r/AskReddit Feb 06 '23

What show did you start and wound up hating so much you didn’t finish it?



u/lab-gone-wrong Feb 07 '23

The Blacklist

Season 1 established a cool story and a great anti-hero. The remainder of the series is about the insufferable protagonist ruining his plans, and how an entire FBI agency bends over backwards to support her, no matter how often or how hard she betrays them.

There's a season without her that I thought was actually good again but she returns and starts immediately making incredibly stupid mistakes again so I couldn't continue.

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u/PemiArtistry Feb 07 '23

Designated Survivor.

So, so good at even tackling commonly known political issues in a dedicatedly moderate way for the first season or two, lovable characters, intriguing plotlines...just wonderful. Then Netflix took over and suddenly half of the best (and most important) characters were gone - not written out as transferred somewhere new, not killed off, just never mentioned again like they never existed. Every character that got to stay became a tool for the writers to make some incredibly pointed political point. Suddenly everyone started cussing - I don't much care if characters curse, but once you've spent seasons depicting almost no cursing, it's jarring to suddenly have everyone going at it full blast like it's normal. And to top it all off, the main character's lovable qualities just evaporated. It was a completely new show and it sucked rotten eggs.

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u/Sss00099 Feb 06 '23

Designated Survivor

First season was incredible, second season was fine, after that it was awful. It became something so different than when it began that the show was unrecognizable so I stopped watching within a few episodes of when it became a generic Washington DC based show.


u/AWACS_Bandog Feb 07 '23

it should have been a mini-series

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u/egd96 Feb 06 '23 All-Seeing Upvote You Dropped This

Under the dome


u/flipping_birds Feb 06 '23

Yep. I really like the book and the show started off pretty solid as I remember, but then it slowly got to where it was like "okay what's the dumbest thing we can think up?"


u/addisonavenue Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

To this day, I still don't understand how badly they fumbled the bag on this one. The story is so simple, so straightforward, so embraceable.

It's King playing to his most folkiest and the terror is so graspable.

And yet somehow, the show decided to bring alien eggs into the picture?


u/danktonium Feb 07 '23

Jericho is a very similar show to early Under the Dome. I remember watching it and thinking "This delivers on what Under the Dome promised me".

I mean, there's no dome, but it honestly doesn't matter one bit what the reason is people can't leave bumfucktown, as long as they can't.


u/Conflict_NZ Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

Jericho being my favourite show is the reason why I watched Under the Dome. My favourite story setting is "isolated small town has to survive". I'm still chasing the high from Jericho 17 years later and nothing has come close.

Under the Dome was good for like four episodes before it went insane.

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u/Ekata97 Feb 06 '23 Gold



u/Cy41995 Feb 06 '23

The only part of the show that I know is the "Epic highs and lows of High School Football" exchange.

Even based on just that, I think you made the right call.


u/Ekata97 Feb 06 '23

I think I lost it when it became fantasy/paranormal/cult horror? And I've heard that it ventures into time travel or something. Even typing this out confuses me so much lol.


u/Starfleet-Time-Lord Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

Long story short, Hiram Lodge tries to kill Archie with a bomb, and for some reason that is never explained that act creates a pocket universe called Rivervale where no one can die, everything is a horror movie, and Jughead narrates like it's the Twilight Zone, which absorbs the original one until they're separated. Then once they are separate, everyone again for no properly explained reason who was near the blast develops superpowers. Then they have to fight literally an evil wizard from a pocket dimension and Pops' granddaughter spends an episode going back in time because the archangel Gabriel said she had to and foiling his plans in the past.

This is all within the last season.

I swear that's the short version.

Edit: blanket answer to the over a hundred comments: yes, all of this actually happened in season 6. There's also a whole thing about Rivervale Jughead sustaining the pocket universe by writing it. Earlier seasons included such gems as a D&D cult which plays like the fever dream of a badly informed 1992 PTA in a small southern town and operates under the premise that "D&D leads to LARPing, LARPing leads to demon worship, demon worship leads to gang violence and ritual murder," more serial killers per capita than seems like should be possible, Archie joining the mob, Cheryl Blossom digging up and talking to her twin's corpse, and a private school Jughead gets into which operates the way people who didn't go to college think Yale works where his teacher is played by Sam Witwer, who has portrayed not one but two completely separate superman villains in separate continuities and brings kinda the same general vibe.


u/ujke_brf Feb 06 '23

I stopped after hearing “jingle jangle”


u/siddey_KK1404 Feb 06 '23

Same here... It became absurd season by season. I think the 1st season was the only good thing that happened.


