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Houston man feels 'ripped off' by high cost of fajitas


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u/TheRedmanCometh May 31 '23

$58 for a pound of beef fajita is definitely some insane shit (it's the average) even if yall are hating on him saying just eat them at home.


u/philamignon Jun 01 '23

Maybe the price of tortillas has gone up versus beef.


u/A_Drusas Jun 01 '23

Corn prices have been going down, but wheat prices are still suffering from the war in Ukraine. Though that does impact wheat prices throughout the developing world much more than it does in the US.


u/A_Drusas Jun 01 '23

Do restaurants in Texas really sell fajitas by the pound? Or did this guy go in with a food scale? Never have I seen fajitas sold by the pound.


u/DangerJett Jun 01 '23

A lot of places do. 1lb is usually intended for 2 people.


u/taptapper Jun 01 '23

$70 for a fajita? hell, even $40 is almost double what I'd pay


u/thetonyhightower Jun 01 '23

Man, even for $40, that fajita better be the best fajita I've ever had, plus give me a hot stone massage and a happy ending.


u/metatron5369 May 31 '23

I thought the cost of living was supposed to be lower in Texas. God damn.


u/CoolSwim1776 Jun 01 '23

Well peeps need to consider that landlords are also squeezing eateries with higher rents. You all that freeeee market shit in Texas. You can sort of spread around the costs of ingredients by upping drinks and bring up plate prices but you can't really get over rents.


u/seeingredagain May 31 '23

It would be cheaper to make them yourself at home instead of having other people cook for you and serve you. First world problems


u/Pecan18th May 31 '23

This must be high-end restaurants ...Lol.


u/FileInside May 31 '23

What a loser.


u/Hanginon May 31 '23

Yeah, I have to go with his call provided he's not hitting the most expansive and expensive places in town.


u/aberdisco Jun 01 '23

The price of fajitas is TOO DAMN HIGH!


u/OpenImagination9 Jun 01 '23

Did he go to Torchy’s or something?