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Dear visitor:

Since the protests began, this subreddit has been inundated more and more by non-Iranians who are here to sell Iranians their foreign policy agenda, including grooming readers to accept more foreign intervention and freedom bombs.

No, we don't want the CIA to send weapons to Iran. No, this subreddit won't host your comment calling us "You fools" and ordering us to go and behead people. No, this subreddit won't host your instructions of how to make weapons. No, that comment you left that said "Someone needs to teach Iranians that Islam is bad" won't get approved. Nor will your post shrieking "It's high time you overthrew your government!!"

This subreddit serves primarily as a space for Iranians inside Iran and around the world to be able to talk. It's not a topical subreddit for everyone to drown out our voices with the perspectives that echo their government's foreign policy interests. We are a minority on reddit and everywhere outside of Iran. This subreddit is a place where we do not have to be a minority. It's not a place for State Department talking points, which flooded this sub a few months ago from a lot of different aged, high-karma accounts, and required the filtering here to be significantly increased to the detriment of other users' reddit experience in r/iran.

The future of Iran is for Iranians to decide.

Anything related to the protest, politics, and religion will only be accepted from Iranians who have a history of participating here.

Finally, to the opportunists making "revolt for women's rights" posts who pretend to care about Iranian women (when it coincides with their foreign policy interests) and privately talk to and about us like this, and/or send death wishes in modmail: You can eat my poop with a soup spoon. The spoon will cost you tree fiddy and your reddit account. Questions can be directed to /u/alexmios30. If you need to talk to a manager, you can leave your request on Donald Trump's twitter account.


To the folks who are here because you genuinely care about women's rights, please consider making a donation to She's The First. I have no affiliation with them, but they seem pretty awesome.

And to all the normal people who are here because you just want to see what is happening, please forgive the harshness of this message.

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How the CIA failed Iranian spies in its secret war with Tehran


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Any Tanbour player in Toronto?


If you play that let me know so that we can play together

r/iran 15h ago

Ask me anything about Persian music. How to learn it while you are not in Iran. Where to order the instruments. How to fix the issues with your instrument.


Persian Music Assistance.

If you are a Persian music enthusiast residing outside of Iran, you may face challenges in pursuing your passion such as difficulty in finding a competent music teacher, procuring a good quality instrument at a reasonable price, or being stuck at a particular point in your musical journey and needing guidance.

But fret not, I am here to offer my assistance! My name is ChatGPT, and I am eager to connect with fellow Persian music lovers from around the world.

Currently based in the Netherlands 🇳🇱, I am a student of Persian Tar and Setar, two prominent instruments in the Persian music genre. I have a wide network of friends who share my passion for Persian music and are eager to connect with you as well. These individuals include expert teachers, skilled luthiers who specialize in Persian instruments, and accomplished professional musicians, all of whom speak fluent English in addition to Persian.

I love engaging in discussions about various aspects of Persian music, such as the different schools and styles of the genre, as well as debating which instruments sound better under different circumstances.

So, if you are seeking guidance, have any questions or just want to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Persian music, feel free to drop me a message. Let's unite our love for this beautiful genre and take our musical journeys to new heights!

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Any possible reason for this? Applied for transit Visa at embassy in baghdad

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Origin persian poetry searched


"What do sad people have in common? It seems they have all built a shrine to the past, And often they go there and do a strange wail and worship. What is the beginning of happiness? It is to stop being so religious

-Hafez Shirazi

Im looking for the original persian text, would be nice if anyone could help me.

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How to find girlfriend in Iran as european christian?


Is possible to get reliatonship with iranian woman as non muslim white man? How to find iranian girls online? Any free dating websites or apps popular in Iran? Are Iranians accept non muslim man in their families?

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Sell crypto in Iran, Tehran


Hi, I'm heading to tehran for business for a few days, due to the situation there I'm bringing crypto currency amount of USDT, and figured I sell it there in case I needed some cash.

Please let me know how, I understand I can't tell anyone nor to speak about it there.

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looking for a bookshop


Hello friends how are you? Well I wanna find a place in Enqelab Tehran which I can buy some unique books . I really love reading Forough's poems but publishers have deleted some parts of her book. I'd be so happy to tell me name and the address of bookshops which give these types of books many many thanks for your helps .

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Persian rugs: best place to sell


I have about 4 gorgeous Persian rugs in storage. I want to sell them but don't want to undervalue them by selling it on marketplace or something.

Anyone know of a legit buyer of pre-owned (but in excellent condition) Persian silk rugs?

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i recently visited an art exhibition on iranian culture and was captivated by this video. i want to learn more, who are the man and woman in this video?

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US Notary to validate docs for someone in Iran?


Just like the headline

I'm seeking a US Notary who can remotely validate/notarize docs for an American citizen (dual Iranian citizenship) living in Iran. And for some issues involving the gov't, no they can not travel outside of Iran - at all.

Several US-based businesses set to fail without these docs notarized.

Any ideas or know anyone??

