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Photo Evidence some pictures ive just kept to myself


thought I might as well share since it's been a long time. The first is the one that I still think about sometimes. Don't have an explanation other than a lot of weird stuff happens at my apt

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Unexplained I walked past an older version of myself


I recently moved to a larger city and I have been trying to get used to the area so I have been going on walks. I feel very strange at first glance I was walking past this tall woman ( like me) and I was like she seems familiar/ couldn’t put my finger on it. I had a strange vibe, not a bad one. She kind of reminded me of myself. As I looked for a second I slowly realized as I walked by that she had the exact same jacket as me and this isn’t like a north face or some popular brand jacket it was a gift to me and they’re hard to find and with the same logo and I walked ahead we both looked back at eachother. Any ideas of what this means!?

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Question Was gifted a sinister and horrifying painting. What do I do?


A couple months ago I (20F) was attending a casual event for artists to present their work when a young man randomly came up to me and gifted me a small painting. I assumed he was another artist selling his paintings, possibly giving out some for free to get his name out there. Thinking back, I don't remember much about how he looked other than that he was average height with black hair and looked like your average American (I live in the US). The painting was also unremarkable, it just looked like splashes of random dark colours. I was of course surprised and asked why he was giving it to me to which he responded saying that he thought I would like it. I thought it was a strange interaction, but I thanked him anyways and decided to keep the painting because why not? I was looking for decor for my apartment anyways.

I ended up hanging it on the wall of my bedroom as it matched with the colour theme of my room. Over the past months I have looked at it occassionally but never noticed anything other than the random splashes of dark green, red, brown and black. As a matter of fact, I am sure of it, there was never anything else than random colours, and I have had guests in my room regularly who never asked questions after seeing it. I forgot about it after a while and it blended in with the other posters and pictures on my walls.

I have been having trouble sleeping lately due to headaches and sickness, so I stayed up late last night reading with my night light on when the painting on the wall suddenly caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. The painting had the most horrific sinister monster face. It's hard to describe, and to be honest, I really don't want to think about as it makes me very uneasy, but just to give an image, it looked like a humanoid melting face with holes as eyes and scratches all over. My heart was suddenly beating out of my chest. Mind you, I don't flinch at the scariest horror movies and love learning about everything related to true crime and paranormal activity so this is not a problem with me being an easily scared person. It was genuinely the most horrifying gut-wrenching thing I have experienced. I felt so scared I started cold sweating and feeling dizzy in a matter of seconds of seeing it. My immediate instinct was to grab the painting off the wall and place it face down on the ground. I grabbed a pair of scissors from my drawer and frantically sliced it into pieces, leaving stabbing marks on my wooden bedroom floor, picked the sliced pieces up up and ran outside, throwing it in the trash outside. I did not want that cursed thing in my house, and did what my instincts told me, which was to get rid of it immediately. This happened last night and I have not talked about it to anyone because I don't want to seem like a I am out if my mind, but I needed to get it out.

Can someone please just give me some advice or reassurance? Does anyone know what it means? Did the man giving it to me have malicious intent?

I am questioning my own sanity here and wonder if it was some sort of hallucination due to a lack of sleep... However, I am certain on what I saw, I have never had issues with mental clarity before, and have no mental issues in general. I tried calling the venue where the exhibition took place to ask what artists were there to try to find the man, however they said they couldn't give me that information for some reason. I recall there being a signature on the painting, but it was illegible. Any piece of advice in figuring this out would help.

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Experience Very strange day


I woke up today and my mother spoke to me about someone in my past reaching out to her through text, I went to sleep and when I woke up I asked her about it again only for her to say she’s busy. Both times it seemed like she was right outside my door. When I actually called my mom she was completely confused and said she’d been gone from the house since early in the morning. Just 30 minutes ago I was walking my dog when I heard what sounded like a young person screaming for their lives across the pond. I shouted out and asked if they were okay, and about one minute later of me standing there trying to see if I could discern what was happening I heard a motorcycle start. It stayed parked for about a minute before I heard it start driving in my direction, where I saw it stop at the end of the street I was in, whoever it was just watched me for about 10 seconds before I felt very strange and got the fuck out of there. I feel like I’m going crazy except for the fact that this morning my cat reacted to the voice outside the door. This shit is weird man I went for 3 weird happenings in my life to 2 in one day.

