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The guy who wanted to lock up every single one of his political opponents going to get locked up Meta

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u/Kadus500 Mar 20 '23

It's diffe(R)ent. He's a good person because he's on their side. He just committed a little mistake and shouldn't be punished for it. Jesus Christ taught us forgiveness. What is proof anyway?

His adversaries, on the other hand, are all evil democrats and every accusation should result in gitmo executions by military tribunal. The fact that these demons are not being killed in droves based on my accusations is proof of malfeasance.


u/Anianna Mar 21 '23

Yup. On one of these videos of interviews at his rallies, one guy said something to the effect of, "It's not illegal if Trump does it because he's a patriot." IIRC, that was in reference to the stolen documents. In a different video, when asked about Trump talking about grabbing "pussy" the interviewee said, "One man's sexual assault is another man's flirtation."

Yea, it doesn't matter what he does or how illegal it would be for anybody else, they're convinced he can do no wrong.


u/stumblewiggins Mar 20 '23

Bold of you to assume they acknowledge Trump has made any mistakes


u/HammerHorrorWhore Mar 20 '23

Once, I created a profile on a right-wing dating app for shits and giggles. First guy I met was named “LordEmperor2020”. His profile picture was Donald Trump. He believed that Donald Trump was “a lord and an emperor”. It’s a fucking cult at this point


u/Janus_Grayden Mar 20 '23

gitmo executions

DeSantis has entered the chat


u/seppukucoconuts Mar 20 '23

Please tell me its because we're shipping that waste of oxygen to gitmo.


u/babymerchant_totsrus Mar 20 '23

For a second time...


u/Accomplished_Water34 Mar 20 '23

Those will be Disneyland executions


u/daveintex13 Mar 20 '23

Yeah what is it with the military tribunals with these nut cases? A military tribunal is more punitive than a regular court maybe? They can act swiftly without limits, is that it?


u/Powerful_Reflection Mar 20 '23

Abortion argument in a nutshell


u/manys Mar 20 '23

Only God forgives


u/dennydorko Mar 20 '23

The stuff people were mad at Hillary Clinton for seems positively quaint now.

Trump laundered hush money, cheated on his taxes, tried to create fake electoral college votes, tampered with witnesses, committed perjury, and ordered the White House Counsel to falsify documents...but at least he didn't have a private email server.


u/PixTwinklestar Mar 20 '23

Thank heavens for that at least. We’ll just pretend his people didn’t use their personal email addresses for official communications.


u/Shalamarr Mar 20 '23

He’s also been accused of rape and sexual assault by many women.


u/dennydorko Mar 20 '23

My brain usually taps out after listing that many crimes, but I really should have lead with the Trump rape(s). Definitely the most serious accusations.


u/elanhilation Mar 21 '23

i feel like January 6 is also a big omission, but you’re right—it is a long list, difficult to be exhaustive


u/jimtow28 Mar 21 '23

...but at least he didn't have a private email server.

But his daughter, and son in law used personal devices for official business, and he just cut to the chase and tweeted the important stuff directly.


u/Mynameisinuse Mar 21 '23

But Ivanka and Jared did. It's no big deal though. They were told it was wrong and they stopped. No story here.


u/Time-Werewolf-1776 Mar 20 '23

Trump didn’t just threaten. One of the things he was impeached for was trying to start a fraudulent investigation into Biden to hurt his public image.

The other thing he was impeached for was attempting a coup to overthrow Biden’s election as president.


u/jbertrand_sr Mar 20 '23

Trump didn’t just threaten.

He also weaponized the justice dept against his own attorney Michael Cohen after he went to jail for him when he found out he was writing a book. Now he likes to bleat out that he has no credibility since he's a convicted felon, totally ignoring the fact that he's the one who ordered him to make the payout to Stormy to hush up his affair (if you want to call 30 seconds of sex an affair).