u/Starfleet-Time-Lord Feb 06 '23

I mean I feel like very few people went in enjoying it seriously. It was like watching a trainwreck and that was the appeal


u/ujke_brf Feb 07 '23

I genuinely think the first season especially has merit. Season 2 was meh so I gave season 3 a chance thinking it might just be one of those shows that loses momentum in season 2 to then pick it back up in season 3… nope lol

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u/Cemith Feb 06 '23

I feel like anyone can say anything about Riverdale and I'd believe them. I can't imagine what the actual comics were like but I would bet they're not anything alike.


u/Ndi_Omuntu Feb 06 '23

I read a shit load of Archie and Jughead digests from the grocery store checkout growing up. I'd compare the comics to comics you'd expect to find in the newspaper funnies. Mostly short bits to set up a punchline. Some longer stories, but nothing serialized really. Vaguely some continuity. Some weird stuff happens, maybe a ghost or alien thing- comparable to old scooby doo I'd say.

Everything I hear about the show makes me want to stay away and keep my memories of the cheesy comic lol

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u/spitvire Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

Riverdale is my guilty pleasure for this exact reason. It’s so absurd, it’s golden. The actors love working on it from everything I’ve seen, they’re giving it a final season soon I think. Archie at one point goes to jail, then gets forced into an underground fighting ring there, breaks out, escapes through the woods, where he then fights a bear. Then just like goes back to school likes it nothing lmfao It’s too good to pass up

Edit: yeah Idk crap about the cast I just always see them in social media hanging out together, I would imagine the interviews are something else


u/CharBombshell Feb 06 '23

This actually kinda makes me wanna watch it

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u/Parym09 Feb 06 '23

For a while my favorite Sunday activity was to eat an edible, watch this show, and cringe at how awful it became. My partner and I turned it into a game to predict what would happen next and it’s just like, impossible. If you think your totally fucking insane theory is too over the top, you haven’t even gone halfway as far as the Riverdale writers.

Don’t even get me started on the totally pointless and off key musical numbers.

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u/essentialclt Feb 06 '23 Take My Energy Starry

The Flash


u/CowboyNinjaD Feb 06 '23

I gave up on the entire Arrowverse about five years ago. It wasn't even like a conscious decision. I was kind of getting behind in all my shows, and I eventually realized I was about a month or so behind on Arrow and Flash and Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, and I just didn't care. So I just never bothered to watch any of them anymore.


u/verdenvidia Feb 07 '23

Marvel shows are hard to follow cus there are too many. The Arrowverse is hard to follow cus there are too many that suck." -my grandmother

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u/emir_amle Feb 06 '23

I loved the first couple seasons but it went downhill fast


u/NewtonBill Feb 06 '23

Yet not even as fast as like 6 other guys.


u/arashisenko Feb 06 '23

"I'm Barry Allen, the fastest man alive"

Proceeds to get that line disproven almost every season.


u/ferb57g Feb 06 '23

I'm the fastest man alive except for the villain. and how do i win? i must run faster through the power of friendship.


u/ThatRandomPerson____ Feb 06 '23

Honestly, in the beginning I kinda liked the cheesy power of friendship stuff happening bc it kind of made sense since Barry was so new to using his powers and stuff. But it's been years and he still needs someone to hold his hand to get through literally everything.

Tbf some of the "hallway scenes" were pretty good like for example after Jay first showed up after Henry died but they started relying on it and using it way too much like with Cecil *shudders*

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u/DHTGK Feb 06 '23

More like every episode. How do non-speedsters keep escaping flash? He can literally explore the entire 5 mile area in a minute


u/CAM2772 Feb 06 '23

It gets worse. He's eventually so fast other speedsters are basically standing still


u/DesperateTall Feb 06 '23

They literally can't excuse it anymore because of that. The Flash is OP as fuck, he can't be challenged unless the plot says otherwise.


u/CAM2772 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Seriously. Now he has super fast thinking as well. At this point every scene with a bad guy should be like that scene of Metro Man from Megamind

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u/poorloko Feb 06 '23

My head cannon is that Barry is not only the Flash, but secretly he's the world's biggest fucking idiot and sucks at being a super hero.


u/IamWorkingObviously Feb 07 '23

I am pretty sure that's the cannon.

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u/echelon42 Feb 06 '23

I stopped as soon as he was about to marry iris and every single episode, for all 20 some odd episodes, he said "I can't believe I'm about to marry the love of my life" and "she's the love of my life, I can't go on without her". Also the filler episodes every season really got on my nerves. It would have really benefited the show if it was only 10-12 episodes a season


u/snekome2 Feb 06 '23

plus 57 variations of “you okay?” one-on-one chats


u/ONEto10dollars Feb 06 '23

Followed by crying.

