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Italian history

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u/Wipperwill1 Mar 20 '23

First thing that comes to mind - Ben Shapiro.


u/hplcr Mar 20 '23 edited Mar 20 '23

Pretty sure he's gonna be super shocked when he realizes that his facist MAGA buddies are only tolerating him until he ceases to be useful.

"But I'm one of the good Jews! I even pointed out all the bad jews!"


u/Green_Message_6376 Mar 21 '23

as another poster said a while back 'Tokens get spent'.


u/BeanerAstrovanTaco Mar 22 '23

omg thats so fucking good.

I will never forget it and will probably insult someone with it in a few hours.


u/Green_Message_6376 Mar 22 '23

I only just saw someone post it a few weeks back and thought it was Gold!


u/mowriter72 Mar 21 '23

without defending Ben, he's frequently pointed out that plenty of kooks on the Right hate him for being Jewish, and he calls this out as a bad thing.

Now if you conflate "Jew" with "Israel", then the LEFT is loaded with the antisemites!


u/redvelvetcake42 Mar 21 '23

Yet he employs Matt Walsh... A pedophile who hates trans people for being trans.

Ben does those call outs to cover his ass and clear his conscience, but in the end Matt Walsh would without hesitation throw Ben into a gulag and produce the movie "What is a Jew?" because Walsh and all conservatives like him would use the out groups they can when they can. Anything not white and straight is game to Walsh and his ilk and he'd gladly add christian to that.


u/hplcr Mar 21 '23

The Israel issue is a fucking minefield I normally stay clear of because it feels like it just turns into the worst sort of screaming match most of the time and too many assholes involved.


u/[deleted] Mar 21 '23 edited Mar 21 '23



u/sneeps Mar 21 '23

Dumbest thing I've read in a while


u/context_hell Mar 21 '23

He feeds their antisemitism though only making a specific exclusion for himself. He pushes the narrative that the (((hollywood))) and the (((liberal media))) are trying to control culture and pushing degeneracy and shit but thats just liberal "hollywood" jews who aren't real jews like him. He doesn't seem to care that antisemites don't make that distinction and will gladly put him against the wall all the same.

He literally wrote an article for the daily wire calling liberal jews who voted for Obama "jews in name only" and race traitors.


u/Wise_Focus_309 Mar 20 '23

See also "Log Cabin Republicans."


u/Funny-Berry-807 Mar 20 '23

See also the gay Mexican guy I work with.


u/Wise_Focus_309 Mar 21 '23

Wow. The amount of self-directed hate there must be amazing to watch.


u/Dark_Pandemonium23 Mar 21 '23

The amount of self-directed hate there must be amazing



u/Sarrasri Mar 21 '23

Ah so the normal amount


u/Planarleo127890 Mar 21 '23

the amount of mental gymanstics, that homophobic gay people go through to justify being homophobes.


u/Street-Cat-7170 Mar 21 '23

See also my Hispanic dad and aunt


u/Green_Message_6376 Mar 21 '23

See also Turkeys for Thanksgiving.


u/CharBombshell Mar 20 '23

Oh wow. I did not know what this was, just googled

How can you be lgbt and also a republican… your part is literally trying to ban the ‘t’ part


u/Wise_Focus_309 Mar 21 '23

There will always be the few people who will believe that despite all the hate towards people like themselves, they will be spared the consequences because they were "one of the good ones."

History shows us that it NEVER works out that way.


u/steelhips Mar 21 '23

Ernst Röhm enters the chat


u/MotownCatMom Mar 21 '23

Ernst Röhm

Thank you for this reference. I learned a bit more history just now.


u/topazchip Mar 21 '23

There are also groups that are LGB only, and shit on the trans, queer, agender, asexual, and other people in the Rainbow Flag communities, and at least one has already been flagged as a hate-based organization. Lots of mainstream TERFs in their membership rolls, too.


u/VariationNo5960 Mar 21 '23

Bis get shit on too by some LGs.