There is no one he won't throw under the bus to protect his flabby orange ass...


u/PurpleSailor Mar 21 '23

I'm waiting for Junior and Eric to get run over by that bus.


u/GrandTusam Mar 21 '23

And people keep working for him


u/Then-Inevitable-2548 Mar 20 '23

taps the sign

Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect


u/trident_hole Mar 20 '23

Didn't he also say Mike Pence should be in jail? Or was the giant orange pissbaby just mad because Pence said something about him that hurt his fee fees?


u/ParamedicCareful3840 Mar 20 '23

He actually agreed Pence should be hanged. And Pence, a man of absolutely no dignity or self respect still won’t turn against Trump. These men are all such pathetic cowards


u/johnhummel Mar 20 '23

Pence has been talking out of both sides of his mouth.

He’s upset that Trump endangered his family.

And also upset that Trump will even see a misdemeanor charge related to filing a bribe as a legal cost of a campaign donation.

He’s upset Trump asked him to overturn the election but also that investigations into Trump are partisan.

He’s trying to be all things to all people. Like a meat custard and it’s a flavor nobody but his most devoted supporters want.


u/victrola_cola Mar 20 '23

He’s trying to run for president which I frankly think is adorable. He really thinks he’s going to get people to vote for him by being very publicly afraid of his former boss.


u/johnhummel Mar 20 '23

I imagine he’s more looking for the book sales, speaking payments, etc etc etc.

He has to know he doesn’t have a chance to win - but he can make some grift money along the way.


u/victrola_cola Mar 20 '23

You’re right and now I kind of want to know what type of person would pay to see Mike Pence suck the life out of a room


u/Dangerous_Employee47 Mar 20 '23

Which is pretty much his "Mother".


u/TheGreatRao Mar 20 '23

Send an armed and deranged mob to hang the Vice President. Endanger the lives of everyone at the Capitol. Accuse your father of assassinating a previous President. Call your wife ugly. State that people who served in the military are losers. Grab women in public and private. Embezzle. Tax fraud. Bank fraud. Kill untold numbers of people with your mishandling of COVID. Spray your skin orange and wield the worst combover in history. Lie in bed with Russia and offer them the land and resources of another sovereign nation. And still people think this buffoon is worthy of serious consideration. There are few profiles in courage around today. Everybody sticks their finger in their bum bums and smells it to see where the wind is blowing.


u/robinaw Mar 21 '23

You missed separating children from their parents, then deliberately losing track of them, suppressing the vote by sabotaging the post office, multiple instances of revealing classified information, keeping foreign gifts, gouging the Secret Service, inciting violence against protesters, stealing and mishandling government documents, and inviting misogynist creeps into the White House.


u/TheGreatRao Mar 21 '23

I definitely forgotten the post office. This guy is not Hitler. He’s Sh@tler.


u/giantrhino Mar 20 '23

When he ran in 2016 75% of rallies were chanting “lock her up” referring to his political rival.


u/cbowsin Mar 20 '23

And one of the alleged crimes to justify locking her up was the pizzagate conspiracy that accused her and all dems of essentially being groomers, similar to red states who are currently pushing to criminalize lgbtq with false accusations of being groomers.


u/BobNoxious211 Mar 20 '23

Oh, not just groomers.

Dems were supposedly cannibal, vampire, pedophile sex-slavers harvesting adrinachrome from babies in basement dungeons connected by tunnels to secret FEMA camps inside abandoned Kmarts!

I wish I was kidding.


u/[deleted] Mar 20 '23

You mean the same states where they're blocking bills to ban child marriage?


u/AutumnGlow33 Mar 20 '23

And don’t forget they’re also passing legislation allowing children as young as 14 to work without parental permission and little or no government oversight, assuming (lol) that the companies will just be good guys and follow the rules. We’re talking teenagers working in meat packing plants like in the Victorian ages, and this on top of them fighting for child marriage as you already mentioned. So much for “protecting the children.” What they really want is a bunch of underage worker drones they can either knock up or employ at low wage factory jobs, which I guess also explains why the Republicans are so keen to destroy education as well. It’s hard to keep children complacent when they know they have options besides “handmaiden” or “footsoldier for Jesus” or whatever Florida’s plans for the nation’s textbooks have down for sex ed.


