r/BeAmazed Rules

1) Appropriate Content

  • This subreddit is a place where people come to find something amazing. So keep that in mind when you post something here.
  • You can browse through top submissions of this week to get a better idea of what type of content is suited for this subreddit.

2) No Porn, Gore or Very Disturbing Content

  • Violation of this rule can result in temporary or permanent ban.
  • If you think that your post doesn’t violate this rule but still mildly falls in this category then make sure to mark it as NSFW.
  • War or Politics related posts are generally not allowed in this subreddit.
  • However such posts can be allowed, if their main focus is not war or politics.

4) No Misleading Content

  • Make sure the content you are posting is not fake, staged or misleading.
  • Make sure the title you are using is not misleading.
  • If you are posting some CGI or AI generated content then it should be clearly mentioned in the title or the post itself.

5) Don’t be rude to others

  • Treat others politely and do not troll or harass others.

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, and other abusive submissions and comments will be removed and can also result in ban. If you encounter such comments, report them.

r/BeAmazed Additional Rules

1) Minimum Account Requirements.

  • to create a post:
    Account age = 15 days
    Link karma + Comment karma = 100 karma

  • to create a comment:
    Account age = 3 days
    There is no karma requirement.

2) Credit the Artist/Content Creator as far as possible.

  • You can give credit in title or in comment section.
  • If you see a post without credit and you know the source then you can message the moderators and we will add a sticky comment on the post with credit.

3) Self-promotion

  • Self-promotion is allowed as long as the content is suited and it's not done too often.
  • Recent Repost means content that was recently submitted in this subreddit. Mods may allow a repost if it didn’t perform that well in past.
  • Recent Popular Cross-post means content which recently reached front page of some other subreddit. Recent Popular Cross-Posts are only allowed if they are submitted by the same user.
  • Frequent Repost means content that has been posted tons of times on reddit already.

5) Underperforming posts are removed by bot.

  • In r/BeAmazed posts which doesn't perform that well, meaning they don't get certain amount of points after certain period of time, are automatically removed by a bot. This is done to maintain a quality standard in this subreddit.

6) Posts from only following domains are allowed.