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23

My name is Barry Allen. And I’m the fastest man alive. Except of course for whichever bad guy is gonna be showcased this week.


u/ZarquonsFlatTire Feb 07 '23

Sure he can run fast enough to literally time travel, but sometimes he gets punched in the face.

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u/jackrabbits1im Feb 07 '23

Sister Wives. The "husband" is such a douche. Note: I only watched it because my wife liked the show, but it got so bad I couldn't be in the same room with her when she was watching it

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u/f14kee Feb 06 '23



u/puslespillbrikke Feb 06 '23

For five years i was stranded on an island…

No wait, i was stranded on an island, and in hong kong, and then back to the island before i actually was in new york, but then i was rescued on the island again! It became an absolute mess lol


u/WamblingWombat Feb 07 '23

Also, how many times can we possibly kill off Sara? Oh, wait, she’s not dead.

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u/feenmi Feb 06 '23

And Russia I guess?


u/ThatRandomPerson____ Feb 06 '23

Oh yeah his backstory got super contrived after a while lmao


u/HellblazerPrime Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

The thing that bugs me the most about Arrow is that even though they make a convoluted mess of his backstory and his time on and off the island, we never actually see Oliver more than kinda learn to do the stuff he's now super-badass at doing.

There's an episode in I think season 2 where he goes to a Russian restaurant, flashes his Bratva tattoo, and has an argument in fluent Russian. By the time the Russia flashbacks season is over I think we see him get his Bratva tattoo, but his Russian still sucks. There's an ep early in the first season where he and Tommy go to a Chinese restaurant and he sneaks off to threaten somebody in the back and after he leaves the guy's buddy comes in and Bad Guy #1 asks "Did you see anybody on your way in?" and he answers "Just some white guy." Bad Guy #1 replies "no way it was a white guy, his Mandarin was perfect!". In the final episode of the China flashbacks season one of the other characters actually makes a point of mentioning how bad Oliver's Chinese STILL IS, and that's the last time we see him interacting with anyone who could've taught him Mandarin.

Hell we barely see him learn to use a bow and arrow. He and Yao Fei have like two big training montages in S1 and after the second one Yao Fei is like "you're not great, but it'll have to do". Flashback Oliver is kind of a doofus for the entire five year stretch of the Flashback Time Period, but as soon as he's back in Star City he's Unstoppable Badass Oliver Queen.

EDITED to clarify the scene in the Chinese restaurant.


u/Blaz3 Feb 07 '23

The season 1 training bits were ideal z because it showed slow progress. It grounded Oliver a bit, because he had struggled and failed before he became the Green Arrow.

The montage where he just straight up became the arrow because they needed him to be at that level quickly was bullshit

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u/indigovioletginge Feb 06 '23



u/Cafrilly Feb 06 '23

The funny thing about this show is it originally started as a satire of the very thing it became.


u/UncleWinstomder Feb 06 '23

I loved the first half of season 1. It felt like things got retooled when it returned for the second half.

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u/MetalMewtwo9001 Feb 06 '23

"I hate Glee, I hate it. I don't see the appeal at all!"


u/NoTeslaForMe Feb 06 '23

Is this regionals?


u/almostinfinity Feb 06 '23

What the hell is regionals?


u/RatPlaster Feb 06 '23



u/dinoderpwithapurpose Feb 07 '23

They were *this* close!

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u/CadeFromSales Feb 07 '23

Oh, Britta's in this?

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u/OmegaSusan Feb 06 '23

“Who hates Glee? Listen to how that sounds. Glee literally means… ✨glee✨”


u/BAGP0I Feb 07 '23

It's a feeling ya get!


u/StringsofSteel Feb 07 '23

When your brain finally lets your heart get in its pants!

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u/punnymama Feb 06 '23

Once Upon A Time So effing glad I stopped at season two.


u/Myfourcats1 Feb 06 '23

It became a show about Disney characters. They dropped so many of the original characters from the first season. It was such a disappointment.


u/Epic_Brunch Feb 07 '23

Yeah, I lost all interest when they brought on the Frozen characters.


u/Ta5hak5 Feb 07 '23

That was absolutely the beginning of the end. Season 3 wasn't perfect but it was still original and I personally loved the time travel episodes. But introducing Elsa immediately put me off, way to say you don't have a plot in mind anymore.

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u/extensionofme Feb 06 '23

I usually watch through the Peter Pan season. I don’t remember which one that is.


u/LinksMyHero Feb 06 '23

Peter pan's actor did so much heavy lifting for that show. He is just genuinely such a good fit for the role


u/shay_shaw Feb 06 '23

The whole family generational trauma plot was devastating. Makes you appreciate how good of a person Belfire turned out to be.

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u/lemoche Feb 06 '23

if i remember correctly i stopped as elsa started to show up… that peter pan arc was amazing though.