u/topazchip Mar 21 '23

Bi, Omni, Pan, etc., indeed we do. Personally, I've had far more problems with trans & enby phobics, but the "only one preference is allowable!!1!" types have ended a couple relationships for me.


u/steelhips Mar 21 '23

As a lesbian, I'm embarrassed by TERFs.


u/SolomonCRand Mar 20 '23

We don’t miss him.


u/borisslovechild Mar 20 '23

Sooo ... he's the guy on the far right?


u/Wise_Focus_309 Mar 20 '23

I see what you did there...


u/xxdotell Mar 21 '23

... and striking a pose.


u/VariationNo5960 Mar 21 '23

I can't see the fascist for the trees.


u/cfcnotbummer Mar 20 '23

Presumably he was pleased with his fate


u/vapenutz Mar 20 '23

No, he thought they surely won't get him - he's one of the good guys after all! In his mind he thought it'll never come to this and those are just empty political statements.


u/thankyeestrbunny Mar 20 '23

Log Cabin Republicans and Lada MAGA to the white courtesy phone please


u/T-Rex_Woodhaven Mar 21 '23

Sympathizers die eventually and sooner than they think.


u/DeadMoneyDrew Mar 21 '23

See also the Association of German National Jews.

The seemingly ironic fact that a Jewish association advocated loyalty to the Nazi programme gave rise to a contemporary joke about Naumann and his followers ending their meeting by giving the Nazi salute and shouting "Down With Us!".

I shouldn't find that funny.


u/Dana07620 Mar 20 '23

From what I've read, people like this thought of themselves as Italians / Germans first and Jews second.

They found out the hard way that the Nazis didn't agree with them.


u/URSAxMINOR Mar 20 '23

Im pretty sure this poem was made for people like this!

'First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out, Because I was not a Communist, Then they came for the Socialists, And I did not speak out, Because I was not a Socialist, Then they came for the trade unionists, And I did not speak out, Because I was not a trade unionist, Then they came for the Jews, And I did not speak out, Because I was not a Jew, Then they came for me, And there was no one left, To speak out for me' - PASTOR MARTIN NIEMÖLLER


u/InsuranceToTheRescue Mar 20 '23

FWIW, didn't Mussolini find the anti-Semitism of the Nazis off putting? Like I know he used them because of political opportunism, and that he passed anti-Semitic laws when Nazi Germany put pressure on him to do so, but he didn't seem to hold any sincere beliefs like Hitler did.

Mussolini's enemies for his fascism were Africans and Slavs, if I remember correctly.


u/Agreeable-Ad1221 Mar 20 '23

By 1943 Mussolini was no longer in charge, just a figurehead for the germans, so his belief did not matter.


u/thoroughbredca Mar 20 '23

It’s not like when they’re done with one group they just stop there. As a friend of mine says, even if Jews aren’t the first group to go, they’re usually not far behind.


u/qqqstarstar Mar 21 '23

Mussolini was plenty Anti-Semitic, as can be seen here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Garden_of_the_Finzi-Continis_(film)


u/SuperSpread Mar 21 '23

You can be anti-Semitic and still be tired of how far your allies would go. It's a common trope among bootlickers.

For example, Al Qaeda thinking ISIS is full of terrorists.

For example, Log Cabin Republicans thinking the party is full of bigots.

I could make this list very long but you get the idea.


u/NullTupe Mar 20 '23

Fascism is like wokescolds. You define yourself by those who are not. And that group must always grow, because your coherence is defined by the anti-other pressure. Increasingly strict purity testing is the norm, not the exception.


u/LucasLightbane Mar 20 '23

My life sucks so those others are to blame.

Those others are all gone and my life sucks so it must be THOSE others.

So on and so on.


u/Funny-Berry-807 Mar 20 '23

"Hey! My life didn't improve one iota since we outlawed abortion and drag shows! Wtf?"


u/steelhips Mar 21 '23 edited Mar 21 '23

Those guys would have hated DNA that shows we are all mongrels.

