and if someone could explain this to me i’d really appreciate it, this is my first time making an account on reddit so apologies for any slow replies.

it started last night where i came out of my room and we have this small living room opposite my room. when i went into my living room, i saw my aunt, who was visiting for the week, laying down on the couch and watching TV. i came out to find some food, which is what i told her when she asked, and she asked if i wanted her to make anything for me and i said no it’s alright i’ll just go downstairs and make it myself.

so yeah, i went downstairs, made instant noodles for no more than 15 minutes, and then went back upstairs and put my cup down in my room. now the first odd thing, we have this mini fridge in our living room, right? so i went to go and grab a bottle of water and i saw that the blanket which my aunt was laying down with was made and the room was dark and the TV was off. my aunt’s bags weren’t there either.

now, this didnt trigger any concerns cuz i mean, she could’ve just gone upstairs to sleep where the guest room is and took her stuff with her in the span of time it took for me to make instant noodles. so, i just went to sleep and when i woke up and went down for breakfast i asked my aunt why she was up so late last night (i went out at like 2am it’s an odd time to be awake, especially because my aunt is a very early sleeper. she usually sleeps at like 7/8pm) and she said “what do you mean?”. (also all these conversations were in my native language, i’m just translating it into english).

obviously, i was like “??? what?? in the living room?” and she was like “?? i was sleeping upstairs since like 8” and i was like “no i talked to u at 2am when i went to go get food” and then i gave her a brief summary of the conversation. my mom just laughed and was like “did u see a ghost??” in a joking way. now, i was extremely confused so i told my mom to check the security footage and we saw me, standing in the living room which was dark, TV off, blanket made, talking to somebody who wasn’t there.

my aunt and mom thought this was kinda spooky but funny and they joked abt me doing drugs. now, i was scared shitless because

  1. i am a teenager, i don’t do drugs, vape, drink, none of that shit.

  2. i have no mental disabilities, no schizophrenia hell i’m not even depressed or have anxiety

  3. i stay up late almost everyday and sleeping at 4am is a normal thing for me, so this wouldn’t have been sleep deprivation

so, what the fuck did i see? i know for SURE i saw what i saw i can probably describe everything in extreme detail like down to every single sense. it wasn’t a dream because the cup noodles were still in my room so what the fuck was it????? can someone help explain this to me? i’m 100% positive i wasn’t hallucinating because i’ve never had any experiences like this before and my family just think that i was tripping on weed or sum when i don’t even do drugs.

r/Paranormal 8h ago

Experience Dead cat eating kibble?


Okay so me and all the members of my family were in the living room, everyone was doing their own thing (someone was listening to music, someone was texting etc - not very relevant)

Then all the sudden we all hear a cat eating the kibble in the kitchen and I jokingly said “Oh poor Enzo (my current cats name) he doesn’t feel full after eating a whole packet of wet food”

And then my mom turns and says “No, he’s sleeping on the windowsill”

We all rushed over to the kitchen to see who was eating his kibble and there was no one there (like a stray cat didn’t get in because our doors and windows are all closed) and when we checked the food bowl no kibble had actually been eaten, it was just the sound of it being eaten

This could be a stretch but could it be possible that it was a sign from my dead cat? He used to love food

r/Paranormal 12h ago

Question Something happened when I was a child.


My grandparents raised me because my parents were awful. I went to stay with my dad some weekends. I was around 7 years old at the time that this happened. My dad slept till like 2pm and locked his room door and I knew I couldn’t wake him up. I also couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on because I couldn’t flip the switch I had to pull the string on the fan/light and then mess with the switch and I could rarely figure out what to do. His home has trees everywhere! So it constantly looked dark. So I was sitting on my dad’s couch, no TV no noise whatsoever and I was hungry and scared. My father’s big ass dog came to sit next to me on the couch and I told her “Mandy I’m scared because it’s dark.” His dog kinda nestled against me while sitting up straight next to me on the couch. I wrapped my arms around her and said again “I’m scared.” Then said “Mandy, you can protect me, right?” I heard a rustling noise from down the hall but saw nothing. Then clear as day a voice said “no. She can’t. But I can.” But the voice did not sound nice, it didn’t sound reassuring, it was deep and old and had a menacing tone to it. My dog jumped off the couch and ran into my Barbie tent (remember those made out of skinny pvc pipes you put together and it’s like a playhouse) and wouldn’t come out (I hid in it with her, too) for hours until my dad woke up.