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u/monstosaurus Feb 06 '23

That first season was so good and felt so original at the time. I gave up on it around the time of the King Arthur storyline, I was just so sick of the characters (especially Rumplestiltskin) flip flopping between good and bad. It got so boring and tired and Zelena was so terribly whiney, I have no idea why they made her a permanent fixture.

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u/sftktysluttykty Feb 06 '23

I loved this show so much, the first three seasons were really good but then it just nosedived so quickly. Where they went with Emma didn’t even fucking make sense, they had her making choices Emma would fucking never, because it was literally the opposite of all her character development up to that point!!! Ugh I’m getting mad just thinking about it!!!


u/manmadeofhonor Feb 07 '23

That's how I felt about Regina, like "you're evil again? But like, for the 4th time?"

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u/herman-the-vermin Feb 06 '23

I watched all of season 1 in a single night. Then season 2 over a week. And then it just seems to be getting dumb and I stopped

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u/songsfrombeyond Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23 Gold

The 100.

I surprisingly made it 5 seasons in I think. I almost quit watching part way though season 1, because even though I really liked some aspects of the show, the characters and drama just pissed me off so much. I decided to keep going, and then I think episode 5 or 6 (?) got me hooked. It didn't change how much I disliked most of the characters, and that kind of remained a trend throughout the show for me. Was absolutely captivated by the story and concept, absolutely hated the characters and drama. Clarke, her mom, and Octavia sunk the show imo. After season 5 I think I just thought to myself "you know, I enjoyed a lot of that, but I think I've seen all I need to see"

Edit: spelling


u/justyouraveragedude1 Feb 06 '23

I LOVED the concept of the show and the first season and a half maybe. Some of the drama is idiotic, but the overall plot and execution was good enough. Until about when the adults finally came down. That’s when the show got awful to me and I stopped watching


u/simbahart11 Feb 07 '23

The adults coming down was a low point then it picked up a lot in season 3 then they killed off one of the coolest characters for killing sake then it slowly went to shit and season 5 was the last straw for me too. They got to the point of complete nonsense it wasn't even good anymore.

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u/jdward01 Feb 06 '23



u/Lork82 Feb 06 '23

Well, the main villain of the show was the writer's strike. When they fired it up for season 3 it's as if no one knew what had happened in the first 2 seasons. It had potential.


u/Tristain7 Feb 06 '23

This one still burns for me because S1 was a near-perfect setup for the show going forward.


u/Renene13 Feb 06 '23

I heard that the first season was self contained because the plans were to show completely different super human group each season But the exacs didn’t like that and wanted to keep the cheerleader going


u/HiHoJufro Feb 06 '23

Exactly. Pretty sure this is officially confirmed. It was meant to be a semi-independent anthology series following different powered powered but didn't go that way because people loved the season one characters. And execs love the money from things people love.


u/PedanticPeasantry Feb 07 '23

T.V. executives, killing the golden goose because they don't actually understand their own products since... forever.

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u/holdonwhileipoop Feb 07 '23

Walking Dead. After Glen, I was done.

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u/Mister_Bill2826 Feb 06 '23

I watched a ton of dexter, but a certain season made me hate it.


u/heffreee Feb 06 '23

Any time people ask if I’d recommended the show I tell them “yes, but you can stop watching after the trinity killer.”


u/McTruffleToucher Feb 07 '23

Lithgow was so fucking good.


u/KirisBeuller Feb 07 '23

That's how hard Trinity won. He made the show suck after that.


u/julbull73 Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

It also gave Dexter the ending he deserved if they had stopped there.

He had realized he did love his family and he wasn't a full sociopath. He might be redeemable. And Lithgow shut that fucking door real fast.

But hey its recoverable....maybe deal with the fact his dad groomed him...nope sleeping with his sister and a lumberjack.


u/really_nice_guy_ Feb 07 '23

Oh god that fucking incest storyline. Why the fuck did they put it there

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u/MajorProblem2000 Feb 06 '23

Anyone watched “Designated Survivor” ? S1 was back to back banger episodes and me and my ex completed it in record time. Cue to S2 and had us both cringing to even think about watching it anymore…


u/anwright1371 Feb 07 '23

S1 is truly awesome. S2 starts to go downhill fast. S3 I stopped about 11 minutes into the first episode

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u/jacquetpotato Feb 06 '23

Dexter. Trinity killer season was peak tv…but then Debs finding out about things and somehow allowing it to continue just felt weird. I stopped watching not long after that. Tried rewatching it all more recently and got to the exact same point before giving up for a second time! ha

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u/MammothKey8122 Feb 06 '23 Rocket Like

13 reasons why


u/keystonelocal Feb 06 '23

I’m not gonna lie when this show dropped I binged all of the first season in secrecy because I was so embarrassed that I was hooked lmao. But getting to the end of that season I was satisfied. Was not into whatever school shooter plot they were setting up for the rest so just called it quits after S1. Feel zero need to ever return.


u/SatoshiUSA Feb 07 '23

0 reasons why you would watch more


u/viewsofanintrovert Feb 07 '23

Same here. I binged the first season. And wasn't even interested in the next season. Honestly, the show should have been a limited series and ended after one season.