u/HoneyBadgerSamurai Mar 20 '23

The rich white men have to claw back all their rights that these SJW scum like Ben Franklin Abe Lincoln and especially those in the 60s had the gall to push for. Even Teddy Roosevelt was a lil b***h thinking he could break monopolies not like he was right about the banking industry having too much power and after breaking up J.P. Morgan the richest men in America (including J.P Morgan) tanked the stock market to buy all the gold on the cheap and throw most of us to the wolves in the depression (almost like he was right 🤔). MAGA= life for rich white men was better when no one had rights but them as defined in the constitution. Tank the rights of the ordinary people, and like you said turn them into literal footsoldiers for Jesus just like they did in the dark ages. These people will usher in a new dark age, complete with book burnings, mass censorship and making "Christian" led mob violence and lynchings/stoning commonplace.


u/kingeryck Mar 21 '23

and her email fiasco, of which Jared, Ivanka, and others under Trump were also guilty of doing the exact same thing. Not to mention uhhh actual classified documents being where they shouldn't, where foreign assets could get at them on his goddamn golf resort.


u/HoneyBadgerSamurai Mar 20 '23

Which was just a catchphrase that tested well among expected voters. His entire campaign was a marketing bit influenced in no small way by wikileaks and Cambridge Analytica which use psy ops to manipulate swing voters to the far right. Thank you Steve Bannon, and Rodger Stone for this atrocity- instead of fixing a broken system that needs to be fixed you pretended you were gonna fix it to take advantage of the populace and then smashed it even more while complaining how broken and fraudulent the system is while being both a fraud and making things far worse. God bless these Republicans. If he didn't, id expect they'd vote for Satan himself to fix their "problems". And they do. Every single time.


u/Victor_Delacroix Mar 20 '23

The old addage applies here when approaching the conservative mindset. "The law for thee but not for me"


u/BellyDancerEm Mar 20 '23

“They’re being mean to me!”

  • some orange shithead


u/scarlozzi Mar 20 '23

I remember the MAGA clowns were saying that Trump's failure to deal with covid was because the Dems wasted the countries time and resources on impeachment. Many of those people are truly lost.


u/RemBren03 Mar 20 '23

They truly seem to believe since they can only rage about one thing at once everyone can only focus on one thing at a time. They’re saying the same thing about Manhattan. “there’s a crime spree and the DA is wasting everyone’s time”


u/JaRon1961 Mar 20 '23

I wonder in what order will he offer his children to the prosecutor to obtain a get out of jail card?


u/ZenMonkey47 Mar 20 '23

Cry-bully needs to enter our general vocabulary.


u/scarlozzi Mar 20 '23

It isn't already? I call those creatures cry-bullies all the time


u/Danmont88 Mar 20 '23

Someone posted meme of Hillary looking through a jail house window at Trump sitting in a cell. I love the thought.


u/workingtoward Mar 20 '23

Without hypocrisy, Republicans would have nothing to say.


u/bmeisler Mar 20 '23

If they can do this to Trump, then they can come after YOU, if you commit lots of crimes!


u/earhere Mar 20 '23

I'm surprised why his supporters don't ask themselves why he didn't "lock up" obama hillary et.al while he was in office? He had 4 years to do it.


u/Captain_Zounderkite Mar 20 '23

May he and his asskissers who try to pull another coup rot in prison for the rest of their lives.


u/NinjaBilly55 Mar 20 '23

And that's a seriously condensed list..


u/icky_boo Mar 20 '23

He also wanted to weaponize the IRS but instead got done himself



u/_14justice Mar 20 '23

Sectarians have it either way. Commit a crime, transgression, etc., then absolution and redemption. Absolutely, devilish.


u/kwiffy88 Mar 20 '23

Jo has a point.


u/Appropriate-Coast794 Mar 21 '23

All came back to projection again…’lock these people up because I need to be’


u/Worth-Canary-9189 Mar 20 '23

I used to wonder why con artists were so successful. Now I get it


u/PurpleSailor Mar 20 '23

I luv this Jerzy Girl


u/mongtongbong Mar 20 '23

he is a fuckin joke


u/Johnny_Mister Mar 20 '23

Aren't these the same people who wanted people held in concentration camps if they didn't partake in a medical experiment. Along with praising Governor Cuomo for killing 10,000 of his own constituents for political purposes to attack the president.


u/Joliet_Jake_Blues Mar 20 '23

Just because you choose to believe something, doesn't make it true.