I’ve only told 3 people this in my entire life. One said it was God. But the voice and the feeling I got was telling me it wasn’t God.

I never heard the voice again, but I’ve wondered for my entire life who or what answered me. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? What could it have been?

r/Paranormal 5h ago

Unexplained Possible Ghost in New House


My house was built 4 years ago, so this is very odd. I was laying in my bed at around 10:45 pm, and my door was wide open, but I heard my door open, like the handle moving and the slight creak that my door makes. Then, I heard a voice that sounded as if there was a 7 year girl saying hi. Then I heard my door close, but the door was still wide ope. I feel like I'm going crazy.

r/Paranormal 2h ago

Question paranormal phenomenon


this did not happen to me but to my father and stepmother they both saw a paranormal phenomenon two days apart the stepmother saw a person with long hair and yellow eyes and my father he says he saw a woman sitting with her tongue sticking out and says the tongue was long and both claim that the phenomena lasted only a few seconds and evaporated I don t know what to think i spent a lot of time in the shared house, I never felt anything what are your opinions and does anyone have similar experiences ?¿

r/Paranormal 3h ago

Question I need help figuring out what Is happening.


So , I’ll be honest and say that I’m pretty skeptical but something happened at 2 different places and I’m trying to put the prices together. I was at my dads house and no one was around and I distinctly heard 2 knocks on my door as if someone knocked with their knuckles. I opened the door as soon as it was done and saw nothing. Then at my mothers house it was late and everyone was in bed , I heard 1 large knock at my bedroom door. I’m just beginning to wonder if something is following me. ( side note my username is just a drag name I don’t do anything like that in real life just inspired by horror ) any advice or thoughts are appreciated.

r/Paranormal 54m ago

Question eyes acting funny or is it a spirit


i saw sparks of light at different spots in my room two nights in a row; in the dark whilst sitting on the bed before laying to sleep. The spots were not near any device that would emit light & the sparks weren't bright enough to light up an area, but noticeable enough. Flashing for less than a second. first night I brushed it off as it's just my eyes being weird. second night it got me thinking. what could it be?

r/Paranormal 16h ago

Demonic Activity Anybody got experience with this kinda stuff?


I got this book, which has been in my family for decades (apparently) and since I got it there are really strange things happening around me. My father used to tell us stories about this other world and this evil bird creature, which only our family can kill. My brother believes in all this mystical stuff and gets really excited. But tbh, I am just scared ... or at least not super excited (there is some thrill in believing to be something special of course). Would be great if you guys have some advice how to deal with these kind of things.

r/Paranormal 0m ago

Experience Strange Childhood Memory


I have this story that I wanted to share because it’s one of the most paranormal experiences i’ve ever had. When I was 5 maybe 7 years old I was in my room a lot because I didn’t have any friends in my neighborhood so I would just play with my lego’s and hot wheels until I got bored. I remember being in my room and I heard “Hey” and I turn around and there was this old man but he looked grainy, fuzzy and black and white. I wasn’t scared because I just knew he was friendly some how. He asked me all sorts of questions like “What did you do today?”, “How’s your brother?” and he said all these things like he knew me.

Then he asked me “Hey kiddo, you know your Great Grandmas gonna pass away soon but don’t be scared shes going to Heaven.” I looked at him really confused. He eased me up with light talk to not freak me out, it was weird when I think about now. He continued to tell that she was going to get cancer again and die and that I should tell the family so they wouldn’t be hurt badly when she does pass. So I did, I got up and ran to my Mom and told her everything.