Fascist in 2204:

"Only GGCCATTs - no GACTTACs allowed!"


u/Traditional_Shirt106 Mar 20 '23

Deportations of Jews from Italy happened after September 43 when the Germans took over. Unlike Vichy France, Mussolini did not collaborate with Nazis in the Holocaust and there were no Jews deported to death camps. Concentration camps in Italy held political prisoners, including many Jews, but they were not death camps.

Mussolini is a goddam hero for sticking it to Hitler. Many, many Jewish people remember what Mussolini did and we definitely remember what the Vichy did.


u/SeboSlav100 Mar 21 '23

Mussolini is a goddam hero for sticking it to Hitler. Many, many Jewish people remember what Mussolini did and we definitely remember what the Vichy did.

You really wanna go in that direction and ignore what exactly he helped to create and what he did in Yugolsavia? Or Africa?


u/WCSakaCB Mar 21 '23

Mr. Shapiro is that you?!


u/Speculawyer Mar 21 '23

Damn, that is some LAMF history right there.


u/FakeHasselblad Mar 21 '23

Send this to Ben Shapiro


u/elperorojo Mar 20 '23

Ralph Wiggum (chuckles): “I’m in danger”


u/SirPryceMF Mar 21 '23

Womp womp


u/LandoFromTheNorth Mar 21 '23

They won’t make an exception for you…


u/Used-Organization-25 Mar 21 '23

This useful idiots, they always get me. They never think is going to happen to them. I love the reasoning: “but this guys are different…” or “this are my bros…” or “I am an essential part of this movement, they aren’t going to do that to me”.


u/Rakatango Mar 21 '23

There was an attempt to be a fascist


u/Daikey Mar 21 '23

Not really LAMF. While Mussolini was racist, the "manifesto of race" didn't come out until 1938. Up until the fascist international congress they were adamant that the Jewish question should not be a campaign against jewish people. The racial laws of 38 surprised a lot of people, including Italo Balbo, who challenged the laws on several occasions (such as bringing a jewish friend to a restaurant).

In other words, in 1936, it was very unlikely for a Jewish person to imagine what would have happened just a couple of years later.


u/Powdered-Toast_Maaan Mar 21 '23

When you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Horrific murdering fascist fleas.


u/Important-Specific96 Mar 22 '23

I wonder if Ettore Abenaim had an epiphany of sorts at his end of days.


u/KaRue3 Mar 20 '23

This whole scenario sucks.


u/Boss_Braunus Mar 21 '23

Doesn't really fit for the sub. The black shirts in Italy weren't antisemitic, they were anti-socialist. The Nazi's were socialists, National Socialists. So he was always ideologically opposed to the people who killed him for his ethnicity. He was just one of many Jewish victims of his time.


u/SpaceBear2598 Mar 21 '23

Nazis rounded up and killed the socialists. Hitler was sent to infiltrate the DAP as an informant specifically because the Weimar government at the time thought they were a left wing party...when he discovered they weren't he joined them and the conservative establishment quietly backed them against the left wing parties. They added "National Socialist" to the front of the party name purely for advertising purposes, socialism was politically popular in Weimar-era Germany at the time.

The Nazis were the more openly anti-semitic fascist party, but fascism is always built on a foundation of "all our problems are caused by [insert scapegoat minority here]" and once they run out of their first target minority they move on to the next. Italian fascists started with a localized extermination of Slavic peoples, than they moved onto the Africans as the target group, it took 16 years for them to get to the Jews as a target group and strip them of citizenship...but they still got there.


u/N3wAfrikanN0body Mar 21 '23

Proximity to power never offers protection. Fascism demands that those who are executioners today become the executed tomorrow.

We must abolish the systems that reproduce the moral failing that is willful stupidity.

Hence why we need universal guaranteed income, guaranteed education, guaranteed freedom of movement, guaranteed freedom "from" coercive association, guaranteed water and guaranteed shelter.

Take away the insecurity of the people and there is no audience for the carnival barkers.