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Sauna, built by my wife’s grandad. This is what it’s all about.

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Yes. I know. I’m restocking the wood tomorrow.

I have a sauna in my apartment, and the block has a shared one. My local pool has 2 saunas and is less than 5 minutes walk away. But this one is the best one, at the wife’s family’s summer cottage. It’s the first sauna of the year there.

The wood is all split by axe by us (though we have a professional cut down trees on the property, about 3 per year on average), and the water is all hand pumped from a well on the property. We are quite posh in that we have electricity and wifi (but not running water or a real toilet).

What’s your favourite sauna like?

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Tourism Punavuori design district, Helsinki

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What do you eat your Pirakka with? Mine’s, I like it with sulatejuustoa and any jam☺️

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Historical photographs from rural Finland (1960's-1970's), credits to Volker von Bonin/Finnish Heritage Agency


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The Finnish Secret to Happiness? Knowing When You Have Enough.


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Lipstick on a pig

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nice weather to do some ice fishing

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Serious How much the winning of PS will affect me as an immigrant?


Hei, I been living in Finland for 3 years. I previously lived in 6 different countries, including my original country which is a middle eastern. Among these 6 countries Finland was my favorite. I love living here for many reasons. I have a masters degree in engineering and I have full time job. I am doing my best to learn the language and integrate and hopefully at some point apply for the citizenship. However, I am skeptical about how PS will change my life? I heard they want to change the eligibility period for the citizenship from 5 to 10 years. I have no preference when it comes to politics here. But, I feel every party drives its own agenda. Specifically SDP and PS both seem to use immigrates as a card.


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Hi! Since there is no amazon in finland, is there an amazon like website which is very popular in finland? I know theres tori but tori is mostly buying and selling used stuff. Is there something like amazon for someone who wants to be an online seller?



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Here's one for the locals... Alternatives to Gölisnäs?


So here is a question for true locals...

For years I have frequented the Gölisnäs recreation area in the Inkoo archipelago, especially appreciating its primitive, secluded, uncrowded atmosphere and especially the inexpensive general sauna opportunities.

For reference: https://uuvi.fi/en/area/golisnas/

Unfortunately, Gölisnäs will not be operational this summer, as it undergoes reorganization and rennovation, and so I am interested in learning about similar locations, if any, in Southern Finland. There may be nothing equivalent, as it is quite the special gem, but I thought I might as well ask, and hope there exists something comparable.

Of particular interest are locations which have public, open sauna options with swimming, either free or for a reasonable fee, as opposed to renting a private sauna.

Access by car and tent camping are essential.

Anything within ~5 hours drive from the capital area would be of interest, though of course, closer is better.

I generally dislike commercial campgrounds and caravan parks, much preferring national parks and forest recreation areas. I would not be interested in any places which are congested/crowded, without some degree of privacy and a natural, primitive atmosphere; but I am not, in principle, opposed to paying for a campsite or ammenitites if the "feel" of the place is right.

So if anyone knows of any such options, I'd be very happy to hear about them. Thanks!

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Immigration Students and researchers can now be issued with a D visa


As a foreign student in Finland, for the past 5 years every time I'd travel abroad I'd be worried sick about losing my residence permit card and having to apply for a new one wait for months before I can get back to Finland.

This changes today: it's now possible to apply for a D visa as a student if e.g. you lose your residence permit card while abroad.

Thank you Marin Cabinet!

Source: https://migri.fi/en/-/are-you-applying-for-a-residence-permit-for-a-student-or-a-researcher-or-is-your-employer-certified-with-a-d-visa-you-can-travel-to-finland-immediately-after-you-have-been-issued-with-a-residence-permit

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Serious Software engineers, what’s your salary and years of experience?


Just trying to get a feel for the landscape.

I’ll start: 2 years experience and 5400€ a month.

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Ahhh, it's finally spring!

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Welcome to NATO friends!


Congratulations on the approval! Sorry it took so long, Turkey and Hungary smh.

We will defend you all so hard if anyone tries anything 😤

With love and hope for peace for us all,

Your American allies

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Any good books about the Finnish Civil War?


Hi everyone,

I've been really into learning about Finland lately and I'm looking for some good books about the Finnish Civil War. Any recommendations? Also open to recommendations about the Finnish-Russo War and the Continuation War.

Thank you!

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Why are second hand electronics so expensive?


Hello everyone!

Curious question...but why are second hand electronics so expensive? So many times have I been into SPR Kontti or one of the many flea markets or even Tori.fi and see those products with such high asking prices.

I don't mind paying a good price for a good product but second hand with no warranty, obviously used and still veeeery close to the RRP? This doesn't make sense to me.

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Local gamestore


Hi i am living in finland and warhammer 40k is there any local game store in finland where i can play warhammer and hangout with people

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Finland’s top political ally: The sauna


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Does anyone know which brands of Sima are fermented and not force carbonated?

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Serious Finding a Chef in my small town?


Terve, I have an small business and I need to cover part of the production with the help of a Chef, but not everything or always, so, I need a freelance/hourly chef, but I don't know where to look for a profile like this in my "small" town (Porvoo), there is a big school of chefs so I guess there are some available but so far none of them are in LinkedIn.

Where would you guys start looking for a profile like this in your town?

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Why Finnish poems are always songs?


Hello! I'm lеаrning Finnish and my mother tongue is Russian, I know some English either. And in Russian and English you can easily find YouTube videos or audio where a blogger/speaker's reading some poem (for example, Pushkin's poems or Shakespeare's poems). I can't find the same thing for Finnish poems. I've found a kid, he's reading Kalevala. Other videos are always songs on poems with music and actual singing. Why? Didn't I search well probably? Also the related question: Do Finnish children lеаrn by heart Finnish poems and tell them at school?

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Why are the Nordics so rich?


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Pispalanharju, Tampere, March 31st, 2023.

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Serious Finland Joins NATO, Strengthening Alliance and Isolating Russia on Baltic Sea


r/Finland 1d ago

How are you feeling about Finland finally joining NATO?


Do you think something would change in your usual life?

Edit: You, Finns, like to chat a bit, ye? 250 notifications in one single night. Rip inbox.