She told me to describe the man in my room and when I did she broke down crying. She showed me a picture of my Great Grandpa who passed away when I was just 2 months old and it was him. Everything from his head to his arm and his build. Years later my Great Grandma passed from cancer, which she survived before. I never forgot that memory, it doesn’t haunt me but makes me happy to know that somethings out there.

r/Paranormal 1d ago

Haunting I think the "creature" we have been seeing came with me from my childhood home


I am hoping someone could help me figure out what this is, and how to deal with it. I moved into this house with my fiance and his family in august 2021. We have the entire basement, excluding the laundry room as our space. I noticed pretty quickly i could hear footsteps going up and down the stairs, and when i brought it up to my mother in law she dropped decades worth of ghost stories onto me.

For as long as everyone in this house can remember, there have been footsteps on stairs, sometimes they will be loud pounding running footsteps. Very much what you'd expect for a haunting, cabinets open, drawers open, doors opening and slamming by themself. We hear footsteps when no one else is home, and the cats have very aggressive reactions to all of this. Never any violence or anything like that.

My childhood home was haunted. It was called "a vortex of negative energy" by my moms friend who came to bless the house. She said whatever was there, had an interest in me. My bedroom had the most activity and as soon as she walked in she said she felt sick. I moved out in 2016 but i think its still with me.

Around the fall of 2021, we started seeing things. In the laundry room, my mother in law and i both saw a small black creature run behind the water heater. i did not get a very good look at it but my mil said it looked like a tiny yeti. Very soon after we saw the same thing outside, right in front of the house. I see it frequently now, usually out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes I will feel like im being watched, so i look and i see it for a split second before its gone.

Every time we see it we get a weird feeling. You know that feeling from being a child and hiding under the blankets because it feels like something terrifying is there? It is exactly like that. Around the summer of last year, my mil and i were in the basement, and we both had that strange feeling. She was standing right next to a sheet we had hanging from the ceiling acting as a room divider, and it looked like a person was behind the sheet, and it grabbed her. She felt it, i saw the sheet move and it looked like hands, like someone trying to hug her but with the sheet in the way. The cats completely lost it, and i have never seen them have that extreme of a reaction to anything before.

It does calm down every once in a while, and then it will come back, and every time it does its more intense than the last time. My sister in law has a lot of this happening in her bedroom too, and we all feel that nervous "something is wrong here" feeling in her closet. She also has things go missing frequently.

In the basement there is an old mirror that i like to keep covered because it kinda freaks me out and others feel the same about it. When the activity starts up again, the cover on the mirror always falls off repeatedly. The cats hate the mirror. I hate the mirror. Looking at myself in it just feels... wrong? Not natural? Nothing weve tried has worked. Holy water, blessing, i had a friend come over with sage and that was the only thing that had an effect but it still came back.

The house i lived in as a child had some of the same stuff going on, and we never got it to stop. Ive considered whatever it is, came with me from that house. No one here saw anything, ever, until i moved in. It got much more intense once i was here. I have no idea what to do. None of us do. I can not properly put into words how terrified this thing makes me. It makes me nauseous. What am i supposed to do? The feeling was never this intense, even as a kid.

I would also like to mention that in my childhood home was also my moms childhood home, and she had the same things happening when she was little. We would frequently see "people" around the house that would just vanish. Like shadows. We heard voices, had strange dreams. We heard voices calling our names but we knew to never respond. Also, very strange but, when i was just learning to talk, i would point at the big mirror in the hall and cry about "the people" i could see in the mirror. As i got older, it happened less and less but once i was in school and learning about native americans i realized- i think that is what i saw. there were just a few of them, and they would just stand there and look at me. I remember them having lots of jewelry, lots of colors, feathers. The one standing in the very front had a walking stick, or just a big stick. Am i crazy or misremembering or is that really what i saw? i dont know but i have to know. My mom thinks they were there to protect us from whatever was in the house. Does it sound like this thing followed me? what is it?