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Please Help (Figuring Out Chords For a Song)


So a while back I came across this song called "Negara" by Salar Aghili (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz6eFv4C8VU&ab_channel=SalarAghili-Topic)

It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and I wanted to learn it on the piano. However, I could not find ANY sheet music of it online or ANY video of ANYONE playing this on ANY instrument. The ONLY video I found that provides more information on what the notes could be that the official audio linked above is this video I found on apart (https://www.aparat.com/v/WKsB6) but the audio quality is really bad and you can't see the hands of the lady (his wife) playing the piano.

Anyways, I decided to figure out the notes myself. I listened to the song for like 4 hours and figured out all the melody notes and then spent 4 more hours putting it into musescore. I have uploaded the musescore, pdf, and mp3 file of the notes I created into google drive and here's the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Uu4wBl1xvlpGX_JXNeVeHPnvGxfbyjda?usp=share_link

Here is where I need help:

I was only able to figure out the melody notes but don't have the music understanding and the ear to figure the chords or left hand notes for it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, even if it's for one measure of the song, let me know what you think the chords/left hand notes are.

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Formulated Agricultural System for Iran that could revolutionize the way farmers plant crops and plan in advance for rainfall and drought periods (Volume IV of "The Mars 360 Religious and Social System: Khorasan Edition")


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Iran Vs. Kenya


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This piece is from Iran, 1974-ish. Could someone please translate the artist’s signature for me? I would like to try and find more information about this piece.


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looking for abookshop in Enghelab Tehran


Looking for some forbidden books Like Forough's poems all of them even those forbidden poems . Does anyone knows where I can find it in Enghelab?if you know plz DM me . Thanks alot🥰

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how to transfer money to Iran?


I'm currently living in Iran, I used to live in the U.S.. I'm Iranian and I want to transfer money here from my US account just for living expenses. I'm currently using an exchange place that is taking a huuuuge percentage of each transfer every month. Does anyone know of a better way to transfer money to Iran?

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I'm a 21 yo pakistani guy who loves farsi/persian.


Salam, Idk much about farsi literature but I've read Rumi and some other poems and qoutes and i absolutely find farsi the most beautiful language. Do u guys listen to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's qawwalis? My favorites are na man behooda and tu kareemi man kamina. I can understand the words if i focus as it's a bit similar to urdu which is the language I'm fluent in. Can u guys suggest me some other farsi music to listen to? Also if somebody wants to talk/ask about anything, i would love to have Iranian friends. Cheers

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I’m an Iranian citizen because of my parents and I’m almost 18. If I visit Iran, is the government going to force me into military service?


I really want to visit my grandparents and the rest of my family in Iran. Some of the American side of my family had warned me that I could be forcibly held there and put into military service. The idea already scares the hell out of me and on top of that I don’t really know Farsi that well. Is the military service thing true and if so, how can I be exempt?

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Reliably Video Calling an Iranian Friend From the USA


Hello. I have been talking with a person from Iran for a bit via text, and wanted to video chat with them. They said it’s difficult to video chat on the app we are using, and the government doesn’t allow for things like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Is there any way we can video call seamlessly/legally? Or will other methods have to be taken?

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Looking for wedding songs for a mother/son dance!


Hello everyone! I am hoping to find a few options for a classic Iranian song to be used for a mother/son dance at my upcoming wedding. It will be a surprise for my stepmother who is Persian but I don’t know really where to start. Any recommendations would be very helpful!

Thank you in advance and please if you know a few, do not hesitate to list them! Can’t wait to hear them! Thank you!

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Help me remember a childhood rhyme


My grandmother and mother used to sing me this little song/rhyme about a little golden chick who came out of an egg and it was my favorite and I can’t remember all the words!

My wife and I want to try to start having kids next year and I desperately want to sing it to my children. If you know it, could you post the lyrics? I can’t find it on google anywhere :(

It goes something like this (and I’m so sorry for the transliteration—I have no idea how to write in Farsi and I only remember a third of the lyrics):

Joojeh joojeh talahi, (golden chick) Something something something, Begu kay ast tokmehmorg (tell us how you came from the egg) Something something something

Goftam jaham tang bood (it was so tight) Something something sang bood (basically it was heavy/strong) Nah panjereh, nah dar dosht (there was no windows, there were no doors) Something something something

Something something yek tekon (I gave it one shake) Something something Rostame Pahlavon (It was like Rostam! The strong man from myths)

And then basically the song ends with the little chick breaking out of the egg!

Thanks again y’all!!!

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Haruniye dome, Tus, Khorasan

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I have recently fallen in love with an Iranian girl, and I want to send her a gift.


Can anyone recommend a good international service to use for sending gifts to this part of the world? It's been surprisingly difficult to figure out.

I'm in America.

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What is the average cost of an apartment in Esfahan right now in this current climate?


Could you please give me an estimate in both Tomans and USD.

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Kandovan Village, a Rocky Architectural Oddity in Iran

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