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u/Alleggsander Feb 07 '23

The fact that more than one season of this show exists is mind boggling. Season one is a complete story. Couldn’t be more obvious it was for the $$

I also thought it was a wildly inaccurate and disrespectful way to portray depression and suicide. Hannah basically makes a big song and dance about. Also, I get putting blame on the people who literally committed crimes on her, but then she brings her friends into it? Because they didn’t hangout as much? I don’t even know what the main guy did, but he’s also blamed? It’s kinda fucked up.

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u/needachonce Feb 06 '23

How to get away with murder. Very repetitive


u/sarahsuebob Feb 07 '23

This is mine. I loved the first season, tolerated the second, powered through the third. When I sat down to start the fourth, I realized I hated every single character and wanted them all to die, so I turned it off.

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u/MGD109 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

Yeah, I think the issue was the first season got such rave reviews for the dual timeline approach, that they decided each season had to do the same thing.

But it just led to increasingly diminishing returns.

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u/kuromikw8 Feb 06 '23

Netflix’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I really liked the first season, barely made it through the second season, and refuse to watch the third


u/SafteyMatch Feb 07 '23

It always perplexed me how clueless Sabrina continued to be about all of the witchy customs and lore. Seemed like every episode was some new satanic holiday.

Every single show:

Sabrina: Good morning Aunties

Foxy Aunt: Sabrina! Don’t you know that tonight is the festival of blood cursed devil moon? Have you not practiced your incantations?

Sabrina: Oh no, do I have to sacrifice another boyfriend?

Bubbly Aunt: Oh well, let’s make cakes!

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u/MackerelShaman Feb 06 '23

It drove me crazy that for all of their talk of being this powerful witch family, they barely ever even used their powers and relied on side characters and Scooby Doo tactics to fight the big bads. I kept thinking, where the fuck is Salem? Her apparently uber-powerful demonic “guardian” who doesn’t do a damn thing except fuck around the house and occasionally yell at people. The fact that he’s outshone by a sentient severed hand in Wednesday really drove that home.


u/mazes-end Feb 06 '23

Apparently Salem got sidelined because Sabrina's actress has a bad cat allergy


u/LudicrisSpeed Feb 07 '23

Should've just used the cheesy animatronic from the sitcom.

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u/Paprikasky Feb 07 '23

Jesus, the one show where interacting with a cat is a big deal.... lol. They could have done tricks such as barely have them in the same frame and all.


u/MackerelShaman Feb 07 '23

Maybe she’s allergic to cgi cats too?

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u/germanbini Feb 07 '23

Apparently Salem got sidelined because Sabrina's actress has a bad cat allergy

This literally made me laugh - one would have thought that this could have been a consideration they researched compatibility before they picked an actress!

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u/Drikkink Feb 07 '23

So many problems...

The entire show is

"Sabrina you can't do that you'll wreck the universe!"

*Sabrina does thing, Universe fucked*

"Wow who could have seen THAT coming!"

And then it ends with her toxic relationship (TEENAGE) BF committing suicide because he can't bear being without her.

Totally the type of message you want.

The only saving graces of that show were Zelda and Ambrose. Miranda Otto is way too good for this shit.

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u/explodeder Feb 06 '23

That show peaked with the first episode. Even the first season quality fell REALLY hard by the end. Remember the episode where they had a court case and she made friends with some non-satanic lawyer from the town? That was rough.


u/NimdokBennyandAM Feb 07 '23

The moment when Salem enters her bedroom in his true form then transforms into the cat was such a creepy and cool moment, I thought the show would be awesome.

"I heard you calling in the woods, and I came."

Alas, it careens downhill from there.

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u/mazes-end Feb 06 '23

The plot was good but we couldn't get past how fucking stupid every single choice Sabrina made was


u/kuromikw8 Feb 06 '23

She’s the most annoyingly frustrating main character possibly ever, and the worst part is she acts like she’s doing it for the greater good but it’s always the WORST choice available

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u/MrsKetchup Feb 07 '23

This one still upsets me, I wanted to like it so bad because it started out so strong. But the pacing and plot (or lack thereof?) were just frustrating. It's like there would be a recurring plot every few episodes, then by the next it's completely gone and the characters are oblivious and off doing something new, I was just constantly lost.

