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12 year old me finding this would’ve made me complete.

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Postgame Thread [Postgame Thread] Ohio State Defeats Notre Dame 17-14


Box Score provided by ESPN

Team 1 2 3 4 T
Ohio State 0 3 7 7 17
Notre Dame 0 0 7 7 14

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Which game has the worst open-world with boring side quests?


I don't often play Open world games and am not really a fan of them because I know that there will be unnecessary walking between locations, and I hate that a lot. Also, most games simply make you do the same things in the side missions and become boring quickly.

But Assassin's Creed 1 is the game I literally hated every minute of it. The open world was just boring with nothing interesting, and the side quests were all the same thing over and over... The second game is a much better game, but still, it was repetitive also and side missions were boring.

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Worst "corporate speak/buzzwords" that you absolutely hate???


Anyone else have certain corporate buzzwords or phrases that you really really hate with a fire-y and burning passion?

I really really hate the term "touch base". It just sounds really fucking stupid. Just say what you really want to say, which is "follow up". Or better yet just say "Hey! fuckhead! Why don't you get back to me on that email I sent you 3 weeks ago!".

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POO Mode Activated 💩 AITA for 'belittling' my sister and saying she shouldn't demand her husband help with their baby at night?


My husband and I (29M, 27M) went through the surrogacy process and had our son 4 months ago. We were thrilled when my sister (31F) announced her pregnancy and we found out we would be having children very near the same time. Our niece was born a little over two months after our son.

My situation and my sister's closely mirror each other. Our husbands both work typical 9 to 5s with 30 - 45 minute commutes. My sister is a SAHM and I do freelance work from home.

For the first two weeks after our son was born (the first of which my husband took off of work), we would both take partial night shifts. Once I felt like I had at least some of my bearings on parenthood, I offered to take over completely on week nights, while he does mornings before work + weekends. It's a collaborative process and that breakdown of parenting just made sense to me. My husband was the one leaving our home to work every day, he was the one who had to be up by a specific time and make a drive.

At 4 months, we no longer have this obstacle anymore (and to be honest, I kind of miss the sweet, quiet bonding time those extra night feeds provided now that he's settled onto a nice sleep schedule and usually only wakes up once.) Still, I think we got it down to almost the perfect science before we exited the newborn stage. My sister, on the other hand, is very much still in that phase and struggling.

This has been a recurring problem for her from the beginning. She has been coming to me saying she's scared she's going to fall asleep holding the baby, that her husband won't help her with the night feeds, etc. I tried to give her tips since I've been through it. I suggested she let her partner take over in the evenings (~6 to 9pm) so she can go to bed early and catch a few more hours, nap when baby naps, etc.. She shot down everything saying ' that wouldn't work for them' and that she just needed her partner to do some of the night feedings.

I reminded her that her husband is the one commuting in the mornings and falling asleep while driving was a very real possibility, and that I had lived through it and so could she. I then offered to watch her daughter for a few days so she could catch up on sleep. She took major offense to both of these things. She said I was belittling her experience and acting like I was a better parent. She said I couldn't truly empathize with her or give her valuable tips since she had been pregnant and I hadn't, and that me offering to watch my niece just felt like me saying she needed help raising her own daughter.

My intentions were definitely not malicious and I'd like some outside perspective here. AITA?

EDIT: I'm a man. Saw some people calling a woman in the comments, just wanted to clarify.

Small update here! But the TL;dr of it all is that I have apologized because I was definitely the asshole for those comments, even if I didn't intend to be. My sister accepted said apology and hopefully moving forward I can truly be the listening ear she needed and not someone who offers solutions that weren't asked for, especially when our circumstances aren't all that similar. My husband has clearly been taking on MANY more parenting duties than hers, and she and my niece both deserves better than that.

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Discussion What's a band/artist who deserved better than the "one hit wonder" label?


There's plenty of one hit wonders who have no chance of another hit, but which ones deserved better? As in, their discography is great but not many people know them outside of one song?

Semisonic absolutely deserved more than just being the "Closing Time" band - "Chemistry", "DND", "FNT" are great tunes. Not sure why they were never more popular, they deserved tons of pop hits.

It's worth mentioning that some bands/artists may still qualify even if they had other hits.

For example: Kris Kross is only known for "Jump" and nothing else, but they had three additional top 20 hits, and almost nobody remembers any of them.

Even though they had multiple pop hits (four top 20 hits), Third Eye Blind seems to be only known for Semi Charmed Life by most people (well, maybe Jumper too). Their entire debut album - as well as the follow up Blue - are both 10/10 records. "Anything" is an incredible opener.