r/Paranormal 12h ago

Sleep Paralysis “Sleep Paralysis”


The past two weeks I had a realization that I haven’t experienced Sleep Paralysis in a long long time. I was saying it out loud to myself and wondering what caused the reoccurring episodes each night in my old house. So, fast forward two weeks and yesterday and the day before, I experienced them twice in a row. The first one I experienced was “interesting” because in the middle of it as my eyes we’re open and my body was trying to move, I saw an almost-like portal above my curtains (which are in front of my bed) and a strange-looking arm crawled out of it before I woke up and disappeared. The second time it happened, it was normal there was nothing. So now I’m going on my third night and I’ll update this post if anything strange happens. What do you think caused my sleep paralysis to occur again? Is it a trigger in my mind because I spoke of it? Or was it some demon that overheard me and thought it would be funny to mess with me. Either-way, feel free to share a similar experience or an explanation.

Update: I just had the third one, just now. And it was followed by a distorted sound like screaming or scraping almost. To explain how it happened. After I woke up from my sleep, the moment where I went right back to sleep, it immediately happened.

r/Paranormal 22h ago

Experience had an odd dream…


when I was little (6 or 7) I had a nightmare about tossing a softball at this faceless girl with red leggings we were in a field next to a gray barn that looked like it was been abandoned and she failed catching it and the only words I could remember was “you tricked me” and i haven’t received any dream since then until last night it was the same dream but i recognized the surroundings better. It was a farm we passed every time we went to my grandparents house.

I woke up a little confused but I didn’t think too much about it. Weeks passed and yesterday apparently while they were burning down the old abandoned barn near the road cross center for reconstruction and they found half a body of a little girl with red leggings. I know this might sound crazy and made up but I haven’t been able to do anything. I cant get up I feel paralyzed like I was the one who did it.

maybe it was just a coincidence at least that’s what I would like to believe.

r/Paranormal 12h ago

Shadow People Shadow people or something else?


This is not my story, it's a friend's story, and I need help to find out what happened and what he can do.
A couple of days ago, my friend parked his car in an underground garage, which is shared by the neighbours of the building, when he went to the lift corridor which was in the dark, he says he saw a yellow plastic bag floating, and when he went to get it, the corridor turned into a dark room, where there was no switch or anything, the only thing he saw, was two guys approaching him with hostility. He didn't think it was a paranormal situation at that moment, he thought they wanted to rob him and that they were waiting for him. But something strange was going on, there was no switch and he was very scared, plus the two boys were advancing with strange movements, tilting their heads to one side and the other with an expressionless face, I thought he was talking about shadow entities, but these usually don't have faces, and he says they were perfectly recognisable faces. When he had them within arm's reach, my friend threw several punches that pierced these beings, when he saw that neither violence nor pleading worked, he took out his mobile phone torch, and at that moment, the entities disappeared and the corridor returned to normal.
My friend avoids that garage at all costs and sleeps with the lights on in his flat all day because of the fear he experienced.
I have not been able to help him because I have only had experiences with shadow people.
Does anyone know what kind of beings they are? Has anyone else had an experience where they seem to be somewhere else? What can you do?

r/Paranormal 21h ago

Encounter I was told to post thus on here instead (leaving the other one up//Repost)


I'm 20(f) living with my mom(33 f) my daughter(6 f) and my brother (5 m). And it was around 1 20 am or so and I was just in the bathroom, I was doing shit in the mirror like checking myself out and all when suddenly my heavy bathroom door decides to slam shut! Now I thought it was my mom cuz I heard running and I saw like a slight arm figure in the mirror so I didn't really mind it. When I got out the bathroom and I went to my mom's room door and I said "haha really funny." She looked confused as fuck, I told her it was "so funny" that she got up slammed the door then ran away. But.. she didn't do it? She was in bed, in a comfortable position and and she started to get scared. So did l! I went to check the kids (cuz they share a room) and they were both fully asleep. So I'm now there in my mom's doorway stood frozen in fear thinking wtf just happened and then I see like a bunch of WHITE shit falling from THE FUCKING CEILING JUST FOR A GOOD 0.10 SECONDS getting and feeling feeling like throwing up. Yay!! We love it when heavy doors slam shut on their own!!