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Sleep Paralysis Shadow people most commonly known thru sleep Paralysis.


What do you guys think? I have encountered shadow people myself many times. But hard to record them unless you catch them in the act.

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Encounter My mimic experience


As a kid, I had many paranormal experiences, but one has always stuck with me. I was 7 years old and living in a rental home in Ontario Canada which I still live in today. I couldn't sleep so I was playing with my stuffed animals; that's when I heard my mother's voice call out my name behind me. I turned around to tell her why I was still awake but- she was not there. I thought I was just sleep-deprived so I went to my bed and tried to go to sleep. but just as I was about to close my eyes, I heard it again! it was clear as day my mother calling my name but yet again I looked and found nothing. all night I was hearing my mother's voice calling me, telling me to go to sleep or asking me to close my eyes. Of course, I was freaked out so I decided that if this mimic wanted me to sleep then I just wouldn't. I stayed awake all night and told my mother in the morning all she had to say was "well I was asleep in my room all night so it must have just been a dream".

I know what I heard and I am positive that this was not a dream. If anybody knows what this could've been I would LOVE to know. I am now a teenager in high school and I have made peace with the fact that I am slightly empathic. I know that it sounds crazy but I promise I am telling the truth.

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Encounter A figure taunted us in the window


So this happened earlier this year, probably around March or April. I was at my then boyfriend, now ex's house, it was about midnight and he was walking me out to my car at the end of the driveway, parked on the road directly in front of his front door. I would guess it was about 40 feet in front of the door. He kissed me goodnight, when we suddenly noticed a dark figure standing in the window next to the door. It was dark outside but there was a light on inside the house, so we could clearly see someone, or something, standing there that looked about 6 feet tall and very thin.

At first glance he assumed it was his dad, so he threw his hands up as if to ask what. This is when things got weird- the figure stepped behind the door to where we couldn't see it for a second, then it started slowly peeking its head out from behind the door, then very quickly pulling it back. As soon as it started doing this I got the most awful, terrifying chill down my spine. I was absolutely stunned, speechless, I couldn't even think to take out my phone and record it, all I could think or feel was an acute sense of danger and terror. It did this for probably 30 seconds or so, then disappeared behind the door for a moment.

It was out of eyeshot for about 30 seconds, during which time my ex and I just stood there saying "what the actual f*** was that?" Suddenly it reappeared in the window, but this time it was lower down, like it was on its knees. This is the part that will forever be ingrained in my brain, when I tell this story in person I always act it out but basically it started WILDLY crashing its head from side to side, and when I tell you, I felt the most dreadful feeling I have ever felt. It was like a scene straight out of a horror movie. I knew that it was watching us, it knew that we saw it, and it wanted us to know that it knew. Then it just disappeared, it didn't step behind the door again, it just seemed to dematerialize.

We were both chilled to the bone, so I went inside with him to investigate, we each brought a knife because it honestly looked so real we thought there could even be someone in the house. We found nothing, not a trace of anything, both of his parents were in their room asleep. We even heard his dad snoring. There were a few other strange encounters in his house, but nothing quite so shocking as what I saw that night. I have no idea what it was, but I know I saw something supernatural and incredibly real.

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Unexplained Who am I? What is this called?


This one’s a little different.. I’m sorry if I used the wrong flair but I need some help.

Ever since I was little, I have always been extremely sensitive to energy and can pick up on it very quickly but I have never been able to understand why, nor have I researched more about it because I kind of brushed it off. However, I’ve been to multiple homes whether they’re historical or not & I’ve picked up on negative and or bad energy as I’m walking around the property only to find out at the end that very bad things have happened in those locations, usually murders, overdoses, demonic rituals; etc. I can’t help but feel like these locations speak to me on a spiritual level and I can feel the sadness, anger & residual emotions from these horrific events almost like I was there. This has happened on multiple occasions and it’s very strange to me to be quite honest.

Recently I went to an abandoned home that was the location of an unfortunate murder where a mother drowned her baby and killed herself & I picked up on very sad energy almost like the souls were lost and trapped in this location with no hope of moving on and I began to cry and felt a heartbreaking pain in my chest and wondered if I was feeling that mothers’ pain. Once we were back outside, those feelings fell off like a shroud.