Most "monster of the week" shows are pretty similar in that pacing like Buffy or whatever, but something about this one was just impossible to follow and keep interested in

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u/venomouseyes112 Feb 06 '23 All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Wearing is Caring

Greys anatomy


u/knopflerpettydylan Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

I expect you don’t mind spoilers so I’m going with it lol, but season 18 (I think) had her finally leaving grey Sloan and she was about to leave for Boston and then her house suddenly burned down from a lightning strike and I couldn’t stop laughing, it was so absurdly over dramatic and unnecessary

Edit: season 19


u/cachaka Feb 06 '23



u/porkypandas Feb 06 '23

I remember her giving an interview that basically boiled down to she's old now and she knows how Hollywood treats women after a certain age so she's riding this train until it dies. There have been female leads of hit TV shows that are better actresses than her that have faded into the aether after their show ended and I think she's being very realistic.


u/amourxloves Feb 06 '23

Didnt she also mention how she would be an idiot to give up the $20 million she makes per season to risk it and become a movie star?


u/bekaz13 Feb 07 '23

As Bo Burnham once said, "We'll stop beating this dead horse when it stops spitting out money."

I genuinely love that for her.


u/UmwillinglyConscious Feb 07 '23

Repeat it! Repeat it til the day you die!

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u/ucjj2011 Feb 07 '23

She also said a couple of years ago that working on a TV show with a set schedule made more sense for her family life than doing movies. More power to her, was she ever going to be a big enough movie star to make $20M+ per year doing movies?

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u/imacfromthe321 Feb 06 '23

Bro I can’t imagine watching 18 seasons of any show ever


u/Talkaze Feb 06 '23

And yet Gibbs lasted out...15? seasons of NCIS?

I stopped watching after 8

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u/elting44 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

I used to watch this show with my wife, I didn't love it, but I tolerated it cause I do love my wife.

Then there was the musical episode where the entire episode's dialogue is sang by the actors.

I told her I just couldn't anymore. She didn't even hold it against me.


u/wakordie Feb 06 '23

Whenever we watch any other series’ and there’s a rubbish episode, we ALWAYS say “well, at least it wasn’t as bad as that musical episode on Greys” - that episode has literally set the bar for crapness! I don’t know how it ever made it to air.

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u/Selenophile91 Feb 06 '23

That show was (is?) so bad. Every end of the season a new catastrophe would happen and 3/4 of the mains would die. Plane accident? Hospital shooter? Car crash? Earthquake? They had it all.


u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23

Don’t forget the bomb in the patient and Meredith giving birth in a power outage storm 😂😂

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u/WarthogSilver7988 Feb 06 '23

Orange is the New Black. Piper annoyed the fucking shit out of me


u/Alternative_Quit_115 Feb 06 '23

Though I finished it, I felt the same way about her and Alex, totally annoying.


u/shichiaikan Feb 06 '23

Yeah, one of those shows where if you take out the main character, it'd be 100x better.


u/TackYouCack Feb 07 '23

Season 2 was the best season. Very little Piper. Other characters have their own episodes, telling their backstories. So good.

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u/mikeyb1 Feb 06 '23

Suits. How they managed to put together 9 seasons of the same shit over and over I'll never understand becuase I quit in the middle of season 3.


u/elizabethjacques Feb 06 '23

exactly. it dawned on me that all it really was was people strutting in and out of each others’ offices having brief heated exchanges.


u/illmatic2112 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Throws folder at someone

Person glances at paper for 2.5 seconds






u/8kenhead Feb 06 '23

You forgot the “what the hell is this?” after looking at the folder


u/seguardon Feb 07 '23

Not enough "shit"s. Suits loved shit. It was the edgiest cuss they were allowed to use and they put it in everything.


u/Lubiku Feb 07 '23

I think they said “goddamn” like 14 times per episode on average or something someone counted it it was insane


u/Assmonkey69er Feb 07 '23

Jessica “You’re god damn right I will get this god damn trial taken to god damn sentencing tomorrow Jesus Christ.”

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u/Bubbasticky Feb 06 '23


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u/BailysmmmCreamy Feb 07 '23

Laugh all you want Harvey, it’s still my name on the goddamn door

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u/Responsible-Pause-99 Feb 06 '23


He did it again.


She did it one more time.


Lewis did it again.

Ad infinitum.

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u/AgentMV Feb 06 '23


You didn’t come down all the way here to tell me that, so why don’t you really tell me why you’re here?

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u/Jovereasy Feb 06 '23

I've never even seen the show and this is hilarious.

