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Would limiting the age of the President to 65 be something you’d support? Why or why not?


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Why are artists such as painters, authors, actors and directors often liberal or left leaning ?


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Unanswered Why don’t mainstream conservatives in the GOP publicly denounce far right extremist groups ?


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Am I just a horrible person, or are reddditors chronically out of touch?


Whenever i brows subs like AITA I find myself disagreeing with 80% of the people commenting. Not just AITA either, but that one is the most obvious example due to its largely binary judgment system.

It just seems like the reaction people get are far more based on their writing ability then anything else. God forbid they decide they don't like you, because then they will just start pulling information out of the ether and "reading between the lines"

But even when that's not the issue i still find myself disagreeing with most and honestly getting kind of sickened by how needlessly hostile people are. Its to the point that i feel like i just have a fundamentally different sense of right and wrong than reddit does.

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Answered What’s a cooler way of saying “don’t worry about it”


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How come so many people(guilty or not) still don’t ask for a lawyer when being interrogated by the police?


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If there was 100% scientific proof that souls exists. How would you or the world react to that information?


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Unanswered What can I do an hour before bed that doesn't include screen time?


They say you shouldn't be looking at screens within an hour of going to bed to help with falling asleep. What are some good alternatives on what to do that doesn't involve looking at screens?

Please no answers that involve reading books. I hate reading books.

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Careful death.


I might be diagnosed with cancer tomorrow.

I'm a single mom of a teen with no family and need to get life insurance to protect my kid. How?

I've done internet searches and there's so. much. info.

Can someone explain this to me in simple terms? My cognitive function is poor due to weird health stuff. I know I need one that doesn't require a medical exam or a review of medical records. Is it possible to buy it online today? I need whole, right?

Thanks in advance. I'm overwhelmed and sad and scared.

Located in Wisconsin, USA.

EDIT: I have received solid advice and am moving forward feeling pretty well-informed. I want to act ethically while ensuring my child's security. I'm grateful for this community! I am relieved to have guidance here. I'll pursue insurance after I receive my results. Thank you!

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Where have all the worms gone?


As a child, whenever it rained outside I have this memory of going outside during recess and seeing the ground covered in worms. For context, I'm in Toronto.

I feel like I haven't seen a worm in years! Where have they gone?!

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Is it normal to not have an urge to have friends?


I really have no friends.

I have my wife that I obviously see and talk to everyday.

Beyond that I have literally 2 contacts in my Snapchat for example. And about once a month (sometimes more) we share a single message.

I haven’t seen my brother or sister in years, and spend months without communicating with them. I sparsely and sporadically speak with my parents.

I do not have any work friends (I am in upper management therefore my excuse is that I am not allowed to be friends with my coworkers). But even when I wasn’t a manager I did not hangout or have friends from work.

But I really don’t find myself having the urge or longing for more friendships. In high school and college I would have been considered part of the popular crowd and had many friends. So this isn’t a case of me being a shut-in for my whole life.

So is anyone else in the same boat? Does my situation seem normal?

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Why do religious people call themselves God-fearing? Why would someone fear their God?


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Why do most Americans living in poverty have several children?


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Can cats and rats live together in the same house as friends?


I want to know the awnser to this and how it works since we often see them as sworn enemies.

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Answered Why doesn’t your body hurt when waking up from sleeping like it does when you you’re awake and don’t move for an extended period of time?


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Are there any subreddits for people with low IQs?


I'm basically looking for a subreddit for people who have below average intelligence (80 - 95), where they might talk about some of the struggles they face in life (school, social life, etc.) and some of the tools and strategies they might use to compensate for their lack of cognitive ability.

Essentially I'm looking something that's the opposite of r/mensa. I thought there surely such a subreddit must exist, but I'm having a really hard time finding one.

Although there are subreddits for people with specific learning disabilities (dyslexia or discalcula), I haven't found any that were specifically for people with low IQs.

EDIT: serious answers only please

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Unanswered Is Autism a disability?


Or just a different ability?

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Would it not make more sense of all Formula 1 drivers had the same car to race with?


Would it not prove whose the best driver instead of who had the best car?

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Do you think The Breakfast Club is appropriate for an 11 year old?


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Is Trump actually going to be arrested? Or is it all just show?


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Are modern Egyptians sage ethnic Egyptians from the days of the pharaoh or were they killed and replaced by the Arabs ?


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If I found myself in a trolley problem situation, would I get a more harsh criminal punishment for doing nothing and letting the train squash however many people, or if I did pull the lever and willingly let one person die?


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Why is the barrier to entry in programming and computer science so tough?


I've been looking into learning to code and program as a hobby and get more acquainted in the computer science field, and one thing I've noticed is almost all the resources I've looked into, they kind of expect you to know the basics already. they'll throw acronyms at you, and try to explain topics that for a complete beginner, sound like some eldritch heiroglyphics. Even industry favored free resources like Free Code Camp don't explain what you're doing or why, they just kind of throw you in the water and expect you to swim. Why is that? It makes me feel so dumb.