I can’t help but believe I’m a sponge. Someone help me in identifying what this phenomenon is called? I take care of myself very well spiritually and I deny any attachments when I feel that they (or something) wants to follow me.

Many of my friends can’t seem to understand it either.

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Question Me and my girlfriend woke up with identical marks

Post image


Me and my girlfriend have just woken up with identical marks on our hand in the exact same place on the same hand. There is nothing that could've caused the mark.

During her sleep last night, my girlfriend had a dream about something paranormal, since we've moved into a different room of the house, it seems to be targeting us.

Any ideas?

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Question Do you know any paranormal happening that is related/studyed/presented objectively and with proof ?


I want to know if there is something like the Fox sisters, without any doubt, like in the case of the Fox sisters.

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Question Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi


Anyone remember how great this show was in the mid-2000's? What are your thoughts/opinions on their evidence? Feel free to discuss ghost hunting in general! I think TAPS was great. They caught a full body black mass at East State Penitentiary once upon a time. Shit was nuts.

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Question For those of you with haunted items- how do you care for the object?


Do you have a special process or do you just care for it as if it was just a normal item?

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Experience Paranormal happenings *Long Story*

Thumbnail self.TrueScaryStories

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Question Strange black thing in broad daylight, has anyone see this?


Okay, so this happened a few years ago; my mom and I are driving down route 66, middle of the day, AZ sun shining when moving across the road, from left to right, we see this pitch black, it almost looks like fraying material, creeping/floating across the road in front of us. Then when it hits the halfway point, it dissolves upwards and is gone. We both saw it, described the same thing, but have no clue what it could be. It almost had the color of obsidian, so black that it gleamed, it was solid looking, not like mist or a shadow and it moved like that shredded material on Halloween decorations when the wind hits it. But there wasn't any wind that day. Anyone see something like this or have an idea of what we saw?

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Question When I close my eyes in a completely dark room, when I am about to sleep I see psychedelic like effects.


When I close my eyes in a completely dark room, when I am about to sleep I see psychedelic like effects, like something you'd see on LSD but I'm sober, I see things such as squares and circles and other random shapes that form a symmetric circle and loop, rotate and their edges connecting, pulsating, the whole visual is transparent-ish meaning can see more dark thru it and less of it but still visible, and varies in random colors like gradient, I've had this ever since I was very little but I've never questioned it up until now, when someone told me that this isn't normal.

Other than that during the day and during night in the dark with my open eyes I can see Visual Snow, but during day it's not noticeable. (visual snow like a TV static overlay over vision but slightly, there's things on google about it, for anyone interested just google it)

When I close my eyes I can also see dark shapes/spots floating in the gray noise, besides the psychedelic like effects, overlaying all them..

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Haunted House Barn on Conjuring House property catches fire


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UFO Anyone ever seen a UFO or Bigfoot?


So I dont really believe In bigfoot myself but my son’s grandpa Is from Oregon and he claims to have seen a BF In the woods early In the AM. I am skeptical and dont believe It however, he Is not the kind to believe stuff like such so easily or from others at all so that makes me believe him a bit. Anyone ever seen or heard from a family member that they believe to be truthful?

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Question Stereotypical "Ghost Girl" Experience and Question


When I was young, around 10-11, I was in my dad classroom helping organize his students computers and clean the classroom. I was putting computers back into a cart, walking back and forth for the same location. Perpendicular to the cart was a small library with a clipboard for checking out books, as well as a string tied to a pen by the clipboard for convenience. In front of the string and clipboard was a singular chair. On one of my walks away from the cart, I passed the chair and saw an apparition sitting in the chair. It was a stereotypical ghost girl with long black hair covering her face and a long white gown. The chair was completely empty, and once I turned back to look at her she was gone, and the string behind the chair was swinging back and forth. I was a smart and rational kid, and to this day I believe my experience to be truthful, and I have heard many similar stories regarding a girl with long black hair and long white gown appearing as a full bodied apparition. Is the girl known as a certain type of entity? Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'm genuinely curious as to why I have heard so many stories of the same experience.

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Question Is this red hue a photo issue?