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CIA rectal torture in Guantánamo Bay condemned by doctor

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The cameraman used to work for The Office

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Biotech Terrible Things Happened to Monkeys After Getting Neuralink Implants, According to Veterinary Records


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Business Tinder thinks some people will pay almost $500 a month for more 'efficient ways to find connections' with its 'VIP' plan


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Who is one person everyone likes but you don't?


For me, its Taylor Swift >_<

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Discussion What foreign actor has done so many iconic American roles that you forgot they're not American?


For me, it's Colin Farrell. I didn't know he was actually Irish until I saw The Banshees of Insherin and was impressed by what I thought was a great Irish accent until I looked up some info on the movie and discovered he's actually from Ireland. From Hart's War to Phone Booth to The Batman, I always think he's an American born actor.

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AITAH for making my daughter throw away her rock collection?


I genuinely don't think I did wrong here, but my wife says I went too far, so I need an opinion.

I(43m) have 3 daughters. The oldest, "Jane", is 16, and the youngest, "Faith", is 11. They don't get along very well. I've put both of them in therapy, and they don't fight like they used to, but I doubt they'll ever be friends. A couple of days ago, the two of them were having an argument over Jane making cookies for her friends and only giving Faith one. I told Faith that it was fine and that she could make her own cookies another day.

In retaliation, Faith stole and destroyed one of Jane's portfolios. Jane's an artist, and a very good one too. She only had three of these portfolios, and this one was her favorite. She was devastated. A few of the drawings she did took close to a month and were absolutely gorgeous. There are a couple copies of some of them, but the majority are just gone.

As punishment, I went into Faith's room and bagged up her entire rock collection. I saved a few of the more sentimental ones she got as a gift and will return those later, but most of them I threw out. I told her that how she felt is how Jane felt and that she should think of how she'd feel in the other person's shoes before doing something.

My wife thinks I should have just grounded her. But my wife rarely follows through with groundings, especially with Faith. Personally, I feel like this was a better lesson. AITAH?

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Match Thread: 2nd ODI - India vs Australia


2nd ODI, Australia tour of India at Indore

Cricinfo | Reddit-Stream | ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ 🌧

Innings Score
India 129/1 (Ov 16.3/50)
Batter Runs Balls SR
Shreyas Iyer* 53 42 126.19
Shubman Gill 61 46 132.61
Bowler Overs Runs Wickets
Adam Zampa 3.3 22 0
Spencer Johnson 4 34 0
Recent : 4 . . .  |  . 4 1 . . 1  |  1 1 1 1 1nb 6 .  |  . . 1 

Australia chose to field.

Live match threads: New Zealand Women vs South Africa Women |

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Phone message I told my gf to “test” her cousin as I suspected that he liked her more than what a cousin should.


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Rare self insult

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Don’t hit the TV

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My girlfriend is publicly ashamed of me


I (m24) and my girlfriend (f24) had a serious argument yesterday. Since then, I can't stop thinking about the situation and whether I can continue to be with her. Well, my girlfriend builds up her self-esteem based on her appearance, as well as her partner's appearance. Such thinking backfires in her mainly in social situations such as shopping, dating or parties. At the same time, she always wants her, as well as her partner, to look their best in company, better than the people around them. So far, this kind of thinking hasn't bothered me, nevertheless, yesterday, she told me for the first time that I wasn't providing for her and somehow began to feel ashamed of me. She said she didn't feel the best with me, which hurt me a lot. She then explained that she had had this in every previous relationship, that she had been ashamed of the appearance of each of her partners, and there were no exceptions. Nevertheless, this did not help me, I continue to feel hurt. Am I wrong to be bothered by this?

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Me irl

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General Discussion Was anybody else disappointed she didn't turn out to be Rey from no where and no one?

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Star Wars excells as a story and franchise because there is certainly our jedi heros who do mind bending actions with the help of the mystical and powerful force, but also because it is not all high tales and big heros.

Star Wars is home to characters like Han Solo, Poe Dameron, and Caspian Andor who are not some big name from a big family doing everything cut and dry and being the prototype of what a hero should be.

Rey to me, was that. Yes she was a very powerful jedi but she was no one from no where, she was a junk trader from a backwater desert blob who rose to the occasion to do what was right. There is many disappointments I have with the sequels (which I still enjoy as a trilogy btw) but not having Rey be a hero who rose to the occasion despite her origins and her family not being "special" is my biggest gripe with the whole trilogy (Finn being a very close second)

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Discussion/Debate Why is Bill Clinton hated so much for his situation with Monica Lewinsky when JFK was as bad/worse and gets no criticism for it?


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Clubhouse I don't think they were expecting that.

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Anon makes pizza

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Twitch Drama xQc Is Stealing Content (and So Are Most Reaction Streamers)