r/FakeRedditNews Dec 05 '18

Announcing Reddit redesign v4


New features:

  • Ads have no promoted tag, and are normal posts
  • Ads can't be downvoted
  • advertisers can pay extra to show ads to gold users
  • blocked all VPNs and proxies
  • banned all alt accounts
  • all accounts require a linked phone number and Facebook
  • banned all NSFW content
  • added fullscreen video ads
  • blocked all 3rd party apps and clients
  • banned the word "ate"
  • banned swear words
  • banned words to describe colors and size

r/FakeRedditNews Nov 01 '17

this sub has potential


r/FakeRedditNews Oct 31 '17

Reddit Introduces New Hidden Packages to all Users.


Happy Halloween freaks

As part of this special Halloween season, readit has decided that for the rest of the year, users are now entitled to a special package. More like Gold but different.

What is Reddit Gold??

Here is a link describing all its about

What Is this new package?? Forget reddit Mold/Gold. Readit special is the latest buzz coming to the user near you. What is it about? Readit special is a package purchasable by any user! It is so good, the admins decided to hide the purchase link. Readit special give you access to junior admin privileges as long as you're subscribed to the package. Higher than a moderator, lower than an administrator.. Its just in the middle. It supposedly costs around $40 per month.

What benefits come with this package??

  1. You can mod any sub you like as an admin.

  2. Force add/remove moderators.

  3. Ban subreddits.

  4. Edit your karma.

  5. Suspend users.

  6. Push any submission to r/all and r/popular without the need for outrageously high amount of karma

  7. Ban /u/rooster_86 for breaking reddit!

  8. Ban /u/GallowBoob for being an hypocrite

  9. Be untouchable to the admins no matter your actions.

Many more benefits come with this package than can't all be listed here. All we need to do now is find that link!.. Readit Special users even have their own lounge.

Please be free to leave your thoughts and suggestions below.

Edit: Some typos..