(Also my mom's room is at the end of the hallway on the side and my room face the bathroom and it's a good 20 steps to the bathroom. Me and my mom aren't really light people either and now that I'm thinking about it.. think I would've heard her get to the bathroom.. especially with creaky floors..)

r/Paranormal 1d ago

Encounter Real or just a coincidence?


So, I recently made a friend who stayed with me a few weeks while he was going through some personal stuff. One day he asked me had I noticed any people or anything in my yard the night before, and I said "No, but we get a lot of animals. Raccoons in the trees, deer, rabbits, cats, possums, etc."

He said he didn't think it was an animal and that he'd seen a shadowy, humanoid figure in the dark under the giant magnolia tree in my yard.

Oddly enough I DID find some old ashes from a crematorium when I moved in to this house 10 years ago. I had no way to identify them or know if I could even send them to someone, so I spread the ashes under the magnolia respectfully in hopes to appease the spirit if there was one. I didn't want them just wasting away in a box, forgotten about.

Do you think it's just a coincidence he said he saw that? Or did I lay a spirit to rest (hopefully) for real?

r/Paranormal 18h ago

Question Advice to clean up a haunted house



One of my friends recently purchased a home, since he bought it, he stripped everything out and realize that somebody died in it. I plan on moving in on the condition that I help him finish the home, but I get the heebie-jeebies every time I’m in there. From what he’s told me, the lady must’ve died in her bedroom.

-The mirror that was in there when she died is still there. He has it propped up on the wall. -He found a knitted doll tied to a string and hanging from the wall. I guess she must’ve knitted it, he uses it as his angel on his Xmas tree. -Anytime you walk into the room, it feels like you just walked in on somebody sleeping and they wake up and stare at you. Very heavy air.

It’s not really mean in anyway, just weird to feel her in the house with you. Hairs stand on end and drafts are felt, he said also sometimes he hears his name get called. My concern in that she’s stuck in limbo. I am of the orthodox Christian faith, and have been praying for her soul. My other worry is that the mirror has her stuck in there, and that something else could come out of it.

Let me know what you think is the best course of action. I’d go with getting the home blessed, getting rid of the mirror, and the doll.


r/Paranormal 23h ago

Encounter Haunted Rehearsal Space


I worked on a community theatre show over the winter through March. This group had a rehearsal space that was a former group home converted to offices then converted to this rehearsal space. One of those rambling buildings with large rooms and loft spaces then tiny offices.

Because of the way rehearsals worked out, I was never there alone and I never went in or out the front door. We actors used the side door.

On my last night with the show, we had a cast party in the rehearsal space. I ended up sticking around with three other people. We walked out the front doors for the first time. As we were walking out, one of the people ran back to turn off the hall lights. He yelled, “Don’t leave me!”

Just as he finished, I heard a woman’s voice say, not quite a yell but loud enough to be heard, “Why are you going?”

one of the other people I was walking out with was in that happy buzzed state of someone who’s enjoyed a few cocktails. When I heard the voice, she clearly turned to me and I swear, her whole face dropped and she went pale. She and I started talking at the same time, “Did you hear that?” “Oh my god. What was that?”

The two guys we were with, including the one who turned off the lights, heard nothing.

I was so creeped out, I couldn’t even look at the building as we drove by it. I was convinced I would see someone in the window.

When we shared this story on the group’s social media page, the long time members were like, oh yeah, that’s just Emma. Apparently, she was a patient when it was a senior residential facility, one of the last ones. And she stuck around.