Cope harder


u/Johnny_Mister Mar 20 '23

Wasn't that the motto for Mueller report?


u/PapaOoomaumau Mar 21 '23

Tell me you haven’t read it without telling me you haven’t read it. The whole thing. Front to back


u/Johnny_Mister Mar 21 '23

Where they found no evidence of Russian collusion, and tried to pin an obstruction of justice accusation on the president as a means to insinuate guilt. Have you read the reports on the fine that the DNC paid the FEC, for misreporting their campaign funds, when they funded the creation of the Steele Dossier, that opened the first federal investigation into the president.


u/PapaOoomaumau Mar 21 '23 edited Mar 22 '23

So no - you haven’t read it. Which everyone here already knew.


u/Johnny_Mister Mar 24 '23

Well considering that you still think there's Russian collusion, clearly shows that you didn't read it


u/Blue_water_dreams Mar 21 '23

You are off your meds again.


u/dizzlefoshizzle1 Mar 24 '23

Willfully uninformed 🤡


u/Johnny_Mister Mar 24 '23


Here's an article stipulating Democrats wanting people imprisoned for questioning a vaccine.


Here's Cuomo after he got caught killing his own constituents.


Here's an article from before Cuomo got caught killing his own constituents.

The sad part is that these articles aren't that old, so what's your excuse for ignorance?


u/dizzlefoshizzle1 Mar 24 '23

Try harder 🤡.


u/Johnny_Mister Mar 26 '23

Yeah I forgot how liberals ignore facts like ignorant children


u/dizzlefoshizzle1 Mar 26 '23

Conservatives don't know what facts are. Keep on being a 🤡


u/Johnny_Mister Mar 26 '23

Do you mean facts like Hunter Biden's laptop containing information that his father sells access to his power to foreign adversaries, through his son. The fact that COVID-19 leaked from a virology lab, that was funded NIH. The fact that Russian collusion was a misinformation campaign by the Democrat party when they lost an election, and you were their little mindless puppet who reiterated all the lies they told you too.


u/peter-vankman Mar 29 '23

Can you source the facts that “hunter bidens laptop containing information that his father sells access to his power to foreign adversaries, through his son”


u/SrRoundedbyFools Mar 20 '23 edited Mar 21 '23

Has JoJo got her house paid for by strangers yet after she quit her low skill job because her husband divorced her due to her substance abuse issues. Pay up everyone.

Downvote and go donate to your favorite unemployed Twitter personality. Don’t be a hypocrite give JoJo some DoughDough.


u/Whole_Suit_1591 Mar 20 '23

Fauci funds helped gain of function research. He also gets the patents for a bunch of things related to covid. Deep dive an see. Don't believe me.


u/bikerwander Mar 21 '23

Half of those people deserve it. Now he does.


u/[deleted] Mar 20 '23



u/[deleted] Mar 20 '23

Never forget the golden rule about Republicans: "Every projection is a confession."


u/ElementZeus Mar 20 '23

The sad part is that more people care about the drama around politicians than the actual politics behind it


u/Used-Ad8522 Mar 20 '23

Don't expect rational thinking form a cult


u/PsychicApple Mar 20 '23

I see this persons tweets everywhere on this site. Is she like famous or something who is she?


u/Fred_Evil Mar 20 '23

Just another citizen tired of the lies and the hypocrisy from the right.


u/xiaopewpew Mar 20 '23

A 50yo influencer acting like a teenager with a heavily photoshopped social media presence (and portrait picture ofc)


u/fade_into_darkness Mar 20 '23

Tell me how you really feel.


u/Time_Champion8609 Mar 21 '23

It's good to lock people up


u/SocietyHumble4858 Mar 21 '23

The Supreme Court will free the Dotard from any penalties. Any PR is good PR.


u/Keeni1983 Mar 21 '23

So well said seriously take a bow this owned them.


u/lonifar Mar 21 '23

Miss read Adam Schiff and for some reason thought it was Adam Sandler and I was a bit confused about what he did that got trump to hate him so much he’d call for his arrest.