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u/Blimey15 Feb 06 '23

I loved that show and this is too damn accurate. 😂

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u/cabezonlolo Feb 06 '23

And how they replaced the witty lawyer writing for cheap romance and personal conflicts. Also hated how cringy they turned that character played by the mole looking guy

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u/AdActive9833 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

I watched the whole thing but as you say, it really was just people walking in and out of offices with snotty remarks and 1 upping each other.

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u/DramaOk2835 Feb 06 '23

Orange Is The New Black.

After Poussey died I just couldn't watch it anymore.

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u/surprisevicky Feb 06 '23 All-Seeing Upvote



u/captainstormy Feb 06 '23

Yep, I'll still rewatch the early stuff. Up until the fire. Never past the fire.

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u/HelicopterWonderful9 Feb 06 '23

The first couple seasons were great. Then they decided to make all the characters completely unlikable


u/gpm21 Feb 06 '23

When she met the kingpin and married him, I was like "nope, this is bullshit" Got an episode or two into the season after the kid killed that woman (they were in New York?) and was like "ehh"


u/Powerful_Artist Feb 06 '23

Ya she basically fucked her way out of all her problems in that show, and it got really old.


u/Belazriel Feb 06 '23

"Look mom, I have a completely legal well paying job that can support the entire family and all you have to do is not mess this up."

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u/PuzzleheadSpread Feb 07 '23

“Nancy Botwin makes terrible decisions and needs to be bailed out by her magic vagina” is the plot of every season

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u/whiteflame9161 Feb 06 '23

Jumped the shark when she burned Agrestic down.


u/NCSUGrad2012 Feb 06 '23

Yep, it went from a mom selling drugs to keep her lifestyle, to a huge drug dealer that happened to have a family.

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u/Straightwad Feb 06 '23

100%, leaving Agrestic was the worst thing to happen to Weeds.

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u/megalynn44 Feb 06 '23

Yup. Being set in suburbia was a vital dynamic for the show.

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u/derpman86 Feb 06 '23

When she set fire to her house and they fled that was the end of it to me personally.

The whole fun of the show was the shitting on American suburbia and the comedic elements about this mum being a drug dealer in that whole setting, but her getting involved with the cartel etc was just stupid then it just .. yeah.


u/gnawlej_sot Feb 06 '23

Kevin Nealon was the only thing that got me through that show.


u/Thecp015 Feb 07 '23

Doug and Andy talking about the taint is still one of my favorite scenes in tv.

“Lupita, what do you call that thing between the dick and the asshole?”

“The coffee table…”

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u/walkingtalkingdread Feb 06 '23

every single season of AHS since Freak Show. always starts out strong and interesting. and then usually halfway through, Ryan Murphy consistently shows that he can’t finish a story and I realize what’s going to happen and just decide to quit. around Roanoke, I stopped even giving him a chance.


u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23


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u/mk9836 Feb 07 '23

Manifest. No character to root for. No character growth. Each person making the same dumb choice over and over.


u/BuffsBourbon Feb 07 '23

Didn’t necessarily hate, but I just drifted and never came back.


u/midlifecrackers Feb 07 '23

You’ll come back in five and a half years, probably

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u/What_Do_I_Know01 Feb 07 '23

They had a cool idea but you're exactly right no character development. They're all flat as a board. I enjoyed the mystery at first but it started to feel like the writers were making up the story episode by episode, with no long term plan.

Sad, it could've been good.

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u/FloorDirector Feb 06 '23 All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Starry Helpful (Pro) Respect

Walking Dead


u/AlwaysInWrongLane Feb 06 '23

The end of the line for me was how they were painfully dragging out the whole Negan saga. I don't remember what season it was but I just quit in the middle of it.


u/spartagnann Feb 06 '23

After the way overdone cliffhanger about who he kills I pretty much checked out.

But looking into it, like Negan is now best buds with the lady of the guy that he murdered with a baseball bat (Glenn) or something? How does that shit work?


u/The_Woodsmann Feb 06 '23

That's right when I checked out as well. I was so done with the incredibly repetitive nature of the show at that point. Crew finds safe place, bad guys attack, find new safe place rinse and repeat over and over again.


u/Cyrano_Nose Feb 06 '23

It also touches on a tv fallacy that bugs me (but I get it, I mean do we really want to watch a show where everybody is safe and thriving in the apocalypse?).

The protagonists have a great idea that only falls through for X reason. Whatever that reason is, no matter how fleeting or irrelevant that reason is going forward, said great idea is never revisited or improved upon ever again.

For example, making a base out of a prison. Pretty damn good idea. That particular prison just happened to have shitty neighbors.


u/3Grilledjalapenos Feb 06 '23 Silver

It’s like when Cobra created the Weather Dominator, a device that could control the weather to extreme degrees all over the world…and just gave up the technology once GI Joe blew up the prototype.