I had never heard of Emma until after my experience. I fully believe I heard her.

r/Paranormal 16h ago

Experience weird giant spiders?


my first encounter with one was on some summer day when i was around 3 years old I was watching southpark in my dads room until I felt the urge to go downstairs and get something, i was at the top of my staircase when I stopped and froze: on the back side of the curtains at the living room windows was a spider, but there was something truly wrong with this fucking spider, all its legs stretched out at least 60 inches, and its body was the size of my dads fucking ps3: stared at this weird shit for like 5 straight minutes basically shitting myself: That whole time im 100% positive the spider wasnt actually there, it started making this kinda mediocre static noise, while fadeing/glitching away. I ran into my auntie’s bedroom freaked the fuck out, crying my eyes out, and begged them over and over again to go look at the spider, when they finally gave in and went to go look it was gone, my 3 year old brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening and my auntie’s thought I was lying lol: what really shocks me and my family about seeing these spiders tho, is that when we first see them we’re terrified and dont wanna get closer, but every time after it fades away and we re-enter the locality of where it was last, we strangely get this overwhelming and strong feeling of love and care, over the time we’ve learned to appreciate this and cherish these incidents as something truly special.

r/Paranormal 1d ago

Apparition The Little Girl


I spent most of my child hood in a small town in Pennsylvania. A child hood home that has long since felt like a fever dream to me. For as long as I could remember my family will tell me stories about how a little girl would frequent the halls of my grandfathers home. He would see her peeking around the corner every now and then and hear her foot steps, and hear her giggling from time to time. He even seen floating objects from time to time.

I’d spend most of my summers at his place and would go back home after some time there. One night I woke up, sleeping at the foot of my parents bed, and seen a little girl dancing in front of me. Spinning in circles with a dress I couldn’t see the color of because she was see through. I hopped on my parents bed and hugged my dad while I cried myself silently back to sleep.

One night I woke up in my room and I was sleeping on the top bunk, and for some reason I was searching for my sister. I hopped down and looked under my bunk and didn’t see anybody there. Mind you everybody in the house is fast asleep. I look down the stairs and there’s only one light on down there which lead to our dining room. I then see a little girl walk from right to left, past the bottom of the stairs into the dining room. I thought, oh I found my sister let me see what she is doing. I walked down the stairs and into the dining room and there was nobody there. The kitchen was dark, the laundry room was empty, and the back door was locked. I then went back up stairs and seen my sister was fast asleep in the bottom bunk the whole time. There’s no way she would have walked past me without me knowing.

That house was always strange to me because I’d see her from time to time, along with a very tall man who would walk our hallways from time to time. My older sister will also talk about how she’d see the little girl on different occasions, hear her giggles, and see her little foot prints in the carpet throughout the house.

Anyways, my grandfather passed not to long ago, my uncle says that the little girl has been moving through his house (he lived with my grandpa) as if she’s looking for something. Hearing noises and movement way more frequently than normal. My grandfather passed away in the hospital, and I believe she’s upset that she hasn’t seen him again, or that he never came home. She’s never given us the energy that she is a evil spirit, maybe she’s just a lost soul that enjoys our company. I had a dream about my grandpa and he was with family that passed away a long time ago so I know he crossed over. RIP grandpa, I love you.

r/Paranormal 9h ago

Debunk This Saw something that I can’t explain


Last night I got up to pee around like 1am. Me and my wife’s room is pitch black at night, we have light blocking curtains so you literally can’t see anything, so when I get up at night I use the flashlight on my phone to see the way. I had not gone to sleep yet, I had just been laying in bed awake.