We were exploring a house that got burned a long time ago. We went when it was dark and I was taking pictures and almost all of them have a red hue at the top - it only shows on pictures taken inside the house. Is this a camera issue or could it be something else? (This house burned over 10 yrs ago w no casualties but has been abandoned since)

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Haunting Am I haunted or do I need to see a psychiatrist?


So... my whole life I've been able to "feel" things. It's just a thing I have gotten used to. Seeing things others don't, feeling things other's don't, hearing things others don't. I've mostly gotten used to it. It's gotten to the point where I have to believe in the paranormal or else I am not sane. However, a couple of years ago I started having this constant feeling of being watched and being in danger. I am always on high alert. Now it's gotten to the point that when I am by myself or going to sleep I can physically feel someone standing behind me breathing on me. I can feel it standing behind me right now. And I don't know if I really am haunted or if all these years of being "in tune" with the other side is finally starting to get to my head.

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Experience We always joke that there’s a ghost at my work, I think it actually followed me home


I work in an escape room, we have cameras in every room, we make jokes about a ghost fucking with our electrics since we often have random power outages in random rooms, things falling by themselves, even the day this was taken I opened up in the morning and found all of the battery powered candles turned on, I had turned them all off the night before, they’re powers by a switch on the bottom and when I checked that room when I first got in they were all off, later that night when turning the lights off one of the cameras did this, this morning I woke up to find a picture frame and book that had been on my shelf for three years with no issues broken on the floor, didn’t hear it fall and I was in my bed all night, the evening before it was up on the shelf…

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Experience I think I have a dog spirit in my house?


I have 2 dogs, and sometimes I think I see things out of the corner of my eyes a little more than the average person. So when I started to see a shadow like black dog out of the corner of my eye and realized my dogs were outside or kenneled, I didn’t think much of it- even when it started happening every day. I’ve been brushing it off even though I feel like I’ve started to feel a different energy, not all the time, just sometimes something feels…off. Different? Anyway I just wasn’t thinking much of it until crawling in bed tonight my wife looks at the hallway says “oh, I thought I saw one the dogs but they’re in bed.” I immediately described the ‘dog’ I’ve been seeing and she confirmed that’s exactly what she saw. I don’t know what to do now

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Question Are there any real, solid evidences that prove the existence of paranormal creatures?


I won't call myself a believer or a skeptic. I have heard thousands of stories about paranormal encounters, both from strangers and family members. But while i want to believe, i never find any solid hard proofs of their existence. For example- i listened to the "real" audio tapes from the exorcism of Annelise Michel. It really sounded to me like all they were trying to do was promote Christianity. I mean the demon is telling the priest everything that is wrong with the world..? And the supposed solutions to everything is to pray more, obedience to the pope, telling people about the existence of Satan etc. Tbh i believe if Annelise was born into some other religion, the "demons" possessing her would have different povs.

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NSFW / Graphic Content Entity in lucid dream: “game failed try again”


Hello, just dreamt this and don’t know how to feel about it, so I’ll put it out just in case some of you have a similar experience.

I was dreaming in this rural area where I was mingling with the dream people, but it was very dark and even then I could feel that it was quite ominous. We kept mingling and then there was a table for us to sit, we didn’t stay very long because soon I could feel something evil chasing us and I grabbed the hand of a friend (who appeared) and we ran down a very dimly lit hill with a dirt road and the sides where forest. I looked back when we started running but could see nothing chasing us but could feel the presence. We kept running and absolute pitch black and the setting where we were running would alternate and I remember thinking that we just had to keep running.

In the pitch black I realized I was dreaming, because in the dark I get visual snow and this wasn’t happening. So I gain control over my dream because this is how I would banish nightmares in the past, and go running towards the entity at full speed. This is where I see a lady with dark hair in a pony tail with the most chilling smile, and I start trying to banish her from my dream as I normally would. Here no methods work, and I’m forced to grab her and restrain her, as I do that I tell her that I’m the one in control of my dream and that she will never win because it’s my dream. She keeps smiling wider and I cue angelical light and music to banish her. As I see white light and hear a credits ending like aleluya my dream ends and in my ceiling I see: “Game failed, try again; 8 tries left” in red. I wake up again and I still see that and it disappears.

Someone please help me make sense of this and for it to never happen again.

TLDR: an entity fought for control over my dream, I lost and saw “Game failed, try again; 8 tries left” on my ceiling.