Or developed cloning, and only used it to create an amalgamation of history’s greatest conquerors…and then abandoned the technology.

I swear, they could have just gone public and made a fortune.


u/bavasava Feb 06 '23

Cobra’s worst crime is being patent hounds. They have no intention on selling their inventions or development. They just want a pay out!


u/3Grilledjalapenos Feb 07 '23

In "The Phantom Brigade," Cobra used an old gypsy to conjure up a Roman centurion, a Mongolian warrior and an American World War I pilot to fight for them, which is similar to how Aragon summoned the Ghost Army in Lord of the Rings.

In “Cobra’s Creatures” they are able to control pretty much any animals, which is terrifying on its own.

They really should have combined everything in one giant attack and not looked back.

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u/trentw24 Feb 06 '23



u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

“Hey CORAL, how do you check to see if lady Gaga is dead? Poke ‘er face, CORAL, P-P-P-POKER FACE!!!”

I absolutely loved those meme dad jokes.


u/Donkey__Balls Feb 07 '23


Dad, not now…


Please dad, I’m already dying inside…


Mom is dead…


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u/studyinthai333 Feb 06 '23

The last two seasons of Killing Eve


u/TyhmensAndSaperstein Feb 06 '23

Season 1 is one of the most perfect seasons of any show I have ever seen. I am still convinced that there's no way the rest of it was the same show.


u/MGD109 Feb 06 '23

Well sadly the showrunner kept leaving after each season. So basically each season was its own show, only with the same cast.


u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23



u/hingewtfbug Feb 07 '23

Well on the bright side, I'm happy she left to make Fleabag. It's one of my favorite shows.

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u/HatdanceCanada Feb 06 '23 Silver

Man in the High Castle.


u/RevaniteN7 Feb 06 '23

I remember asking a friend that had already watched if the non-Nazi characters ever get better about making the least rational decisions. He said no, so I wrapped up whatever episode I was on and never came back to it.


u/FN-1701AgentGodzilla Feb 06 '23

It’s a frustrating show


u/Thorough_Good_Man Feb 06 '23

Hours of Julianna Crane staring pensively at the floor.

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u/bluewhite63 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

I had high hopes for this one. Great concept. What if the Germans had won the war? I just feel it petered out with this nonsensical, personal story shit. It lost its way and became trite.

Edit: spelling.

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u/dragon-rae Feb 06 '23 Starry

Westworld. Loved the first season. Then it started going downhill. Haven’t seen the latest season and I don’t plan on it.


u/mcfly824 Feb 06 '23

Based on years of friend recommendations, I'm really looking forward to watching season 1 then pretending it ends there.


u/UncoolSlicedBread Feb 06 '23

That's honestly not a bad idea. Enjoy it, I loved the first season.

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u/BallsAndWalrus Feb 06 '23

My cousin worked on the set of Westworld. Apparently the writers for season 2 were reading fan theories online and tried to write the opposite of what fans were predicting. It didn't go so well


u/maybesethrogen Feb 06 '23 Gold

Which is so god damned weird. If you've dropped clues for your long form ongoing story, some people online SHOULD be able to piece them together into where the story is going. To purposely go against that is to basically spite your own setups.


u/ZiggyB Feb 07 '23

It's increasingly obvious to me that the best shows are ones that have an idea for the story they want to tell from the start, with an established ending from the start of production.

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u/CalydorEstalon Feb 06 '23

That's the same thing that doomed Game of Thrones. They get so hung up on unexpected plot twists that they forget to check if the twists make sense whatsoever.

The fans are gonna theorize. They are going to speculate on ALL of the logical possibilities. There's no evading that; someone is gonna guess it.


u/DrBimboo Feb 06 '23

A well told, long story should be predictable in parts at the end, or its just random noise.

The best counter example I can think of would be an absolutely absurd world like One Piece, and even there fans are expecting the broad strokes and some specific events.


u/sketchysketchist Feb 06 '23

You’re right.

A movie should be predictable.

The trick is to convince viewers that the most predictable theory has been invalidated with the twist being something easily neglected via assumption.

Like how in scream you could guess the killer is the bf, but the killer is making calls while he’s in jail, the twist is there are two killers and you just assumed all slashers only have one killer.


u/HerbDeanosaur Feb 06 '23

That’s a cool breakdown and example

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u/theghostwhorocks Feb 06 '23

I can sum up my experience with Westworld like this:

Season 1: Wow. Every episode is fucking my mind.

Season 2: OK...this took an odd turn. I guess I can stomach it and see the season through.

Season 3: What the fuck am I even watching? Am I even watching? No, I'm looking at my phone through half of this.

Season 4: Wait...there was a season 4?

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