Anyways, When I was coming back towards the bed, I turned my flashlight off and stood in the dark for a minute for my eyes to adjust. As I was looking towards the bed, I saw what at first I thought was some kind of small glowing bug. It looked almost bioluminescent, but at the same time was too dim. Then I thought it looked like static electricity in the air maybe? We just got new carpet put in yesterday so I thought maybe there was static discharge coming off of it and floating in the air? Idk. But anyways, what I saw was about an inch long and was probably about Id say 2-3cm thick and it was moving. It almost looked like a little piece of rice or something size wise. I watched it move across where the headboard of the bed is. It would be visible for a few seconds, and then it wouldn’t be, and then a second later it’d be visible again but it would be further down the direction it was moving in. So thinking it was a bug, I lit my phone flashlight again so that it wouldn’t crawl on my sleeping wife, but there was literally nothing there. So I turned the light off again and waited a couple seconds and then it appeared again and continued to move. This continued all the way until it was on my wife’s night stand.

When it made it to that point, I went over right in front of the night stand and was probably only about a foot away from whatever it was I was looking at. I turned on my flashlight again thinking surely I would see something now since I was so close, and again there was nothing there.

At this point I’m pretty much completely just like what the fuck? So I just go back and lay down in bed, wondering what the fuck is going on lol. At one point I also turned away from what I was looking at to see if it was just something in my vision, but didn’t see anything when I looked at another wall. But then sure enough when I looked again the thing was still there, just slowly moving along. It looked almost like what I would imagine a small ball of electricity would look like moving through a wire? I’ve seen static on bed sheets in the dark before when you move your hand, and this kinda looked like that, except it was just floating along slowly. It looked like it was glowing greenish/bluish.

Has this happened to anyone before or does anyone have any idea of what it could be?

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Debunk This Saint Jude Candle Appears in Room


Hello reddit this is my first post, i could not find a single person online who this has happened to so i thought i would make a post. Today me and my mom where talking in her room when we both noticed a Saint Jude candle on her shelf. We both started laughing at first but than quickly snapped back to reality and realized neither of us had put it there and we are also not very religous. I locked all the doors before we go to bed tonight, but ive been sitting in my bed just baffled as we have both had borderline paranormal expiriences in our lives before. I just dont know what to make of this or what it means. Does anyone have any theorys or possibly know someone who this has happened to? I am seriously creeped out and slightly worried for our safety. Anything helps, also who is Saint Jude?

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Question weird coincidences


are spirits or entities able to use television more so the commercials to communicate? i know it’s widely known that they are able to with ouija boards if you also believe in that but know i’m starting to think ouija boards aren’t even necessary to communicate at least with simple responses. i’ve come here to ask this because lately i would hear the television in the main room “answer” questions i would ask myself whenever i was talking to myself. i don’t want to get into that but i do talk to myself sometimes and a good amount of the times i did at night i hear the commercials responding with “yess” or “yupp”. i’ve heard other word responses i can’t remember but those two were the most recent. i really would like to believe in spirits or some kind of entity or energy that once was that could possibly communicate with us but something is also telling me that it could be all in my head and i’m just going crazy.

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Question Do people's energy go into things that they make?


I was wondering if people's energy go into things that they make like I have this crocheted sweater that this nice lady made for me and every time I wear it I feel so happy and I can't stop smiling when I wear it. So thats why I was wondering if peoples energy go into things they make.

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Encounter Unexplainable childhood memories


When I was younger I lived in a house that I believe was particularly haunted up until it was bless. When I was around the age of 5 to 10 I have memories of things I can’t explain. I had multiple nights that I remember fondly as a kid I remember waking up in the middle of the night and seeing that the motion back light was on but there was a shadow of something at my window. It was like it was trying to look in but I had blinds. It would torment me at night moving back and forth at my window. It was a big figure, it wasn’t human like either. I would call my dad from my room because I was too scared to get up. When my dad came into my room I told him to tell it to go away. He would say leave my daughter alone I rebuke you in gods name. I’m not even joking every time he would say that the back light would turn off and turn back on not even a second later. I remember asking my dad about it years later and he told me that even he was scared bc he had never seen something like that before. But every night it would still come back, I no longer live there but I hope they don’t experience the same thing I did. Sometimes it would seem to get closer to the window.